Yacht Club Games Reacts to 28 Minute Shovel Knight Dig Speedrun

Shovel Knight Dig, the latest from acclaimed developer Yacht Club Games and Nitrome, has only been out for a few months, and speedruns for the game have been astonishing to watch. While most of us were still in the process of dusting off our digging tools, Shovel Knight superfan DanTheVP has already figured out how to finish the True Ending of the game in a blistering 28 minutes. So ride along with Celia and Woz from Yacht Club Games as they witness this incredible feat.

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[Music] Hi uh relaxing themes my name is Nick Wozniak and uh most people call me Waz So you'll hear that a lot Um uh this is Shovel Knight dig uh I Worked on this game a little bit I was Mostly on the Um like I usually I do art but I was Doing morally we're doing like feedback And Uh like publisher side things and hi my Name is Celia Schilling you can call me Celia and people call me that on the Show Okay I did I did the marketing and you Know for this game so anything you saw From Uh inclusion on platforms to uh cool uh Release date announcement trailers Anything on social media I had my hand At that Celia is our resident Memoir yes So any of the memes are definitely out There So yeah we're watching this this uh uh Speed run by Dan the VP Um and we haven't seen it before I'm not Really sure what to expect because a lot Of what Shovel Knight dig is about is Just kind of reacting to what comes Um and so I'm not like sure like what The ideal scenario oh well the coffin I Know is really good so that's that's Really that's good so that's probably Like top point of the strategy yes let's

Just fall through everything with the Confidence yeah so like was saying the Game um it is definitely reacting to the Levels raising behind that is there's Thousands of levels that are handcrafted And procedurally stitched together so There's you know thousands of Opportunities to have different elements In it and just adapting to that so we're Really curious of what he's gonna do Because how do you practice that I feel Like it's just practicing a challenge That's a know everything I I'm sure that He knows like all the mushroom Minds Levels Because that's just the thing what you Have to do but uh yeah I think it's just Like being 100 feet nine which uh relics Are gonna help you Yeah no definitely and kind of how the Game works is that you go through three Stages so lucky oh yeah I know he got Another baby he gets another little Fairy uh so in the game start throw the Game you go through three stages and Then you fight a boss and you repeat That as you delve down the well And so I'm just really curious of like Which path is he going to take because You don't have to fight all of the Excavators which are the bosses at the End Um you can pick and choose which ones That you want no he's doing the true

Endings oh yeah he is doing the true Ending yeah this so the true ending is Is a kind of a it introduces a challenge For every world that you go into and It's usually just one thing so in the First world in Western Minds you're Looking for Altius yeah once you find Him um he's checking in the side rooms Although I guess she's going back for The community given something yeah oh he Gives him a magic upgrade that's good Yeah sometimes the the guys just give You like money but um I guess come here Is good but yeah so go in the side rooms Looking for Altius sitting on a chest Once you uh pull them out then you can Start it starts the quest basically Um you don't you didn't see it at first But the way to start this um in case you Guys are wondering because you know There's been some questions about like How your kids going Um you can hit Altius with your shovel He likes it it's okay he's not he's not In pain and he flies around the opening Area and if you knock him into the hole Then you can find him down in the well Um Oh wow that's like much this isn't good Yeah well he got the this is the the big Drill Hazard so it's just like a bunch Of dirt that's that's very uh I hate This one because like I I don't like Dealing with those giant drills yeah but

Um obviously he that's like a good Choice for the speed running Crew Yeah so if you if you haven't seen LTS Um then the shield Knight would be there Yeah seeing how you know you missed her Her butt Um Altis is is Shield night's owl yes he Is yeah it's her little buddy her little Buddy Yeah he killed Four Knights so quickly He'll do it with the fairy yeah the Fairies and the little ax throwing thing EXO I'm really yeah why it's called an EXA because it goes down and act and It's acts backwards It's pretty cool yeah that's that's a Really important Yeah that could be my Thanksgiving tweet Happy Thanksgiving so in the in the Llama Zone uh the smell Works he's Looking for Altius again but Altius is Going to be hovering over Um a chest that uh has Chester in it I Just noticed he's using the magic armor Yeah that's harder because I think you Take more damage and so it's it's but it Makes you have more magic yes it's like The original uh you know in trouble of Hope you have the same armor Um I thought he would have used the the Coffin more but I guess the x is just Better for

For melting bosses which I'm sure is a Huge part of this run yeah no that Totally makes sense but Never Say Never uh-huh maybe he'll go Back to the coffin yeah well he has he Has two relics right now yeah Boy speeding Through this it's got another egg I Think I know I have a oh there he is Look it's obvious yeah I have a feeling That the eggs are really important to The Run oh no I think so because like They definitely assist with things oh He's getting the Cog yeah he doesn't Have enough for the boots I didn't see Were those Spike boots or the uh his son So my least favorite thing about dig is When you get hit and you drop the egg on Spikes and so you experience love and Loss in the game Because everyone always gets excited About the babies and they're like yeah Baby and then it dies No No what would you call them then uh Helpers no I just don't want to say the phrase the Baby died fair enough fair enough so he Has to get so in order for that to work You have to get all the cogs all free The golden cogs and the wooden Cog and What happens is that Altius breaks the Drill uh which allows Um which prevents you from being able to

Use it for those two levels yes but also This as far as the storyline is going um He's using it to go to a different well And so he'll use that later you'll see Oh he wasn't able to get into the the Astronomical Zone that's important for Getting Health back in this time because Like you can't get health back without That drill Uh which makes things very difficult Strategy I believe in him half of it is Going fast he would have it just like Surviving yeah this game just like wants To murder definitely for days whoa under The fish good job And all of it the uh Fairies get their Health back too yeah Bears Oh my gosh like Sarah quiet for a second It's just like this is like just really Intense because the the sand right there Um it dissolves basically like it's the Beach it's Ash yes And yeah and then like the lava's there And it's just a bad time It's stressful this is probably not the The well he wanted for the speed run but Maybe I don't know I don't know we could Find out like it could be all part of it Yeah One because it's it's metered yeah you Can't really make it go faster a bowl of The mola he's ready to roll one So yeah we all learned what a Tombola

Was A little working on this game yes Which is that that's what the barrel is By the name implied yes Oh yeah no drill yeah he's speeding Through this I'm good I feel like I could go this fast yeah Are you gonna challenge Dan the VP maybe I will maybe I'll become the next uh Speed running champion That's so cool You do it I'm being supportive I wasn't being Sarcastic it didn't sound very sarcastic It's so cool try it yeah I'm focusing I'm sure there's like stuff I'm not Thinking about but he's like wait oh no He he's a man Oh I didn't notice that you got the Spicy curry that's what he got from Rolla okay that's why you can't see his Health yeah That's actually like really You have that's almost essential getting The the spicy curry in this level Um it gives you a bunch of more Health But you can't see it Oh yeah okay Nice at Tinker night do it do it do it Dude his little ship is so cute his Little flying submarine yeah It's like just perfectly Tinker night Sized yes it's so cute

Yeah this is a little like those European cars that are like this big do You think it's uh do you think it's Electric or do you think he's it's Definitely not a lecture I don't think Tiku night is like you know uh Environmentally oh my gosh what is in The next game he gets really Environmentally he's just like green Yeah It could be multi you get a new costume He's like no carbon offsets actually Don't do anything It's like really into it Yeah Book so okay you didn't see the cutscene But opened up a a weld a entrance to the Well that's on the side so normally the Game you know has the mushroom level and Then it splits and you choose and then That brings you in a path so if you go Uh smell works then your next level you Do is a hive Um and then you go down to uh The Fortress of drill Knight's Castle but if You do this you know you go to the water And then the water that lays you to the Magic landfill and the magic landfill Then he leads you back to uh Yeah no no it's totally fine Um I'll I'll call things like the old Names that we'll call them yeah that's Not a long time it's just like we taught We used the phrase like the water zone

Or like we close Atlantis what do we Call this actually we called it Atlantis Okay yeah that makes sense But now it's a secret Fountain it was Lost Atlantis for like a really long Time and in like like the music yeah and So I'd be listening to like Jake's Soundtrack I would be like jamming out Colossalantis yeah yeah I had to catch Myself I can't have like places that Refer to the you know real places on Earth oh yeah no like Atlantis oh Definitely not but the real place a real Place hey look at this it's weird this Is a sacrifice room so I'll use it right Away because of the feather really I don't use reason I trust him I think He probably did the first thing yeah oh It opens up a bonus room he's not gonna Do it though because he wants his frames That's why I would fail yeah I'm a Sucker for getting everything yeah I Just wanted To collect the fun yeah of course yeah I'm like that too Oh he's a health uh So yeah at the end of the level you can Choose healthier or goody Um And the goodies are always nice I always Try to go for those but Um Yeah you got to make the choice Sometimes you gotta survive yeah it's

Like half the game is Just surviving the Adventure I think it's very interesting that The Relic that he choose is the ax that he Prefers which I get you know for Speed Wise but yeah it's like very damaging During my playthroughs I typically use Other relics what do you use oh I okay I Call everything by the wrong names You're gonna make fun of it okay Um but I really really like the war horn Um okay yeah no that's great it just Monitors everything that's true Um I also really like the propeller like It's like it's like the thing the Propeller thing yeah the rising dagger There you go that's from the amiibo Custom light That we made for That's very interesting I know and I Guess we Three years yeah I was trying to remember if that was on Duty um see I really like that one too Like those are my main like go-to's are Really bad like when my playthroughs Because I don't like getting the Movement Keys oh yeah so everyone's Advanced Relic usage is not on my right You don't even have the coffin I'm like No I do not have the coffin everyone's Like oh that's a go-to I'm like yeah That's oh there it is Um that he ditched oh my God that's not

On my go-to If I need the coffin I'll just I don't Know get what Screwed with chromium no Not the B the B The B no not the B necklace this one's Really good It makes your low Health yeah you hit Harder it's actually really good paired With the curry because it'll tell you Basically when you have when you have Low health Unless he's like keeping track of it in Your brain which is like literally Impossible no I believe that Dan's able To do that he is a pro Yeah I think one of the fun things that Is one of the fun things is about this Game too is that you get to see a lot of Unique characters and enemies that you Saw in the Shovel Knight but with like Better art and that you can actually see What they are like these the Um Um the amphibian was a was a contender That I liked for what I mean anyway Um 10 volts they have like a little Spike On their head Um and some people I was talking to People on the on the official Discord Which you guys joined yeah um there's a Whole there's a whole Channel about Asking the devs questions and they were Asking if the Tad volt is royalty

Related because they interpreted the Horn on his head the little spikes as a Crown and I was like that's crazy that's Not a crown and then I showed them the Like concept art from the thing but like It's totally a ground I mean it looks Like I don't know Um and doesn't really look like the Concept art Five seconds Um yeah yeah getting their water It totally looks like a crown by the way I know it's not a crown though But whatever it looks it looks like the Three-pronged spike though it's like a Godzilla Spike oh yeah skeleton key he's Gonna be able to go into he unlocked This area and I can go to the grub it Um Yeah so they kind of Usher you along the Way Reading those is fun we spend a lot of Time making sure that dialogue was was Fun and like integrated into the Adventure so on everyone else's Non-speed running Adventure they can run It yes enjoying it Dan's not gonna do a Speed running plus reading oh yeah no no No read every NPC commentary Run 100 Um yeah wait I was saying something About it sorry I was just incredible it Doesn't matter anyway that's not a crown You guys enjoy it Oh I hate them by the way oh my gosh I

Hate them They're like my nemesis Lazuli Atlas lazulu that's my favorite Named item because it's a blue Apple Like lapis lazuli yeah Or lapis Leslie I don't I don't like I Can't see it that way We can make a fanatic how to pronounce It yeah like a like a truffle King Demands that you pronounce i-core like I-core yeah Hey you're getting Shield that's good Wow look how much health he has he has So much else and if he dies well I I Think you can That's like a permanent loss if you get Hit right yeah I think I yeah there was a bug where That wasn't happening I can't remember If he fixed it It was just like you had a 30 Health now It may or may not it was funny when I Was a recording gameplay for like Different like promotional things for This yeah I got like the shielding um Uh the shielded uh Health yeah and I was Like people are gonna think that I'm Cheating when like literally you can get That much health in the game yeah yeah So I have to like restart it and get all Self-conscious you just found the Skeleton door Um And now Altius is going to take the

Relic look he got it other people can Take those things too if not just Shovel Knight yeah I always feel like it's weird like when Other characters interact with the HUD And like game elements but it makes a Lot of sense no well he got Health back Okay look I don't I don't know what She'll do so they they fixed it no those Those are different those I think are One hit knocks them out But they're like not they don't have I Forget what they're they're I I should Just lose It didn't know what it is there's like So many things to know about the game Though it's hard especially since I like To didn't work on it directly uh I like this guy a lot The end is not I really like how he's Going through the levels using the Ghosty guy Please rock walls so he's done the Challenge for this world he doesn't need To worry about getting the cogs or yeah Getting uh Altius in some other Situations like he's just going as fast As he can basically Um which kind of feels nice I like I Like when I'm doing these runs I can Like stress out about all that no he Lost the key it's okay he already used It yeah but still and he has a scoop

Boot to do extra fast The key is really nice though it opens Everything it's a skeleton key yeah Anyway Um it's nice to like not think about the Challenge when you're When you've gotten to that point I just realized that he lost the fairies And I never noticed I feel so bad yeah you should feel bad When did he lose the fairies I did not Notice either You should feel bad But just me I got really excited when I figure out That you could like attack the queen you Can kill her especially with the warhorn The war horn murders oh I know it's the Best You want to see that happen check out Our really awesome release date trailer You see Shovel Knight killing the queen Celia likes to point like I fish the Things that she worked on what are you Talking about enjoy your Tick Tock What's this video I spent a lot of time On yeah I know I do My neighbors think I look so crazy in The in my recent Tick Tock I should be Like I'm an influencer no I'm pretty Sure like we have a bunch of um uh Stuffed animals made by simple Studios And uh for for Shovel Knight yeah I did This whole thing where like Black Knight

And Shovel Knight were talking to each Other and like in actuality it's me with A tripod and me just like doing life Member talking and like obviously in the Video you hear like you know voices so It's fine oh my God I should have made Them one day I'm gonna do that and then Share it with the team like obviously Kidding but like not to you guys though No you're totally gonna oh yeah 100 Gonna do that that's oh he's there he Had this he had the screwed the Omega Driver Oh that's so cool Now going to the magic landfilled so Around this point in the run things a Little scary because you have to take The bomb and you have to go very fast And avoid Uh hitting the bomb directly it's Actually insanely difficult Um and I have not gotten past it oh my God I've like debugged my way to get Through it just like for like when we're Doing testing and stuff I can't this Like as far as I get it's so hard Dude it's so easy on debug mode though Yeah we well yeah So debugger like Dev tools to like get Around like different levels yeah it's Like just like cheats just because when You're making a game and you want to Test something you're not gonna like Play it yeah oh it doesn't get hit

Look it's the room So I was watching a friend of mine Stream this and he was like in this World he had the the big giant bomb and It exploded right in the screen Above That Rock And he was like no Um but at the same time he had the um The bomb book which was enemies dropped Bomb like normal bombs and he and Something died right in front of them The bomb landed right in front of the Wall and exploded and the wall exploded And he like he had to pause the stream He was like so shocked that it worked it Was great he like he did it he got it And that was the run that he actually Finished the whole thing wow which team Were friends that's blurbs that's Awesome he does a he's like usually a Sea of Thieves streamer oh wow but I did A bunch of art for him so There's like certain parts of levels Like I'm recording content like I'll get Good at like that section And Dan is way better than anything I've Ever had I'm not looking for magic I think so These books can get annoying if you're Not fast enough oh yeah like so quick For a while like it took me a bit to Realize you can like dig up Pages that's Why we have a lot of those areas where You have the book you know well it's Just like exactly book sized yeah see

For the same reason so you like yeah That was like earlier what did you just Get was it I didn't I missed it it was Way too fast Um We got something it's probably cool I was hoping it was the spike boots I Always that's that's like the best one I Love that item so much They're just like running on spikes Breaking the breaking the law Yeah he is really bad this is like I no Longer feel as uh confident in my Ability to keep up yeah You can rewatch this anytime in case you See you're getting like particularly Spicy Oh Well [Music] I like the ice wisdoms I think they're Really cool no He's trying to circumvent it It seems like he's not worried about Power-ups or the gear at all anymore He's like mostly just focused on getting Down to the bottom which is good at this Point another round you definitely want To be in that spot yeah it goes always Looking for magic so we can use the Smash I love matching and then Uh immediately getting I guess iced Again

Okay So good I want to steal some of these Ideas sorry Dan Sheila's gonna plagiarize your Technique No I'm not gonna play dries oh I missed It okay okay She dropped her carrot get the carrots That's crazy He's more important things to do like oh Only one cycle yeah he didn't even Usually she dies and or she gets a Certain low point in health and she Sucks him into her bag and you gotta Fight her yeah look at phase two which Is really I really didn't know that you Could do that wait what really yeah That's amazing And now he can't use The green one or maybe he's gonna swap It out for the XML he's keeping it so he Can't he has to use the The Omega driver is a save it I guess he could use it that'd be really Risky Um but you have to use it on the Omega Saw And Dan obviously was that but He's like being careful with this bag so He knows he has magic for the last fight Although oh my gosh he has the magic So I thought he wasn't going to get hit There I'm like oh my that's like so hard To not get hit right there that's good Um

Yeah so that's why the the you know the Split was called screwdriver uh you got To bring that to the last boss and it Means you can't really use your magic Because you it's like a one-time use Thing yeah uh it's really stressful to Have this Uh but yeah that's sort of like the Challenge of this it's like not super Obvious but the challenge of this level Is like you can't really Use relics Okay So get in the health yes definitely a Good idea Two more stages then he's gonna fight Drill night and then not miss You can actually miss the Omega drill With the driver and It's just heartbreaking Oh these are good lots of fun yeah But he wish he had the coffin Yeah probably Because right now I was just focusing on Not dying yeah Yeah stacker guys I always just want to Bounce one but they always murder me Yeah well if you had the boots Really I think something about time because He's literally subscribe to this one oh I never tried that I'm just terrified of Them Don't quote me on that

Excuse me No I'm pretty sure but I don't know That's it Hey Dan I have a question for you You didn't answer oh no Oh you're right It's just No oh my gosh I mean how much health does he have is He keeping track of it do you think he's Gonna finish oh my gosh well this is the Wrong pile we're just watching we're Watching the failed one no we know he Did it the drama oh wow All right here's what he's doing he's a Professional he's keeping track I guess Gosh this is so stressful he doesn't Even guess wow okay I I was more of a baby than I needed to be Shield might come working with me no Oh Jacob's really cool like were you Chicken basically with Shovel Knight Chilling yeah oh did I say shell night Should I really think it's cool that She'll only checks in but she'll might Like yeah and like she's like Society Part of the adventure that's a prequel Leading to the events of So like seeing how they all like get to The point where they're aware of the gem And the amulet and then It makes sense blinds and inspector of Torment white Shield night's like no you Can't have this this amulet because she

Knows what's going on Yeah okay don't hit him again That's so stressful I can't hit him you can't hurt him no Don't line up oh he didn't even he Didn't even Flinch oh my gosh I love That animation of like when shovel Knight's like ah So now you can see what happens when you Break the drill oh It breaks out the floor and reveals a Bunch of doors and all the gems fly out Of you they slot in where they go I Think drum light has a gym and it goes In and now you're in the crystal cooler Let it cool The crystal core did you say planet Planet Was that an OG name or was that uh no That's a episode one reference yeah yeah We gotta take the Bongo On The Bongo You know what I'm talking about yeah Okay I'm not gonna say it So this one's like when people get those Levels like a little stressful but Really it's just like get a bunch of Gems it's probably fast Um this is like falling action a little Bit more just like impressing you with Such cool visuals and then the idea of What's going on get a lot of gems up up Your score oh he's using the horn that's A very good choice war horn wait is the

Best way no it's way better than we Thought That was spectacular I guess if you Never shovel drop him he never does down That is Well that was it that was it that was Crazy Wow that last fight was insane I I was Ready to talk about like the art and Like little tentacles and how there's Like stores in the previous level and The tentacles through no we're done that Was crazy good job Dan that was Dan is Amazing shout out to him Um he has bed run a ton of our games the Last one bedrooms Speedrun or sped run Speed um anyways he has done a lot of Runs about like a bunch of our games They're absolutely incredible um last Time we watched our Shovel Knight pocket Dungeon one and that was fantastic so This definitely was a very fun Satisfying run to see in school they can Do both yeah 2017 was at the time that's Great oh my gosh fantastic 28 23 right Yeah 2020. okay Um but either or that was that was a Really treat like to see him see Everything at once like wow yeah uh While she's gonna start training uh I do I'm not I'm not ready Um but yeah thanks for watching thanks For for yeah hanging out with us while

We react to this video it was it was Quite a trip I was Um I'm glad that it wasn't Super buggy but I do like that there Were some exploits there were some Things to go through like the the Um scrap night one cycle or first phase Uh the last boss just like being Just a chump that would be fun so yeah Good job so yeah um also um if you want A speed run or play normally I hope now it's on Nintendo switch it's On Steam and it's available via Subscription service for Apple arcade Huge shout out to mark from IGN for Having us on and Shout out for Dan the VP for being awesome it was so cool yeah Um so yeah until next time guys yeah Have a good one bye [Music] Thank you

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