10 UNSCRIPTED In-Game Moves Discovered By Fans [Part 2]

Some video game moves and tricks are unexpectedly discovered by fans messing with games. Here are more of our favorite examples.
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We usually think of developers as the Primary creators in a video game Scenario but players often find things That weren't necessarily intended hi Folks it's Falcon and today on game Ranks 10 unscripted video game moves Discovered by fans part 2. let's start Off at number 10 with horse tilting from Skyrim now the amount of glitches and Exploits found in Skyrim is basically Equivalent to the amount of stars in the Sky but that's half the reason why the Game is still so entertaining after all These years one of the most bizarre and Ridiculous is horse tilting where you Take a horse position them on a hill With a semi-steep incline and then Slowly inch them forward so what happens Is the horse basically sticks to the Surface until it's vertical it's so Funny it's just completely impossible it Looks completely absurd and look at this You know what I mean that looks Ridiculous But it doesn't actually do anything Until you Dismount that's when this move Goes from an amusing thing to a pretty Effective speed running trick the game Just goes like totally nuts it makes you Hover in the air and sometimes it'll Send you flying but the most useful part Is when you load a Save which for Whatever reason causes your character to Run around at Super speeds through the

Air it's so fast you can cross the map In like literally seconds it's Ridiculous how fast this thing makes you Go and it's because you tilted a horse On its side it doesn't make any sense to Me in any way from like the obvious Problem with the physics like there's no World in which this makes sense Physically speaking but even from a Programming perspective I don't get how These things are correlated it's amazing At number nine is the Rocket Kick in Bayonetta there aren't a lot of literal Moves on this list it's usually more Tricks or glitches that have gotten Names and have kind of become moves but In this entry I'm actually talking about A move move discovered by players one of The uh weapons you can get in Bayonetta Is the lieutenant colonel Kilgore a pair Of rocket launcher tonfas that they're Slow but the rocket launchers they're Very powerful normally they're kinda Balanced and I want to say balance Balance but like at least a little but With some clever weapon switching you Can make a weapon that normally shoots Out one rocket like per attack into one That sprays a barrage of rockets that is Just utterly devastating the trick is to Trigger the rapid fire kick attack while Wearing the durgas on your feet that's How you do it normally But then instead of just letting that

Play out you switch to the Kilgore just As the kick animation starts and if you Do it correctly the normal rapid fire Kick gets augmented with rockets which Can potentially instantly kill bosses That's how powerful it is also it just Looks totally insane At number eight Resident Evil 4 is Ashley suplex another move you're not Supposed to do at least not as this Particular character normally in Resident Evil 4 it's possible for Leon To perform a suplex on Stone to enemies In the castle area but for a short time Your control switches over to Ashley and You're supposed to be basically helpless So she doesn't have any guns normally And isn't supposed to be able to do any Grapples so the intended way to play is To run away and avoid enemies when You're playing her Section there is a Way around that though if you use a door To stun one of the cultists it's Possible for Ashley to kill them using a Lethal suplex which is clearly Unintentional but completely hilarious It also makes getting through Ashley's Portion of the game like way easier and While it doesn't work in later versions Of the game at least you can still do it In the GameCube version At number seven is the time stop in Fallout New Vegas like Skyrim Fallout New Vegas isn't exactly the most stable

Game there's a lot of bugs I mean Bethesda made it so you know I don't Know how starfield's gonna turn out uh The way the Bethesda games work means That there's a ton of little tricks and Skips players have managed to figure out My personal favorite is this one where With the correct button combination you Literally can just stop time basically What you have to do is mash the place Marker button at the same time you open The map screen if you do it right you Trick the game into thinking that you're Still in the menu even though you can Walk around all the NPCs freeze in place You can pick up and manipulate objects They'll just like hang in the air like It's actually pretty amazing if you ever Wanted to experience what it's like to Say Then this is a move to try also I'm not Doing that again don't ask like of Course it's not perfect the world only Renders around you up to certain points It's possible to fall through the world If you travel too far from where you Started uh but it's easy to turn time on Again just go back to the menu and do This And number six is Jump canceling from The Devil May Cry series probably one of Those moves that was originally Unintentional but became a staple Eventually normally certain attacks can

Only be done once in the air which Limits your combo potential but if you Jump off an enemy by using the enemy Step ability you can repeat the attack Endlessly because the jump cancels the Current attack mid animation it requires Some careful timing but once you master This move you can just go nuts in these Game and pull off some totally insane Combos I am not nearly good enough to Show off some of the really advanced Stuff but in dmc4 it's pretty easy to Demonstrate how this works with Nero's Grab attack now it's not a coincidence In my opinion that this is one of those Things that came out of a Capcom game Capcom at its best makes these games With these combat systems that are Incredibly satisfying to use and very Quick to transfer between different Types of things So they really lend themselves to Finding stuff like this that wasn't Necessarily intended remember in the Last video we covered combos in Street Fighter 2 combos which are literally a Massive staple of all fighting games now Capcom's also Smart in that they Understand when to integrate those Things I I don't know if they've Specifically intentionally kept it in The series like it may just be that They're accurately attempting to Reproduce the controls in newer entries

But I don't know like it's one of those Moves that makes an already deep combat System more complex uh not for beginners But if you really want to rank up those Triple S ranks you gotta learn to jump Cancel And number five is infinite bomb jumping In Metroid a classic that pretty much Everybody knows about but it's such a Famous move we have to mention it bomb Jumping in the Metroid games is kind of A key part of gameplay that's been there From the beginning but I don't think the Developers intended to make it so you Could just potentially bomb jump forever With the right timing you can keep going Higher and higher using bomb jumping Making it possible with some effort to Totally break the game and get to places Much earlier than you're supposed to now Every single game in the series has Slightly different rhythm in terms of Its controls this is obvious too we're Talking about games that span many many Different systems and some of them are 8-bit with very limited Sprite sizes all The way up to Metroid dread which is Just like incredible in every way in Terms of graphics on top of how it works But they all are different so you either Have to find like a dedicated guide kind Of talking about the timing or you got To be really really patient to learn it It's still possible though in every

Metro game and it's potentially really Easy to do once you get the hang of it Or is vanish Doom X zone in Final Fantasy 3. another old school classic Move that was basically a bug uh using a Really specific combination of spells You could pretty much kill everything in The game instantly including uh yeah the Last boss the Spells are vanish which Can turn players and enemies invisible And immune to physical attacks and doom Or X zone is an instant kill spell in Most RPGs instant kills are basically Useless either because they have an Incredibly low chance of hitting or Because most enemies are actually immune To them and that's absolutely the case With this game the difference here is That the vanish spell for some reason Overrides all the immunity checks it Makes enemies vulnerable to these Instant death spells so with these two Spells combined pretty much everything Dies instantly the only real roadblock Are the enemies that have immunity to Vanish but that is not a lot of enemies In this game it's really really rare to Have immunity to vanish I remember Pretty much every strategy guide back in The day had this quote unquote move in Them that is totally a bug but it just Feels like part of the game now And number three is the moon jump from Legend of Zelda breath of the wild

Basically breath of the Wild's answer to The horse tilting of Skyrim this move Requires some specific things to occur But if you pull it off you're able to Jump endlessly on paper it sounds tricky But with the right timing it's actually Not that difficult first yes you do need A horse you ride it you start at the Horse archery minigame well the timer's Still going you find a group of wild Horses and then you ride one if the Horse is Bucking just as the timer Expires in the mini game you'll suddenly Find yourself hovering in the air with The horse going totally nuts now you Just fast travel and it seems like Things are back to normal but you have The ability to moon jump or endlessly Jump as many times as you want it's just One of the many like totally insane Tricks players have managed to pull off In breath of the wild like just watch a Guide if you want to replicate it the Timing is a little tricky but once you Understand it it's much less tricky Foreign Number two is tetris's t-spin anyone who Has played Tetris has had a moment where They managed to pull off that just Clutch move where you manage to rotate a Piece into a spot that would be normally Impossible I am a Tetris freak I played Tetris since NES and I realize it's not The first version but that was the first

Version it was possible for me to play It and the t-spin was a an unintentional Thing but it didn't take very long for The creators to be like oh this works Great and it's awesome it's satisfying Why not reward the player for it so it Often in later versions of Tetris is Like teaspoon it doesn't you know say it Like a racing game announcer like I did Right there but it does say it now I'm Specifically calling out the t-spin Because it's probably the most Well-known version of this sort of trick But really anytime you manage to rotate A piece into a blocked off spot it's Just awesome the t-spin it feels like an Essential part of playing Tetris now That it's weird to go back and play the Old games where spinning was actually Actually kind of harder to pull off they Didn't officially integrate it as a move Man it's just it's vital Not being in Source engine games how do We forget this if you played any FPS Game turn of the century you know what We're talking about when developers First started adding jumping to Doom Clones I think that they expected Something different uh than that being The only thing people did in multiplayer Like the act of bunny hopping is simple And well it's not always the most Powerful technique these days it's Something you're gonna see all the time

If you play online games it's just when Players continuously jump either to Build for momentum or to make themselves Harder to Target it's not just Source Engine games either it's like Quake Quake 3 Half-Life which are all very Related in terms of source engine but Not necessarily officially Source engine Uh the original Counter-Strike though Big Source engine example uh there's Tons of bunny hopping in all of them so Much that the move kind of became a Dirty word like with FPS Gamers a lot of Games specifically adjusted jumping to Make bunny hopping worse and that that's Mostly stuck since the 2010s although a Few games come along that buck the trend Like Apex Legends where a certain form Of bunny hopping is alive and well some People hate it and some people actually Miss it and wish it was in more games These days so it's definitely a divisive One but bunny hopping is probably one of The most important moves that was ever Discovered by fans and that's all for Today leave us a comment let us know What you think you like this video click Like if you're not subscribed now's a Great time to do so we upload brand new Videos every day of the week the best Way to see them first is of course a Subscription so click subscribe don't Forget to enable notifications and as Always thank you very much for watching

This video I'm Falcon you can follow me On Twitter at Falcon hero we'll see you Next time right here on game ranks

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