10 BIG Video Game Items That Turned Out To BE USELESS [Part 2]

Video games often give you tons of useless items, but only the worst of the worst are remembered. Here are more examples of bad items in games.
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Sometimes there's some crazy weapon or Shield or armor or something that just Fills a massive function in a game and Sometimes well they kind of just exist Hi folks it's Falcon and today on game Ranks 10 big video game items that were Absolutely useless part two before we Get going obviously we did do a part one If you get through this list and you're Interested it's more useless crap We uh covered the Giant's knife from Ocarina of Time the pendant from Dark Souls petsu's gift from breath of the Wild Final Fantasy VI's Shields some Stuff from Symphony tonight Baldur's Gate Superman 64 which let's be frank Everything's just useless in that game I Mean there's some there's some good Stuff in it I enjoy that video despite How useless absolutely everything is so Let's get going starting off with number 10 the dragon Crest Shield Talisman from Alden ring there is a lot of useless Junk to collect in Elden ring but most Of it's just like crafting fodder that's Not very interesting to talk about this Talisman on the other hand is Interesting because if you're just Looking at it normally it seems like it Would be pretty useful the effect is Very straightforward not complicated Reduces physical damage taken by 10 Which sounds handy right like that seems Like you would want it the problem is is

That it's not the only dragon Crest Shield Towers in the game there's a plus One and a plus two variant as well as a Dragon Crest Great Shield Talisman That's even better and while it's out Classed that doesn't automatically make It useless if you happen to find it Earlier but the problem is uh I don't Think anybody's gonna find this version Of it before they find a better variant Of it so for whatever reason this Version of the Talisman the least good Version of it is one of the hardest to Get items in the game and the only way To actually get it is to make some very Very careful jumps off the ledge to the Side of the beastial sanctum so you'll Probably die multiple times trying to Get down there either you're some kind Of freak of nature I don't know like Congrats on the ability scene of the Future with no spice uh but trying to Get down here is hard and your reward For all that trouble is just an item That you probably already got a better Version of every other variant of this Thing are in much more obvious much Easier to reach locations and there's no Point going through all the trouble of Jumping down these Ledges to get this Version now it's not complete useless it Does serve a function but you get it Right you understand why it's basically Useless when you get a better version of

It with significantly less work and pain And number nine is Dragon Age Inquisitions victim of fashion amulet While it sounds like it may at least be A relatable item the usefulness of it it Can be made after finding a fragment of Inadequate chain mail on a corpse on the Storm Coast it gives you plus one to Cunning which is I mean handy but it Also gives you negative 100 in Magic Defense melee defense and range defense The description is simple it reads an Astoundingly bad idea it's basically a Joke item making fun of chainmail bikini Costumes that show up in like fantasy Novels you know like the kind of armor That's not actually protective against Anything it's basically a joke item but That doesn't make it useful and number Eight is The Simpsons hit and runs Monorail car this game has its fair Share of bonus vehicles that are mostly In the game just for novelty's sake but The worst of all of them is Leaps and Bounds better than the monorail card Found in the second level of the game You can actually climb up the monorail Tracks and find the remains of the crash Trained from Mars versus the monorail And if you platform up to the front of The train you can actually get in and Drive it pretty much everything about it Is bad it has terrible stats it's Permanently damaged and if you try to

Repair it it can't be fixed it's near Impossible to drive it in a straight Line because it's pretty much always Drifting off to the right build up Enough speed and this thing becomes Nearly uncontrollable like when you try To turn sharply it's just it's done When a vehicle gets outclassed by a Boxcar derby car you know it's a piece Of crap and number seven is Castlevania Symphony of the night's Secret boots Just look at the name Secret boots it Implies these things have some kind of Special significance and I I guess they Kind of do found in the underground Caverns These Boots do one thing and one Thing only when you equip them they Increase a la cards height slightly like Slightly like almost unnoticeable but You are taller it serves no purpose it's Not necessary to reach any certain areas Does it have some other secret purpose All it does is make you a near Imperceptibly amount taller speedrunners Have found some tricks that let them Reach certain Ledges using these things But for the rest of us they're worthless They make no difference they're just There to fill space in your inventory And number six is the wooden shield from Bloodborne now Alden Rings Dark Souls Demon souls these games are all about Shields I mean yeah you don't have to Use them but Shields are a pretty

Essential part of these games if you're Playing them like they were designed to Be played this is not the case in Bloodborne they want you to play this Game aggressive none of the starting Classes have a shield at least right off But the game still gives you one if you Really want and it's pathetic it's Easily broken barely blocks incoming Damage and it can't really be upgraded Or fortified also you can't actually Parry with it so it's useless compared To other starting equipment It's Kind of A Funny item if you want to do a Challenge or something but as a real Genuine item big low to nothing like the Developers don't want you using it look At the description a crude wooded Shield Used by the masses who have Arisen to Join the hunt Shields are nice but no if They engender passivity they don't want You hiding behind a shield like a big Coward in this game and yeah you just Gotta get in there and start slashing The DLC eventually added a much more Effective Shield compared to this one so Not every shield in the game is useless But this one is And number five is the stone of Agony From Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Killing gold skull Tula is an Ocarina of Time can get you certain rewards some of Them are handy like the wallet upgrades But this thing the stone of Agony not so

Much for the low low cost of 20 gold Skull Tula tokens you get an item that Has the amazing effect of rumbling if You're close to a secret Grotto entrance That doesn't sound so useless does it it Actually sounds kind of useful if you Can't find the entrance to a secret Grotto but Nintendo 64 controllers if You weren't around at the time require Some explanation here in order to have It Rumble you had to insert a rumble Pack into the controller and if you Didn't have one you were out of luck Because the item doesn't do anything Unless you have a rumble pack plugged Into the controller which is sold Separately now when they pour the game To GameCube it worked fine because the GameCube controller had a built-in Rumble but the Wii and Wii U ports of The game they just disabled the rumble Feature entirely so the item did Literally nothing with the 3DS remake They at least made it so that it would Make a beep when you're close to a Secret so it still had some kind of Purpose but if you're playing this game On the Wii then the stone of Agony is Just worthless it does nothing And number four is Silent Hill three's Gold and silver pipes one of the first Weapons you get in Silent Hill 3 is a Steel pipe and it's about as effective As you'd expect for bashing monsters

Does the job if you go through the game A second time you can unlock special Gold and silver pipes and they sound Like they should be a lot better gold is Valuable and silver is I mean less Valuable but more valuable than steel One would think these pipes might be More valuable but actually no they're Exactly the same now in terms of realism That makes sense but what really makes This ridiculous is how you get them in The sewers if you examine this random Puddle of water you get the option to Throw your steel pipe into it and when You do that a sewer fairy will appear And ask you three questions did you drop The silver pipe did you drop the gold Pipe did you drop this steel pipe if you Answer it truthfully the ferry will Reward you with all three of the pipes If you examine then you'll see some Texts saying the silver pipe is Effective against vampires and Werewolves the gold pipe can be for Money but there's no werewolves or Vampires in the game and no place to Sell items so all right they're exactly The same as the standard steel pipe They're just gold and silver in Appearance and that's it it's a strange Easter egg a lot of effort to get two Items that are completely worthless and Also there's a sewer fairy At number three roopers from The Legend

Of Zelda Skyward Sword most of the time Finding money in the games is good but At least a few Zelda games uh it can Backfire on you in some specific Situations you start collecting the Regular unit of currency the iconic Rupee you'll find a ruper which is even Worse than being useless it takes money Away from you instead of giving you more How this works no idea to video game Mechanic whatever but you just know that Link does not like these things like Look at his face when you pick it up This guy somehow knows that these items Steal his gold so why pick them up just Leave them alone in Skyward Sword these Things are found during the digging Minigame and another few specific spots But they first appeared in four Swords a Co-op game that got released With A Link To the Past on Game Boy Advance they Were annoying then and their annoying Now yeah at the end of the day 10 Rupees Isn't a big loss but still pretty Annoying to find I think the thing that Bugs me most about him is just how why Do you lose money when you pick these up It's it's weird I understand it's a game Mechanic and something video game Mechanics don't make any sense at all We've made videos about that too but It's weird And number two in Ballin Wonderland the Box Fox uh now yujinaka has been in the

News lately for crimes against gaming uh Literal crimes uh and otherwise and even Though he's currently getting busted for Insider trading again it's easy to Forget that the previous crime uh he Kinda Almost Got Away With which was Ballin Wonderland uh this is a bad Platforming game it's awkward it's Goofy And so much about it just doesn't make Sense from a design perspective the Basic idea of getting costumes that Allow you to do different things is fine I mean that's kind of Mario shtick since Like NES but the problem is that most of The costumes you get in this game suck Like look at these things the quad Cannon just fires in four directions and Can't jump or the ladder man who can Make ladders appear like what are these Things these are dumb by far though the Most worthless is the Box Fox it's a fox That could turn into a box that's it Like I wonder if one day he saw the Splatoon June commercial it was like kid Squid what else what else rhymes with Something box Fox if that was all it did It'd be worthless on its own but uh it's Actually worse than that the Box Transforms into a box randomly just Whenever you don't have control over it So even if for some reason you wanted to Control the Box you cannot And finally number ones the poison Mushroom from Super Mario Brothers the

Lost levels mushrooms and Super Mario Games are iconic power-ups and one of The most recognizable good things to get In gaming but they do have a dark side The poison mushroom doesn't show up much But when it does You're Gonna Want to Avoid it at all costs because instead of Healing Mario it hurts him they first Appeared in the Japanese Super Mario Brothers 2 which is known as Lost Levels Over here this game was basically just a New set of levels for the original game But with the difficulty turned up top Maximum right from the start You know it's gonna be trouble because He's slightly differently colored Mushrooms appear and just kill you by Touching them in Super Mario All-Stars They were given a bit of a makeover to Make them more easy to notice now They're a Sinister shade of purple so They're easier to spot but like still Dangerous to deal with it's only Appeared sporadically since then though Uh it showed up in Super Mario 3D Land And Mario Maker 2 but it's relatively Rare on the Mario series Um it's still a danger and one of the Most iconic bad items in video games Like it's worse than useless it kills You and that's all for today leave us a Comment let us know what you think if You like this video click like if you're Not subscribed and has a great time to

Do so we upload brand new videos every Day of the week best way to see them First is of course a subscription so Click subscribe don't forget to enable All notifications and as always we thank You very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter At Falcon the hero and we'll see you Next time right here on game ranks

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