World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s Dracthyr Evoker Explained

World of Warcraft’s first ever race and class combination, the Dracthyr Evoker, has arrived with the Dragonflight expansion. Formidable foes and invaluable allies, discover how their dual appearance and unique character strengths can impact the way you play. Sponsored by Blizzard.

Soar to adventurous new heights with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, launching at midnight on 28th November in Central European Time.

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For the first time in his 18-year History World of Warcraft is introducing A playable race and class combo the Drakthia evoker every draft there is an Avoca and every evoker is a drak theater But beyond that simple truth there is a Lot to unpack about this new character Option to get you up to speed here's a Primer on the history of the drakthia Race and their unique evoka attributes Thanks to the dragonkin Heritage the Dragfish shapeshift between a humanoid Visage and draconic form in their Visage Form drakthia carry out tasks like any Other humanoid race including equipping Gear riding mounts Mining and more a Drag these draconic Incarnation gives Them access to a range of powerful Combat moves plus the option to Glide Like the Demon Hunter and the Unprecedented ability to take to the Skies without a mount the drakthia flyer Using the saw ability and can use it to Travel at speed around the dragon Isles They also have a number of powerful Racial traits at their disposal Including tail swipe and win Buffett for Crowd control and several passive traits That are particularly well suited to Their draconic form Tractee evokers were created by Nowtherion one of the five Dragon Aspects and leader of the black Dragonfly who gave them the ability to

Wield the magic of all five primary Dragonflights when choosing a Specialization this is refined to fewer Colors as while all evokers have access To healing and attack magic the role They take on is shaped by the areas Players choose to focus on Devastation Is the damage dealer specialization Which centers around explosive red Destructive black and Powerful Blues Spells it enables fast multi-enemy Attacks and precise single Target Removal for evokers who favor protecting And bolstering their allies the Preservation specialization utilizes Green and bronze magic it grants the Ability to nurture and heal as well as The power to manipulate time in both Cases avocas can explore nuances Specific to the magic they wield with The ability to empower their spells Charging a spell allows you to choose The precise moment it's Unleashed Potentially making an ability more Powerful or increasing the number of Targets it can hit for both aggressor And protector rolls empowered spells add New ways to make drag theater evokers More valuable allies or more dangerous Opponents As with world of warcraft's previous Hero classes death knight and Demon Hunter the drak theater evoker can side With either horde or Alliance during

Character creation and Beyond choosing a Faction customization options for both Visage and draconic forms are extensive With a multitude of variations across Body size and shape primary and Secondary colors plus optional chests And leg spikes the draconic drakthia can Look as friendly or as fearsome as you Wish the humanoid Visage has his own Range of face and hair colors available With additional highlights and Decorations that enable you to Coordinate or differentiate your look Between the two forms playing as a drag Fit Avoca also provides access to a new Starting experience in Forbidden reach a Small island off the coast of the Dragon Isles here players will explore the Origins of the race class combo in a Special prologue before venturing into The four other Dragon Isle zones With new ways to fight explore and Engage the drak theater evoker is unique Proposition that offers players the Chance to experiment with many talents And abilities build your own and claim Your place in the world of Azeroth when World of Warcraft dragonfly Launches on November 28th for more on World of Warcraft keep it here at IGN [Music]

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