3000W AMD Epyc Server Tear-Down, ft. Wendell of Level1Techs

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We’re tearing down a $70,000, 3000W AMD server by Supermicro that could be used in a supercomputer cluster. Wendell from Level1Techs brought one of these for us to look at in this tear-down. This server has two full systems with 6 total AMD Instinct MI210 GPUs and 2 Epyc CPUs. Wendell has plans to explore AMD ROCm 5 applications on his own channel at a later date, but for now, we get to start with a very educational disassembly.

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00:00 – 3000W Server
03:00 – Extremely Dense Hardware
05:10 – Lots of AMD GPUs
07:10 – Tear-Down of $70,000 Server
11:00 – Huge Engineering Accomplishment
13:24 – Clown Car of Circuitboards
14:13 – Editing Magic Trick
16:13 – AMD Instinct MI210 GPUs x 6
18:10 – The REAL Engineering Feat
19:55 – Wendell’s Plan for Level1 Techs

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Hosts: Steve Burke, Wendell from Level1Techs
Video: Andrew Coleman

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