After the Fall – Official ‘Closer Look’ Trailer

After Fall is a four player co-op Shooter in VR where you and your friends Embark on an adventure in a frozen Dystopian Los Angeles And you fight the snowbreak which are The enemies of After Fall they come in Huge numbers my favorite enemy and I Have to follow I would have to say the Smasher he has like a big frozen arm and He's smashing at you so he kind of runs At you and smashes like this and then You like oh I quickly need to get away All kinds of enemies that you can take Down and the goal of that is to collect Juice which is the currency that we have In this game that you use to upgrade Your weapons and become more powerful to Tackle higher difficulties so the guns Can be upgraded with a lot of Conventional upgrades think about Scopes Red Dot sights different grips different Stocks and we have the combat device Which is like a small device you can Have in either hand or both it can Either like be something that fires Missiles we have this really cool saw Blade device that throws saw blades We've got one where you like you punch And there's this massive shock wave Firing weapons natural fall is chunky Meaty we use haptics an awful lot to Reinforce the player every movement that They're doing but that is also Reinforced of course with audio as well

As the visuals The ps42 supports this headset Rumble Feature and this is really nice feature To have for example we use it when this Big Juggernaut it grabs you and he hits You you really feel the head vibration And you really feel like you're getting Hit So whenever I actually do pull that mag Slap the next one home and charge the Weapon then I really feel that in my Hands Since its initial launch After Fall has Grown so much we added seasonal updates With new maps new weapons and every time We had more players joining The Fray and If you're a new player jumping in on After a fall then there is a established Community just ready to join you and Help you if needed PlayStation

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