Would Andy Serkis Return as Supreme Leader Snok? #starwars #andyserkis #shorts

Would Andy's circus ever come back to Play snoke I would love to continue Telling snug's story because there is There there is a really beautifully Interesting character in there Andy Circus returned to the Star Wars Galaxy To play Kino Loy Cassian andor's Extremely stressed out fellow prisoner But don't forget who else he plays Supreme leader snoke or at least he did Until you know how this ended Fast forward to now when we get word That Damon lindeloff is working on a new Star Wars project featuring the sequel Trilogy characters well snoke is a Sequel Trilogy character isn't he do you Think there are more stories to tell About supreme leader snoke and how he Came to be I I look uh yes I would love To I would love to continue telling Snoke's story because there is there There is a really Beautifully interesting character in There Um so who knows one day maybe Um but look I'm not going to get people All excited over nothing

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