10 Hardest Trophies That NEARLY BROKE US

Some video game trophies and achievements really push players to their limits.
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Trophy hunting and video games can be an Iffy Prospect some of them are just Ridiculous hi folks it's Falcon and Today on gameranks 10 video game Trophies that nearly broke us and number 10 is Deus Ex human Revolution the Foxiest of the hounds the perfect Example to start things off it's uh one Of those trophies that just sounds Really simple on paper but it's Incredibly frustrating to actually get The achievement description like I said Not a big deal complete Deus Ex human Revolution without setting off any Alarms that sounds maybe like a big task But not an impossible one here's the Trick though the alarms in human Revolution are really touchy it's Possible for them to go off when you're Not even around if someone stumbles on a Dead body half a map ago in an area You're nowhere near they'll run over and Set off an alarm and you won't even hear It so you're a dead man walking at that Point you've lost and you don't even Know it to make matters worse there are Times where the achievement just playing Doesn't work like having a save for an Alarm one off might keep you from Getting the trophy and the only way to Get around it is to delete all your save Files and just start from the beginning Because you don't know where the alarm Went off trying to get this trophy can

Be really frustrating but when it's Working as intended it which isn't all The time it's a satisfying challenge At number nine Watch Dogs 2 hold my hair An even easier sounding achievement all You have to do is take a picture of Someone puking that's it sounds simple Right sometimes this game just will not Spawn an NPC that wants to throw up Though you can wander around bars for Hours at a time and get absolutely Nothing uh and there have been people Who've literally spent nine hours or More doing exactly this thing trying to Find an NPC to vomit uh but no dice game Just isn't Cooperative right now of Course when you're not trying to get the Achievement people are throwing up all Over the place just a puke party up There but when you actually want to get A picture of it it's like the artificial Intelligence consents it to make matters Worse even if you do manage to finally See someone throwing up the game could Be really specific about what actually Counts as vomiting so even if you do Find a rare unicorn you might miss out On the trophy because uh they've Technically finished some of the worst Trophies out there for dumb stuff like This they sound easy and hardly worth Anything but they can take so much Longer than the rest of the trophies Combined if you're unlucky

And number eight is Witcher 3's Master Marksman another very easy sounding but Terrible trophy to get is Witcher 3's Master Marksman which wants you to kill 50 human enemies with the crossbow bolt To the head no big deal right problem is You're almost never gonna be able to do This naturally so the only way to do it Is to go out of your way to shoot Crossbow bolts at enemies and that's When you start noticing how very Inconsistent the game is about what Counts as a headshot keeping in mind This is not a shooter of any kind a Headshot is not really a huge priority So the crossbow is already pretty Pathetic in terms of damage anyways Trying to get a proper headshot kill is Tedious at at best and half of what Seems like it should be a headshot does Not count as a headshot uh so they were Off by what like an Anno pixel maybe the Bolt touched the neck so that one didn't Count I guess so you gotta kill 50 guys This way which is tedious enough on its Own without having to worry about the Very finicky hit detection there are a Few trophies in Witcher 3 that really Gave us that much trouble but I almost Gave up on this one this pretty annoying And number seven is dead space don't get Cocky kid okay this one isn't fooling Anyone when you see this achievement you Know it's gonna be painful to get don't

Get cocky kid you have to survive the Infamous turret section in chapter four With more than 50 Hall Integrity which Uh just surviving this section can be Very frustrating it's easily the hardest Part of the game for whatever reason so Trying to get through it with a little Health remaining pretty hard uh doing it With 50 of the harm inning ah it's Painful what makes it worse is that it Looks easy it's just a basic turret Section in theory but the controls in The camera angle conspire to make it the Hardest uh sequence in the game for no Good reason just to survive with 50 Damage is means playing almost perfectly Because the game happily puts you in an Unwinnable situation where you either Overheat or you just can't hit all the Asteroids like sometimes you literally Just can't hit them and the entire Sequence is random anyway so there's no Memorizing it you just have to get used To the controls and do what you can just Playing it normally nearly broke me Trying to get the achievement that uh That that's Madness I did not get the Achievement And number six is Yakuza Zero's cat Scratch fever doesn't get a lot more Frustrating than gambling achievements I Mean do you really need to know why it's Gambling lots of people in real life Lose everything because they think they

Can win a gambling but it's gambling During this trophy you gotta win 10 bets On three round tournaments in the cat Fighting game this guide written by Lord Von champ on true achievement sums it up By saying the game literally could feel Like playing rock paper scissors with Someone who can read your mind Um not far from the truth the cad Fighting game is is just basically rock Paper scissors but instead of playing Against a person you're taking on an AI And the AI can read your inputs Basically you can do everything possible To increase your chances at winning at This game but when the game decides that It wants to win there is nothing you can Do about it yeah you can make it try to Look like there's some kind of strategy And even having action game-like Segments where you mash a button to win A Face-Off but sometimes it just doesn't Matter how fast you tap the pot and AI Decides it wants to win so it wins Tablet and speed light doesn't make it Not win it is completely on fair and it Is just rage inducing but I guess They're just trying to accurately Capture the real-life gambling Experience you can't beat the house and Number five is dead risings seven days Survivor achievement and you can Probably figure out what that is you Stay alive for seven days in survival

Mode and in any normal game that really Wouldn't take a long time day night Cycles usually pretty fast but not in The original Dead Rising a full day in The game takes two hours so if you want To do this achievement you're going to Play this game for 14 hours straight These days it's not all that bad with Sleep mode and suspend options where you Can exit a game and come back right Where you left off but on the original Xbox 360 it is a nightmare yeah the Zombies and psychos are pretty dangerous In this game but the real cause for Concern is boredom you fall asleep Mid-run and you are dead meat that's Only half of it too on the Xbox 360 There was also the very real possibility That the Xbox would just turn off Randomly or the game would crash and you Get the red ring for leaving the system On for too long it was less uh the game That you had to worry about more the System itself even he's played perfectly The X Xbox could let you down in the Home stretch like any kind of marathon Achievement's gonna be bad but there's Nothing worse than playing a game for 13 Hours straight only for the system to Shut down and reset all your progress At number four is the Mega Man Legacy Collection all appearing blocks hey Remember all those really annoying Disappearing blacks that kept putting

Into classic Mega Man games for whatever Reason well if you want all the Achievements in Mega Man Legacy Collection you gotta get through all of Them back to back to unlock the All-appearing Box achievement you have To complete the challenge of the same Name which is just a gauntlet of Disappearing block rooms from the first Six Mega Man games it's pure cruelty to Like there's nothing else to say about It really it's just evil to make matters Worse you don't get access to some of The tools that everyone uses to skip These stupid segments uh you still get The rush coil that's nice but a lot of Other abilities are just locked out I Guess to make you miserable so if you're A long time Mega Man Fan the challenge Isn't terrible and there are people that Ace these things just fine I'm a Mega Man veteran and I do not I hate these Miserable disappearing blocks I hate This challenge so much And number three is Double Dragon Neon Misters perfect imagine trying to do a No damage run of a beat-em-up it's Pretty much impossible uh now imagine Trying to do that but in two player mode Does that sound easier you're wrong if You said yes because if you want to Unlock the misters perfect achievement In Double Dragon Neon you have to Complete any level in Co-op without

Taking any damage with Friendly Fire Enabled so you need a really patient Friend because it's gonna be painful the Kinds of perfection based achievements Uh are bad enough to do with one person But you do it with two people it might As well be a thousand times harder not Twice as hard a thousand times harder Because now it's not just you who has to Do everything right your friend also has To do everything right and you have to Not interfere with each other because Friendly Fire is enabled in all Seriousness it can be done with just one Person that's probably the easier way to Do it but it's still an unbelievable Pain that it warrants a spot on this List trying to avoid getting hit in a Beat em up is like trying to dodge dust Particles first off why are you trying To dodge the dust particles you know you Can't do that second off you can't do That it's not possible And number two is Demon Souls Master Slasher uh it's hard to believe we've Never mentioned this on this channel Because as far as trophies go it's one Of the most infamous in the entire Series to get the master slashers trophy All you have to do is obtain the best Weapon by bladestone uh in any other Game in the series getting a fully Upgraded weapon it's pretty Straightforward process but not Demon

Souls what makes this such a pain is There's no guaranteed way to get the Final upgrade material uh pure Bladestone the only thing that drops Them are dual Katana skeletons and those Are pretty rare there's only two in the Original game that would drop them one Is found in a secret passage and the Other only appears if you have a pure Black World tendency a whole other can Of worms not gonna get into that here to Make a long story short getting pure Black World tenancy is vague and also Annoying but the drop rates on pure Bladestone are incredibly low otherwise Like crazy low like two out of 50 000 Chances low even with pure black and Better odds it can take dozens of hours Of grinding to get a pureblade own and That's if you're lucky And finally at number one Halo 2's Monopolized out of the entire Halo Series many considered two to be the Hardest on legendary difficulty just Finishing it all at that challenge level Is a huge achievement worthy of Praise But beating the game on legendary is a Cakewalk compared to this achievement And I am not joking that's not Exaggerating I'm really trying to impart The actual gravity of the situation here Um to get the monopolized achievement You have to complete all Halo 2 Legendary campaign missions in under

Three hours which is obviously insane And depending on who you ask probably The hardest achievement the entire Master Chief Collection even harder than The legendary all skulls on achievement Many of the guides I've found online Give tips on minimizing stress and other Advice on how to avoid getting too angry Which is incredible considering this is For people where beating legendary on Halo 2 isn't enough of a challenge for Them someone like that seems like they Wouldn't really be phased by anything But this apparently breaks people not Normal people like you you and me people Who beat Halo 2 legendary and go how Could this be harder I bet I could do Something harder let's do that as Somebody who I would just say I can get Through a checkpoint or two in Halo 2 on Legendary Um but just barely so the very idea of Someone beating it in under three hours Sounds totally insane for a while at Least people could make use of an Exploit in the save load system to reset The clock in missions but that's been Patched out so there's no workaround you Just have to beat every mission in Halo 2 on legendary uh fast like really Really fast and that's all for today Leave us a comment let us know what you Think if you like this video click like If you're not subscribed now's a great

Time to do so we upload brand new videos Every day of the week best way to see Them first is the course of subscription So click subscribe don't forget to Enable notifications and as always we Thank you very much for watching this Video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon hero and we'll see you Next time right here on game ranks

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