10 Third Person Games With OVER THE TOP ACTION

Some third person perspective games bring incredibly wild action and combat to the table. Here are some of our favorites.
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0:00 Intro
0:18 Vanquish
1:38 Just Cause Series
2:54 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
3:54 Bayonetta Series
5:07 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
6:48 Stranglehold
8:08 Earth Defense Force Series
9:16 Devil May Cry 5
10:22 God of War Ragnarok
11:09 Asura’s Wrath

Looking for a third person video game With some over-the-top action and Gameplay well look no further than these Beloved games that straight up get wild We've managed to squeeze 10 picks into This video today obviously there are a Bunch more so let us know your personal Picks in the comments but let's get Started off with number 10 and talk Vanquish Vanquish is a platinum games Third person shooter basically the Approach is what if Devil May Cry was Actually a third person action sci-fi Shooter I don't know if that statement Actually makes sense but in my heart and When I play the game I feel it I think It does if you can't see from the Gameplay off the screen here vanquish's Incredibly fast paced and aggressive With long range slides vaulting crazy Enemies big spectacle and the best part About it is that even though it looks Really wild it's also fun to play the Finely tuned controls and the way the Combat works just really really makes You feel in control of being an absolute And complete badass jet boosting around Really really helps spice up traditional Third person shooter gameplay and along With that just some wild over-the-top Boss battles that get super cinematic But still manage to feel like good Old-fashioned video game boss battles in Between some really intense sections

You'll get plenty of over-the-top qte Cutscene finishers and just that type of Action you'd expect from the mid-2000s Vanquish is an absolute freaking treat Dude if you've never played it but You're into what Platinum Games Generally does you should check it out Next over at number nine of course we'd Have to mention the just cause games I Mean this series is totally responsible For pioneering the concept of climbing Out of a car standing on the hood of it And then back flipping off of it Engaging your parachute and flying Around among a lot of other things Really just causes freedom in the open World is what makes it feel so over the Top I mean the fact that Rico can flip Out and hop on an airplane and surf on The airplane as it Glides and then you Can choose to shoot enemies or dive off And Skydive or engage your parachute or Grappling hook every single game is ripe For chaos from the destructible elements To the vehicles to the speed Rico can Get around like some sort of Revolutionary Spider-Man it is downright Ridiculous but fun from beginning to end And I think a lot of fans are divided on Which game is the best some do things a Little bit better than others but it Doesn't really matter to me if this Series were to sudden go away I would Really really miss it because there's

Nothing else like it out there that type Of open world high flying crazy chaos is Something that we don't really see in Games and when you couple that with the More recent games like DLC expansions And what modders have done with these Games it really is just an incredible Over-the-top action experience Oh and next up at number eight we're Gonna go in a bit of a different Direction and talk about Castlevania Lords of Shadow this was a game that When many games were trying to go for The God of War over the top action and While you can look at this game Cynically and think it ditched some of Its traditional Castlevania Roots uh Still the action was really really Awesome this game has over-the-top boss Battles a really cool moveset screen Filling Combos and just a really Over-the-top sense of scale to it all it Truly feels like this like epic Gothic Adventure and has tons of memorable Moments right up until the end it's Definitely not the best action game Inspired by God of War we have plenty More to talk about believe me but Castlevania Lords of Shadow does not get Enough love I don't know if that's like Controversial or anything but we wanted To talk about something a little bit Different on this list and we never talk About this game so yeah

Foreign Next over at number seven of course you Know we were going to mention the Bayonetta series Bayonetta one two and Most recently three are over the top Action combat games in a similar vein as Something like Devil May Cry but so much More Wilder and sexier Bayonetta 2 Specifically comes to mind many moments Throughout the game but I'd say the best Elevator pitch for playing it is Probably the intro this high-flying Crazy interactive playable sequence Involves giant creatures and flying and Battling through New York City it's a Great introduction to Bayonetta if You've never seen or experienced her or The games before and it really only just Gets crazier and you couple that with Bayonetta three that gives you bigger Environments massive summons and just More General celebration of all the Craziness it really is something else This Series has a dedicated cult Following for a reason I mean look at These things we love games where you can Get some s-rank Combos and Bayonetta With her guns on her feet hair witch Magic and other kinds of weird weapons And combos just really scratches that Action chaos itch you know what I mean Next over at number six we have another Platinum Games joint believe it or not It's Metal Gear Rising Revengeance this

Spin-off from the Metal Gear Solid Series you think would piss off hardcore Fans with just how Wild it goes but I Think it was so committed to the chaos And just straight up fun that it didn't Matter it won everybody over this third Person action game is focused on pretty Intense and challenging combat as cyborg Ninja Ryden who is an extremely capable Character and basically almost like a Superhero God at this point it's moveset Based it's combo base but it's also Centered around using your blade to Accurately and specifically slice pieces Of enemies like you're literally slicing And dicing in moments of this game and What seemed to be kind of like a gimmick At first actually turned out to be a Really really cool gameplay mechanic Foreign You're battling really tough bosses Challenging enemies you're pulling out Their spines you're sucking their life Forth but you're also facing off against Screen filling metal gears and of course Senator Armstrong if you haven't seen The memes yet just know that he is one Of the most ridiculous insane video game Characters with super villainous but Also comedic monologues it really is Just unlike anything we've seen before I Might have to just leave it at that you Should look up the YouTube videos for Yourself from the gameplay to the Crazy

Action moments Metal Gear Rising Revengeance really is an achievement It's something that really stuck to what It wanted to do it wanted to go crazier Than Metal Gear Solid had ever gone Before and uh yeah mission accomplished Years after its release it still holds Up Now over at number five we have John Woo's Stranglehold this is a third Person shooter from the Xbox 360 PS3 era That we do not give enough love here but It's one of my favorites it's Specifically a sequel a follow-up to John Woo's classic film hard-boiled and It's all centered around those crazy Practical realistic over-the-top Shootouts that John Woo was famous for Pioneering you play as Chow you on fat Like what's cooler than that and your Third person shooting your slow motion Diving Max Payne style but you're also Surfing down banisters on staircases You're jumping onto carts chest first Flying around shooting enemies you're Falling you're dangling on chandeliers Shooting dudes the game's environments And the gameplay system is really built Around you kind of bouncing around at Levels blasting enemies in over-the-top Ways the environment gets destroyed Enemies fly and you look cool in slow Motion with doves flying behind you While doing it all and it is absolutely

Perfect this game is a treasure not only For third person shooter fans but movie Fans I'm hoping that some of you have Never even seen this game and you're Seeing it now and you're absolutely Surprised by it you should still Definitely go check it out it's aged a Bit but if you like a good old-fashioned Third person shooter like a Max Payne This one is for you it's Max Payne but Way crazier Now over at number four we have the Earth Defense 4 Series pick your poison Pick your favorite one with this but Essentially it is you as a small Defender a small army man fighting off Against forces invading Earth yes aliens From outer space but these aliens are Essentially just giant bugs it's kind of Like an over-the-top Japanese style Starship Troopers but with giant ants And other bugs causing almost Kaiju Level destruction and it is absolutely Perfect because even though you are Oftentimes a very small character on Screen the game gives you all sorts of Tools to destroy your enemies and they Explode in Gross spectacular fashion as Buildings collapse around you that chaos Can really really ramp up We're flying in the combat area these Games are charming and have their cult Following for a reason personally if you Ask me I hope they never stop making

Games like this games where you run Around to cities fight enemies and Destroy buildings and stuff in the Process there are plenty of other games Where you do that type of thing but Earth's defense Force's breed of it is Special and we never really highlight These games enough but we love them Now down to number three we kind of Mentioned it earlier but Devil May Cry 5. Devil May Cry 5 right from the high Flying opening credits where the main Character is flying around a van in slow Motion hopping around that should just Set the stage for how crazy this game Can be of course Devil May cry's combat At this point is a fine-tuned machine That is really really fun with a bunch Of crazy moves to just basically combo The out of your enemies and try and Get to that s ranking it pioneered it It's really the king of that at this Point but Devil May Cry 5 specifically Really doesn't take itself too seriously It has a lot of fun with the characters The series itself and just some really Wild and weird moments I mean especially When Dante gets involved Dante at this Point is an absolute cartoon character He has a Michael Jackson dance sequence But he also has a weapon that Essentially is like a motorcycle that You can use to piece in half and combo Your enemies and ride around if that is

Not over the top action I don't know What is man Devil May Cry 5 is our pick For today but the whole series is Absolutely perfect yes I even have a Spot in my heart for Devil May Cry too You might think less of me now but hey We gotta move on because at number two Let's talk something recent God of War Ragnarok if you're still playing of Course we won't spoil it for you but it Definitely delivers on over-the-top Action if you like the balder fight from God of War 2018 you get a bunch of that Kratos squaring off with God's head to Head with crazy punches and people Flying through the sky and all sorts of Effects and of course the brutal Finishers and absolute just brutality And meanness you'd expect from the God Of War series I know some fans will Argue that the old school games are Still better and yes we should include Those on the list as well because they Really pioneered some over-the-top Action but for the sake of recency God Of War Ragnarok is no slouch either There are a couple of really Jaw-dropping action gameplay moments in This game Now down to number one of course we had To mention it asora's wrath Asura's Wrath is a third person action game that Kind of is in its own genre it's kind of Like God chaos action where you're

Basically killing screen filling Gods Basically planets it is so wild that It's hard to explain other than showing While it is something that has moments Of repetition here and there you can't Deny that the moments that this game Presents are incredibly unique we've Talked about the game and its DLC in the Past a little bit but really this game Is special because it takes a lot of Anime action conventions and just Grand Spectacle but somehow manages to make it Feel different than the pack probably Maybe because it is so like abstract and Godly with it all but it doesn't matter How it's described or anything like that Just know that it is incredibly Satisfying the wild stuff you see on Screen here is actually that cool to Pull off in game this game had a demo Back in the day and if you played that Demo and you weren't hooked I don't know What to tell you Asura's Wrath is Absolutely crazy for over-the-top Action We haven't seen anything like it since I Would really really like to see a sequel Just because there's nothing else like It out there but those are some third Person action games with over-the-top Action that we got for you today like I Said there are so many more out there That we wanted to include so let us know What you think in the comments because We'd love to make a part two of this

Video if you had fun just kind of Yapping about old games with us today Clicking the like buttons all you got to Do it really helps us out now if you're New maybe consider subscribing because We put out videos every single day but Either way as always thanks for watching And we'll see you guys next time

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