10 Video Game Sequels That SUCKED [Part 2]

Some video game sequels completely miss the mark. Here are some more examples of our least favorite sequels.
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Sometimes you get a great game comes out Everybody wants more more comes and oof It's no good hi folks it's Falcon and Today on game ranks 10 more game sequels That sucked this is our second list on This if you're interested the first one We did had the following games on it Force Unleash two driver three Medal of Honor War fighter Need for Speed payback Postal 3 Bomberman act zero GoldenEye Rogue agent Banjo-Kazooie nuts and bolts Dynasty Warriors 9 oof and an even Bigger oof Tony Hawk five number one and Number two really take the cake on that List but 10's just not enough there's so Many sequels like this so let's get Rolling with this one starting off at Number 10 sacred three released back in 2014 sacred three was a game that took Basically everything good from the Previous sacred games RPG elements loot Customization an interesting world to Explore and cut all of it all that's Left is some multiplayer options and wow Some really just lame lame jokes sister Tellari oldest of the seraphim but don't Tell her I said that to say this game Has almost nothing to do with the sacred Franchise I mean that's an Understatement aside from you passing References and at least one familiar Class in the previous game pretty much Nothing else going on is like the Previous game at all even a little it's

Really confusing but the reason is Actually pretty simple the original Creators of the Sacred series Oscar on They had nothing to do with the game Instead of being an epic open world Action RPG that in many ways was very Ahead of its time like sacred two sacred Three is just a bland beat em up that Can barely even get that right arguably It doesn't in comparison to pretty much Everything else on this list this one's A little obscure but if you are a fan of The first two Sega games you know Exactly what I'm talking about here the Third game it just doesn't retain Anything from the first two games that Made them go good and if you didn't know That different people made it you would Be bewildered by it and number nine is Command and Conquer four Tiberian Twilight uh man this one this one still Stings guys like Command and Conquer Those are right up some of the best PC Games of their era they're fast they're Fun their soundtracks were incredible Red Alert was my jam so you got all the Tim Curry silliness too oh that's gonna Send me down a rabbit hole when I'm done Doing this Um unfortunately the years went by the Popularity of the RTS start on a Wane a Bit and it was basically just like Starcraft that was left standing and in A desperate move to keep the series

Relevant EA decided to radically rework The CNC formula and this Frankenstein's Monster of a game was born it's a mess Pure and simple that's that's what it is It's like almost any semblance of Strategy and tactics are out the window Uh they replaced all that stuff with These really confusing progression Systems really weird single player Content and a just terrible conclusion To the command conquer story I actually Went back and played this one a few Years back and assumed that oh this Can't be as bad as I remember it or as People say it just seems like it had to Be exaggerated right it's actually worse It's worse than I remembered it the DRM The terrible multiplayer systems uh they Suck but the worst thing is just how Frustrating and unfun the single player Content is there's like all these Missions that feel like multiplayer Skirmishes that you just have to play Through to grind up progression to Unlock new units and it's just at a Certain point unless you've either Grinded a lot or just played the Campaign with someone else it just Becomes completely impossible to Progress It's just terrible like it's Hard but it's it's it's also difficult To want to describe it is hard because They've clearly just made it into this Awful grind but you know few people

Actually even played it I think its Reputation preceded it when it happened And uh thankfully it was avoided by many And number eight is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if you were a kid growing Up with Harry Potter prior remember how Surprisingly good those first couple of Harry Potter games were you know there's People that have a much more specific Attachment to Harry Potter than I but I Did think that these games were a lot of Fun to play they had a lot of Interesting places to explore usually an Excellent soundtrack to go along with The adventure too Um gobbled a fire not so much even Though it got decent reviews it was a Huge drop in quality compared to the Previous entries of the franchise Instead of being an action platformer Like the previous games goblet of fire Was just a pared down action game There's no levels to explore just Corridors Arenas and they're packed with The most annoying enemies you can Imagine there's NPC companions that Might as well be useless combat's doll Is dishwater I mean it's so much worse Than the previous games it's not even Funny and on top of that the PC version Is especially bad it has keyboard only Controls you you don't even use the Mouse there's there's no options for Changing the settings it's just that

Here you go like the first few Harry Potter games really seem like laborers Love but the fourth entry is hey EA came Here and made some shovelware for you Enjoy it oh I can't enjoy it but you did Make it that's true And number seven is Crackdown two Remember Crackdown one it was so much Fun to play you ran around the city Collected orbs cause chaos no there Wasn't a ton of depth but hey you know What a sequel could have given it depth Yeah uh that's not what Crackdown 2 did Um I guess the best way to put it is Crackdown took out all the fun parts of The previous game that's it like it Didn't replace them unless you consider Like swapping and nothing a replacement I just want to call it a removal like It's hard to imagine really what they Could have been thinking when they were Making this game instead of fighting Three unique games you all have their Own fun strongholds and bases to clear Out things that are you know unique and Fun and feel like reasons to keep going Nah you're fighting zombies you know Zombies you know I said it'd be nice if They were more depth like not just to The gameplay but narratively speaking to Where like your enemies might have more Detailed motives and histories and no Zombies it's zombies lots of zombies one Of the strings of the original game was

How much variety there was in enemy Bases that gave the city so much Character and now zombie holes an entire Game seriously of going around and Closing up zombie holes uh everything is Worse in this game Crackdown 2 is Terrible uh the gameplay Loop is so Boring the graphics are garbage the Whole thing is terrible say what you Want about Crackdown 3 but at least You're not spending half the game Defending a circle And number six is Mass Effect Andromeda A lot has been said about this game and Almost all of it is valid it got a Critical beating at its release for you Know bugs and This is the faces do you remember the Faces I had Bland open World gameplay Not so great Mission design they fixed The phases a little bit but they're Pretty much everything else still all True about it even the bugs they fixed Their faces before the bugs they didn't Really fix the faces I mean look at that Anyway uh it was supposed to be an Exciting New Direction for the Mass Effect series your new character in a New Galaxy bravely going forth and Finding a way for the humans to live in Case everything goes bad out back in the Old Mass Effect Trilogy there's new Aliens there's new conflicts to get Involved with the sky's the limit but

Yeah for a lot of reasons just doesn't Work most of the story feels like less Interesting remix of the original games Like all the same kinds of conflicts but Less good the companions also all very Dull gameplay Loop of exploring planets And setting up colonies it should have Been interesting but uh no ninety Percent of the quest is boring filler When the story actually does kick in It's forgettable who cares for a game About the survival Bible of humanity It's surprisingly low stakes I mean the Gameplay is in some ways actually an Improvement over the original Mass Effect trilogy but not in every way some Of the overly complicated menus get in The way most of the time and that sucks Because there's some gameplay Concepts That actually would have been great but Whenever I turn on the game to Reevaluate I end up just wanting to take A nap and number Five cried 2 and yeah it's Hey when you're talking about video Games two type sequels ones that try to Do the same but better and the ones that Try to innovate and be completely Different sometimes it changes work Which like Super Mario Bros 2 which Wasn't I mean completely a sequel I I That's a weird story but you know what I Mean and sometimes they don't like Castlevania 2 and sometimes uh you know

Neither of those scenarios is true it Just seems like the developers didn't Try that's uh DMC too unfortunately to Say the game is worse than the original That's an understatement there's a lot Of problems here and probably the worst Thing about dmc2 is the combat it feels Sluggish weak and probably the most Important aspect of it is that it's not Fun compared to the original it's just Night and day like the first games Combat is fast responsive impactful it Looks completely awesome in dmc2 it Doesn't it looks pathetic Um and that's the beginning of the Game's problems level design is boring Story is a bunch of nothing Dante X way Too seriously for no reason whatsoever And basically there's one weapon the Entire game and the bosses are terrible Like this is probably the worst aspect Of it the bosses are pathetic at the Time you just double trigger and then Stand there and beat on them until They're dead it's not good Um it's amazing too because it was so Utterly lifeless and boring it almost Killed the franchise and every single Game that came after it was so much Better yes I am including DMC And number four Oh from 2008 or AKA alone in the dark Five okay so this is one of those Franchises it's just seminal and it

Cannot seem to catch a break the Original is an all-time classic Considered to be like the originator of The entire survival horror genre but the Reboot from 2008 not sure what to Categorize that is I guess the Cinematic Horror experience thing I don't know and I'm not sure I wanna know instead of Being set in a moody Lovecraft inspired Mansion Game set New York City where you Play as an appropriately edgy Edward Carnb fighting off ghouls uh combat is Some of the most janky I've ever seen And it is supposedly a big budget game Kind of shocking when you find out that This was a big budget game you're like Are you sure it is an awkward awkward Game to play weird controls that Developers probably thought were unique But they really come off sloppy there's Uh bugs and when I say bugs I don't mean Like little bugs like there is a excited Car chase in this game that becomes Impossible to complete if certain things Happen and maybe that's why they made it Possible to skip any part of the story Whenever you want the ability to go to Any point in the story whenever is a Good idea but like everything else the Game Execution is wanting now I will say the Fire effects were fairly impressive for Their time but puzzles in this game are Just like pulling teeth the game has

Nothing in common with the series Survival horror routes the story's total Nonsense the gameplay is awkward at best And as a curiosity it's not unplayable But it's it's a bad game And number three is Dead Space Three now Uh Dead Space Three first Dead Space was Great depending on your taste the second Was arguably better and then the third Game is yikes yikes yikes it's basically Ruined because yay wanted the series to Be more profitable so in an attempt to Bring in a wider audience they killed The series for nearly a decade like so Many of the decisions are baffling the Custom weapon system in theory a fun Idea right but in a survival horror game Didn't make a lot of sense ammo is now Universal so there's never a point where You're short on ammo making ammo not a Source of horror in any way shape or Form and since ammo is universal why not Build a gun that does everything you Wanted to do and then never have to use Any other weapon also the whole weapon Customization system felt like a way to Sneak in microtransactions cause even Though they serve basically no purpose At all you wanna drop a few bucks on a Resource pack I mean you can you're Already swimming in supplies but you can And all right so the custom guns Basically make enemy encounters a breeze That whole concept suffers the limb

Cutting mechanics completely neutered And all you're doing is fighting boring Swarms of forgettable foes the co-op Stuff is where the game works the best But hey that's just out of place feeling It's another example of a series totally Ruined by corporate greed and it's one Of the most disappointing sequels of all Time And number two is Battlefield 2042 EA Dominating this list huh I don't want to Call him a winner uh but I guess in Terms of uh this they are That anyway the battlefield series Seemed like it was on the upswing with The popular Battlefield one but that was Followed up with the much less Well-received Battlefield 5. with the Next game made sense to take things in a New exciting Direction and get some eyes Back on the franchise so 2042. oh no That was the wrong move uh it's Different yeah to say the least now Featuring gigantic maps with 128 Simultaneous players a new special System that completely replaces the Class system and oh yeah a whole hell of A lot of bugs the game was a mess at Launch and it's not a lot better now Complaints about the game are pretty Wide and pretty varied people don't like The new special system they were angry About the missing features from previous Games most found the maps too big and

Annoying to get around in and the player Count was so big that many players felt They had no real meaningful impact on How a match went biggest issue with the Game however outside all the pugs and Yeah there were a lot of bugs but the Game wasn't that much fun the whole Portal system has potential but lack of Interest killed that mode right from the Start Battlefield has had a lot of ups And downs over the years but 2042 is Rock bottom And finally at number one and it's at Number one for a reason Duke Nukem Forever so Duke Nukem 3D is one of the Seminal FPS games right out there with Doom and Wolfenstein it's probably one Of the more iconic games in the 1990s Hard to imagine now but back when this Game was first released there was a lot Of hype behind it as the years that went By the hype slowly became derision and Then finally indifference by the time Gearbox finally bought the rights and Put the game out back in 2011 a lot of People couldn't even believe it was There however unfortunately it was real It wasn't fake it wasn't imaginary but Yeah imagine the most boring mid-2000s Era shooter you can and that was an era Of the boring shooter that's what Duke Nukem Forever is it's a collection of Game design elements that felt Old-fashioned at release and all the

Annoying parts of FPS games from that Time were there the weapon limits the Regenerating Health lots of empty Hallways to ask loading screens and Brown we could say an ugly Brown filter Over everything but I don't even know if It's a filter is everything just Brown Did they take a virtual crayon and just Make everything Brown why is it so Brown Why is everything from that era so Brown I mean it was to hide the fact that they Couldn't do a lot of detail and I guess Sometimes it worked but it didn't work In Duke Nukem Forever shooting never Feels good the game constantly stops Everything to force you to do a terrible Puzzle or minigame and these levels are So linear it's a big actual problem Everything about the game feels just Desperate the one-liners are weak the Raunchy content is beyond pathetic like I'm not against raunchy content but uh Desperate it's desperate like that's What it is also there's a bunch of level Gimmicks and they're not good they just Make things feel more boring like for a Game as famously bad as Duke Nukem Forever you think there'd be stuff to Laugh at but that's not really the case It's just boring and bad and that's all I think we've put you through enough at This point so leave us a comment let us Know what you think if you like this Video click like if you're not

Subscribed now's a great time to do so We upload brand new videos every day of The week best way to see them first is a Courses subscription so click subscribe Don't forget to enable notifications and As always and thank you very much for Watching this video I'm Falcon you can Follow me on Twitter and Falcon the hero We'll see you next time right here on Gameranks

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