10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of November 2022

November 2022 was filled with tons of funny and outright strange gaming news headlines.
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Gaming is a very very weird world we see Crazy stuff all the time in gaming and Every month we at game ranks put Together what we think is most worth Your time hi folks it's Falcon and today On game ranks the weird gaming stories Of November 2022. starting off at number 10 and absolutely insane thing happened In NASCAR of all places uh not really Some place that I'm normally paying much Attention to sometimes a good NASCAR Game is a lot of fun but I I actually am Not that interested in the Real Racing Except for this this was uh amazing back In early November Ross Chastain who I Had not heard of before pulled off a Move that he had been doing in Nintendo GameCube Nascar 2005 when he was eight Years old and that he didn't really know It was gonna be possible see what he did Was he put his car in a fifth hugged the Wall and hit the side and didn't break Going through the turn which is I mean Kind of dangerous and that's why Nobody Does it and he did it and he set a 75-year lap record by moving up five Cars in like a second see it was a Qualifying race and he was in 10th place And in order to get enough points to Move on he needed to be two places up so He was like eh I guess we'll just do This and it worked and it didn't cause a Huge crash or anything instead it just Caused this absolutely amazing event

That like I don't know I'm excited to See it's cool And number nine Danny Trejo starred in What appears to be the best Advertisement of all time basically Taking a huge dump on everything going On in the games industry and reminding People what is important about it you Know video games it's a commercial for Evil West and it does a good job of Showing off a lot of footage of why evil West is a fun game but not before they Show Danny Trejo get more and more angry At monetization stuff that he just flat Out doesn't understand until he yells I Just want to play a game and yeah I Agree entirely I mean you've listened to Me talk before right that's what you do On the game Ranks videos that I narrate You know that even though my house was Entirely empty at the time when I saw This I stood up and cheered as if it Mattered as if my noise and action had Some imprint upon the world despite no One hearing or seeing it at all it's Just that kind of a commercial and I Don't like to praise commercials but It's saying what all of us are thinking Thank you Danny Trejo thank you evil West At number eight somebody produced a list Of various ships that had been sold as a Concept by Star Citizen without an ETA On the Star Citizen final release at all

I mean you can buy and play Star Citizen Experiences which are pieces of what Star Citizen claims to be but you're Definitely not rolling around on a Javelin which was announced eight years And six days ago that you could buy and Have been able to buy that entire time For three thousand dollars that money Simply just going to the Star Citizen People and you don't have a javelin I Mean you probably have an email that Says you have a javelin but you don't Have a javelin same goes for the two Thousand dollar crack in Privateer Eighteen hundred dollar Idris K Etc etc some of these things are 11 Years old and they don't exist they Don't exist I mean not even virtually as They're intended to exist they are Receipts that is what people bought Receipts so at number seven running with Scissors the developers behind the Postal series posted a celebratory tweet That postal 3 had been taken down from Steam you see its DRM issues and quote Unquote overall shittiness they said it Not me I mean it was a glitchy horrible Mess and easily the worst of the postal Series but you don't often see the Developer of the series do that now a Large portion of why they did that is Likely because it's the only postal game That they did not develop and it Probably makes them look quite a bit

Better by comparison at least but they Literally said at the end of their Message at least people will no longer Buy that trash that is not usually how You deal with that kind of thing I mean Even even though they didn't develop the Game I'm sure not everybody knows that That's the only postal game they didn't Develop and to at least some people that Probably looks like a developer Badmouthing their your own game but it's Weird even if you understand the Situation entirely Moving on to number six George hotz the Guy who jail broke iOS and also hacked The PlayStation 3 took an unpaid Twitter Internship now that sounds as though This guy is kind of screwed in terms of Money not true uh he's founded companies And I'm sure does just fine like don't Worry about him having an unpaid Internship it's more of a PR thing I Think basically hot said he would do a 12-week internship at Twitter for cost Of living in San Francisco so he is Getting paid but it's not you know real Money it's the amount of money it will Cost for him to be there uh he took to Twitter and started asking for other People to be interns to to work on the Search function which I I don't I'm Gonna just go ahead and say I don't Understand any of this I don't know what Is going on here I looked into it for a

While and it's all very very strange Made more strange by it's the fact that The guy involved is the guy who hacked The PlayStation 3. at number five Sega Is hiring a Sonic the Hedgehog Lore Master which sounds very silly right off That being said it makes perfect sense If you have been in the world of Sonic The Hedgehog you know that there's about 500 different timelines and none of them Make any sense whatsoever so they're Hiring somebody to try to reconcile all Of it and make the lore consistent going Forward which makes sense it I would you Know probably want that if I was in Charge of a huge media franchise like Sonic especially with the really popular And successful recent movie series which Is actually referenced a little bit in Sonic Frontiers Sonic Frontiers also References a ton of stuff from across The entire lifespan of Sonic so Presumably a lot of things became Completely canon in whatever the Sonic Frontiers timeline is and that's the Reason you would need an employee whose Entire life is dedicated to making that Make sense because I don't think anybody Else is going to be able to At number four Chair known as the crispy ultimate Gaming chair which I think is borderline Insulting I'll go ahead and say what It's for it's a leather gaming chair

That has a special treatment on it so That it doesn't accumulate sweat or Grease it also comes with a branded Towel along with dual side trays and a Warmer for your fries I guess I kind of Think this isn't really serious I think It's more hoping that uh late night show Hosts pick up on it and make fun of Gamers I could be wrong I don't know Something about a grease proof gaming Chair just sounds a bit like they're Trying to point and laugh a little bit To me but the jokes on them because Pretty much everybody's a gamer now ha And number three a guy made a PC a Gaming PC a cool PC inside of a vintage Radio case a 1940s Motorola radio like When we say vintage radio we completely Mean this thing is actually a beautiful Like art deco radio with a badass gaming PC inside of it now this guy builds a Lot of stuff he built a PC out of Concrete for instance he's in the Process of making a solar powered truck Camper thing there's a lot of really Cool stuff I definitely recommend his Channel I've seen some stuff that he's Done before and it's really cool And number two Palmer lucky made a very Stupid VR headset that kills the user if They die in the game and I mean that Actually kills them it's got explosive Charges and it explodes their head if They die in the game he talks about

Sword Art Online being like an Inspiration for this but like why would You do this I know that somebody out There is gonna be like that's a pretty Cool idea that would really bring the Stakes way up and everybody would be all Like scared all the time and they play The game completely different and I'm Gonna go ahead and say I don't care That's dumb and I'm gonna give you the Ultimate why that's dumb right here this Man will not put this helmet onto his Head I'll quote him here there are a Huge variety of failures that could Occur and kill the user at the wrong Time this is why I have not worked up The balls to actually use it myself and You know what if he fixes those failures He is not going to use it himself unless He wants to die I'm sorry but this is Just a suicide helmet it's for people Who want to die because in a video game You're going to die ah it's that's just To call it weird isn't it it's just dumb I'm kind of offended by it actually And finally at number one EA decided That they're gonna try to make an AI System that punishes you for Fraternizing with the Enemy so this one It's gonna take a little bit of Explaining I think so they filed a Patent for an AI system that takes uh Data that compares the player's Behavior Not even inside the game but also

In-game data analyzes it and if it Figures out that you've been spending Time talking to the other side of the Battle I guess if you're somehow Colluding with them and I don't know Exactly how it would detect this like What type of pattern of behavior is Necessary to trigger it but I just have To characterize this as Beyond strange Do a lot of people do that I've never Even thought of doing that like calling Up the enemy and being like hey either You throw this match or I throw this Match I don't know if these games are High stakes enough for that at least not To be like super regular I'm sure there Are people that do it obviously but I Don't know best of luck to EA on that Patent like this is where we can really Say gaming gets weird they're paranoid That is paranoia who cares anyway that's All for today leave us a comment let us Know what you think if you like this Video click like if you're not Subscribed now is a great time to do so Don't forget to enable notifications and As always we thank you very much for Watching this video I'm Falcon you can Follow me on Twitter Falcon hero we'll See you next time right here on game Ranks

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