World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Never Played (Ft. Bajheera) Ep. 2

Everyone remembers taking their first few steps on Azeroth… except for newcomer to the game Max Scoville! Thankfully, to celebrate the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, WoW legend Bajheera is continuing his quest to get Max get up to speed on all the things he needs to know before spreading his wings and taking flight in the new World of Warcraft expansion: Dragonflight.

Presented by World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Stay with me brother Oh my gosh he's doing it He's doing it I'm doing it I'm flying World of Warcraft is one of the most Influential MMORPGs of all time and it's Gone on to shape the very fabric of the Genre and gaming as we know it but if I'm being honest before this I had never Played World of Warcraft before here Helping me get my berries and Azeroth is Multi-rank one Warrior bajira that Sounds impressive yeah multi-rank one Really pumping me up with that one I Appreciate that that means that means You're good at the game yeah we we've Done all right we've done all right so Far well yeah so we we left off we've We've awoken from our Slumber and uh Literally spread our wings and Learn to Fly and uh we're kind of you know mess Around on the dragon is I feel like We've got our our footing and our and Our winging our our taloning I guess it Is and uh now it's time to actually kind Of turn loose and I guess explore this You know titular World of Warcraft let's Do it [Music] Presented by World of Warcraft Dragon Flight available November 28th I do want to check one thing before we Embark on our next set of quests Um Press B and I want to see if there's any

Gear that we have not equipped yet Because we talked about a little bit Last episode but the gear and the Character progression is such a huge Part of World of Warcraft and it's got To be one of my favorite things I'm all About them games so whenever you can uh Get new gear and have your character's Stats get beefed up and become more Powerful I love that no time to waste Well we probably shouldn't be wasting Time then I should probably stop Slouching around just sitting on the Floor here where are we where are we Going are we going towards right now Let's talk to this person first Plenty of time to explore Oh dear A lot of oh there's a lot of injured Talons over here I got a little they got a little a Little bit of stank on them Let's go see what's going on over here Guys What do you need food poisoning maybe I Don't there are more vendors inside we Need to help them okay Whatever talks that has infested this Crash is potent enough to take down our Best healers oh that does not bode well For either one of us No matter directly are trapped inside We're going in regardless of risk take a Deep breath follow me all right

Stinky in here we were choking on the Airborne gases released by the insect Nest okay yeah we gotta we gotta be Quick about it here oh Coming down Oh I just died yeah Oh no What did I Said I completed the quest you covered Okay Did you I got a toxin gland Okay that was part of the quest to pass Out All right Look at this this is nice This is lovely it's like a nice hot Spring you know Yeah so I've been enjoying some classic World of Warcraft recently Um and seeing the the graphical Progression of the game over the years Is pretty striking especially when you Look at pools like this Like this is tremendous Dragonfly is gorgeous [Music] Alrighty where are you friend You're already in there you're ready you Want to get that level 60. Okay let's go So what's cool about this Quest There you go hey level 60. all right we Get to do we get to work on our toxin

Gland Quest and slay cited Quest while Rescuing middle code we are we are Tripling up on the quests right now Multitasking that's what you'd like to See there we go And Zola Code he's stressing out is he making a Bunch of noises and stuff for you Yeah oh he's a big guy wait are we We're not we're not back in we're Fighting scissoring again Yeah we're we're back at the cable we Were before I think necklace must be I'm like a dungeon Did you yeah I just hit 60. I got a Bunch of pop-ups about things I can now Do and oh my goodness great deals in my Area so on we should definitely do a Dungeon at some point that's on the list That'll be a lot of fun so let's Continue our questing adventures and but Let's keep in mind that a dungeon should Definitely be on our list of things to Do we're going back into the stank Chamber We're going back down once more to the Breach okay a stinky stinky breach Grab this Okay so whenever your your toxicity Gets a little uh too high we can oh yeah You just eat some grab one of those Things yep Please thank you stink eat it eat the Thing

Can you not eat it while you're carrying That oh you're good hold on just it's Just it's got to cool down good you're Good All right I think that you bring that Thing over here Here we go I see it yeah Up or down There you go All right guys get out of here conquer Of the steak Get out of here it smells horrible leave Everybody go on get at it hold your Noses [Music] Look at this oh I get to choose a reward Yeah so this is going to teach us Um to have a mount [Music] Okay So the teacher's out of some of this Amount this Mount changes depending on Your writing skill location okay Interesting We don't know how to ride things yeah Are they all surprises Obsidian oh it's just colors you can Control click these as well now you can See what they look like Oh I'm going with the obsidian for sure Alrighty So do we know it now so we can open up The bags

Once you select one Open up your bags and right click it and You'll learn The mount Wait are we near the death rip I think Bathroom's back there but we have a new One something yeah The Pillager Ted is the Pillager Did we we didn't learn that ability yet No unfortunately okay oh no your Pillaging days have come to an end A three little heel oh there he is okay Edge out of here I'd be Rush Yeah Oh the the Wombo nice I'm shredding my armor I don't like that I don't I'm gonna take this little guy Out for you so we can focus our damage On the big one here we go that's a good Idea me Such a great Firebird yeah yeah oh Here we go Now we got the damage rolling tread Armor not super scary Slash gives them Health back we don't Want that Double beam oh there we go I think they Got it got him we got him we got him we Got him he's good there we go he's gone Goodbye big beams Wallet Earthbound tome

Break the seal can't be broken while in The Forbidden reach Are we in the Forbidden reach We are Okay Click that if you can go into your Inventory and click that book it'll give You Earth Shield damage take and Reduce By 15 triggers a heal when struck by an Attack and this is an ability that Shaman healers usually have But now we have access to it I'm killing That mob that was a pretty big fight That was cool It's a bit of a spoiler alert I Understand that you're gonna be able to Like customize your Drake Your Dragon That you ride around In dragonflight so these guys have like Different types of like horns Adornments oh man what specialization do I pick I'm gonna go with devastation I Feel like that's a We're making specializations yeah Oh my goodness okay All right Um what's your major So I have a very important decision to Make here I personally Would usually Play devastation But if we're sort of like finding our Way in the world and moving into like

Azeroth proper in the dragon Isles Proper I feel like we might have a chance to do Some dungeons And in order for us to do some dungeons We're gonna need some healing What you're getting at here is that You're going to put preservation so you Can keep me alive while I'm running into The Fray and setting things on fire yeah Yeah usually I'm not the one that you Want to have healing you I I like to Bring the devastation but for this Uh you know what you're trying something New And checking out World of Warcraft maybe I'll try something new as well and Actually go healer all right so now with Our talent points unlocked that'll allow Us to learn new abilities and Empower Abilities that we have in order to sort Of customize our play style to what we Want so I guess for me I'd probably want To be empowering some of my heels maybe Even learn a few new heels for you You're gonna have new abilities to Unleash Devastation as well I believe something we definitely want To put into use before we get that Dungeon going check this out You're coming home dude oh man coming to The home of the alliance one of them at Least Stormwind City this is really neat

Because this is this is actually like a Fantastic like introduction for you Because I mean I've been playing well For a long time I've been playing Alliance for a long time and so I you Know I'm fairly familiar with the layout Of the Stormwind but for you it's like You know you're new to all this so you Get a chance to come in here and check It out it's really neat I'm glad that They're kind of giving this intro the Mage Tower is a very important place to Be familiar with because Um as you are like leveling your Characters you're gonna be going to all Kind of different places Um throughout the world and the portal Room is gonna be very helpful to get Around Ah welcome welcome to the portal room my Friend There's all these kind of portals over Here we don't need to take any of those Right now because we got to make a Little trip to the Embassy but here here We go this is each one of these portals Takes you to a different place than Azeroth encompassing multiple lands and Adventures and expansions It's all right here come on you I gotta Keep my eye on you man I'll tell you What oh I know we should do Well dude I'm walking around on ground Mounts

For some kind of peasants or something Some kind of normal denizens of Azeroth We could just Oh yeah we can do that What was I think assuming I don't Ah I'm over here I wish I had a flying Mount we literally have wings [Music] I got stuck in a mode I'm really not Good at the Flying Right there what am I gonna do with you Man I think dude I'm you're like running Laps all right we're gonna give this Another try okay okay we have a bit we Have a bit of a flight okay How are you is that you there you are Yeah all right Get off the horse Yeah let me talk to you come here come Closer listen all right this we're gonna Turn around like this Wonderful Your Dragon From the dragon Isles okay You were asleep for eons To wake up for this moment right here Right now all right listen to me this is Your destiny you were made for this okay I want you to focus up I want you to start acting like you're a Dragon all right Bigger wings and fly straight to the Embassy like I know you can okay

Don't all right wait don't look away From me all right all right all right Where where are we going is it where is It we press m I love your map you see it's up there in The corner there Was that ground leave all right golden Or that golden Question mark is yeah I see it okay Orient yourself in that direction there Yep hold your hold your okay your right Click okay I'm sorry I sat on the floor Right that's the opposite of flying I Didn't want you to do that okay I'll Figure it out Right I'm gonna break down right here in The middle you're making a scene in the Middle we're gonna do it we're gonna do It yep all right ready yep all right Stay with me brother [Music] Oh my God she's doing it He's doing it I'm doing it I'm flying He's doing it Pull up pull up it's over here Close enough okay I made it to the front Door did you make it in oh that's great Close enough oh my gosh I'll come Outside oh it's a majestic right on the Porch it's cool What else is it something that you need To do Uh Storm your assume your mortal Visage

Okay oh there's a button right there Above your action bar Oh duh okay yeah yeah there we go yes Yes I'm not a dragon anymore I'm just a Guy Sweet and I got a free shirt out of the Deal I learned how to not turn into a dragon And all I got was a free t-shirt all Right nice So if you don't have a mount in your Flying mounts tab Remember how to do the mounts Yeah the uh horseshoe here yeah bottom Right horseshoe bottom left mounts uh And then do you have any flying mounts I Don't think so okay so I don't think no I've got the come on over here another Armor going Pick yourself out of one of these uh Because I've wanted out one of these Purple ones [Music] One of these Swift Griffins Okay Swift green Griffin Swift Red Griffin so you got you gotta open your Bags first and then learn it oh gotcha Oh There we go okay okay all right I got it In in more exciting news our talents Work Hey there we go that's a skill tree Right there nice Should we dive into this right now yeah

Let's check it out okay so one of the Coolest things about World of Warcraft Um is the talent system and the talents Have looked a lot of different ways over The years in World of Warcraft but Dragonflight I would say one of the Biggest changes that you're gonna see in The game in general Is the talent point so they've gone back To a talent tree style thing Which sort of starts somewhere and then Branches down but they're doing it in a Really interesting way because Um not only do you have like evoker Talents which are core to the vocal Class in general you also then have an Another talent tree that is Um Talent points for your specialization So something nice here as I was sort of Staring at this tree and being a little Bit overwhelmed and I got a pop-up that I can just select starter build yeah and It just There we go yeah in the interest of time That works Yeah the starter build option was not Something that um Is usually in the game so the fact that They have added all these like nice Quality of life things Specifically targeted towards like Helping people just kind of get in the Game and get going like yourself right Someone's like so I've heard a lot about

World of Warcraft over the years I've Always wanted to check it out never had A chance to pump to get into Dragonflight like how do I do that you Know it seems pretty overwhelming it's Like well actually you can just pick the Starter build yeah that makes it easy so Instead of like having to look at all The talents and like choose which ones You should you know pick what you can do Is just slap the starter build on and Then you should probably still read Through your talents to understand what The talents that you have selected Actually do I got a griffin yep so let's Uh There [Music] Oh okay that's that is great I can fly Now I see you you're so tiny you look like An ant down there look at you [Music] All right have you did you talk to all These guys yeah you do I have to say Hello to potty whiskers Go go go go go all right toddy whiskers Am I cool am I cool now are we good I Gotta talk to archmage khadgar Yes Yes cadgar what happened [Music] I'll let you know if the boat starts Taking off

We're all we're all loading up Don't leave without me all of our Artisans and explorers everybody's It's on board waiting on you All right I'm good I'm good I'm on the Boat [Laughter] I like that that is that feels like a Thing that I would have to that would Stress me out visiting a new place you Know taking a real trip missing a boat Missing a train not on my watch I'm King Of The World of Warcraft [Music] Oh my gosh here we go Beautiful that's beautiful thank you for Humoring me let's go [Music] All right now pay me like one of your French girls oh God I gotta go Well we did it we are back in the dragon Isles we got some quests squared away we Learned some valuable lessons about well Gravity yeah how am I doing you know What I think overall you're doing Fantastic the World of Warcraft is a Pretty immense land with tons to do Ranging from you know staring down Dragon aspects to collecting balloons For kids in Stormwind and you know You've been doing a pretty good job at Both you know we got to work on that Flying a little bit other than that they Do Love Balloons so uh

What are we gonna do next time I think now that we've got our skills Established Now that we've got our talents allocated Now that we've gotten our first taste of The open world of Azeroth I think you're Ready For your first steps into a dungeon yes Okay well I can't wait for that bash Thank you so much for helping me out This was great uh you too kind viewer Can relive the magic or like me you can Experience it for the very first time in World of Warcraft dragonfly which is out November 28th on PC for more on World of Warcraft you know what to do stay tuned To IGN thanks for watching we'll see you Next time

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