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On today’s IGN The Daily Fix:In The Witcher’s official Twitter account, CD Projekt Red has stuck to its promise of a fourth quarter release by confirming next-gen updates will be release in December. Geoff Keighley has announced every nominee for The Game Awards 2022, with God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring leading the way with ten and seven nominations respectively.Presented by Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix The Witcher 3's Massive next-gen update finally gets a Release date and new details The Game Awards nominees for 2022 are officially Here and the new Pokemon that you'll Encounter on your adventures in the Paldea region it's all presented by Pokemon sky and Pokemon Violet let's get Into it [Music] Foreign If you've been waiting seven years to Finally play CD projekt Red's open world RPG Masterpiece The Witcher 3 or you Just want to play with a Fresh coat of Paint on your shiny next-gen console or Gaming PC we've got great news cdpr has Announced that the PlayStation 5 Xbox Series and PC Next Gen update for The Witcher 3 wild Hunt will be released on December 14 2022. Announced in a post on the witcher's Official Twitter account CD projekt Red Has stuck to its promise of a fourth Quarter release by confirming the December date this only applies to the Digital version of the game though with CD project red saying that a physical Release date will be announced later Celia Have to wait a bit longer if you want a New Witcher 3 game case on your shelf The upgrade which is free to anyone

Who's bought the game previously Includes dozens of visual performance And Technical enhancements over the Original CD project red said in a press Release these include Ray tracing Support faster loading times on consoles As well as a variety of mods integrated Into the experience among many others More details on these integrated mods And other features will be shared during A twitch live stream sometime next week The city project red has otherwise Confirmed the Nixon version to include All previously released DLC alongside New content based on The Witcher Netflix Series So are you gonna set aside a couple Hundred hours and experience everything In The Witcher 3 all over again or play It for the first time this year or skip It entirely let me know in the comments Speaking of big and prestigious games Being celebrated this December Jeff Healey has announced every nominee for The game awards 2022 with God of War Ragnarok and Elden ring Leading The Way With 10 and 7 nominations respectively God of War ragnarok's nominations Include Game of the Year best game Direction best narrative best art Direction best score and music best Audio design two in best performance Best action adventure and innovation in Accessibility Elder ring saw a number of

Similar nominations including Game of The Year best game Direction best Narrative best art Direction best score And music best audio design and best RPG Alongside Ragnarok and Elder ring a Plague tale Requiem Horizon forbidden West stray and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Round out the list for Game of the Year Nominees There are tons more Awards category Nominees that were also announced today Like best narrative and best game Direction best action game best indie Game best mobile game and so much more Head on over to ign.com to check out the Full list of nominees the winners will Be revealed live at the game awards on December 8th the fans can vote on their Favorites on the game awards.com leading Up to the show Last year's Awards saw it takes two take Game of the Year while death Loop won Best game Direction Marvel's Guardians Of the Galaxy one best narrative and Final Fantasy XIV online one best Ongoing game The game awards is also a big source of Video game announcements new trailers And so on with 2021 ceremony hosting the Reveal of Star Wars Eclipse Ellen wig 2 Wonder Woman and more so it's safe to Say that this year's will have lots of New game reveals too exciting And finally Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon

Violet take you to the palday region a Wide open world where you can find new Pokemons to catch and train let's take a Look at some of the new Pokemon and Break down their version specific ones At the start of the game trainers will Have the option of choosing the grass Cap Pokemon spigatito the firecroft Pokemon fuekoko and the water duck Pokemon quaxley these adorable Companions are Pokemon you won't be able To find out in the wild so Choose Wisely Personally I'm going with Coco because Who doesn't like fire you'll be able to Traverse the region over land across Water and through the air while riding a Form shifting legendary Pokemon Corydon In Pokemon scarlet and miraidon in Pokemon Violet version specific Pokemon Make trading a must for Pokedex Completionists trainers who choose Pokemon Scarlet will be able to get Returning Pokemon like Stone Turner and Larvitar plus newcomers like the fire Warrior Pokemon armor Rouge which can Learn the special move armor cannon in Attack so powerful that it lowers the User's defense and special defense stats In exchange for power on the other hand Those who choose Pokemon Violet can get Ice cube Bagon and the fire Ghost Pokemon Sarah ledge which can learn the Move bitter blade this is an attack that Restores the user's HP by us to half the

Damage dealt to the Target explore pel DEA meet new Companions and take on the Victory Road in Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet available November 18th Only on the Nintendo switch family of Systems And that's your daily fix for today November 14th down on the ignab on all Your devices subscribe to the daily fix On Snapchat for anything else just keep Watching IGN I'm Nars and remember to Always stay fabulous

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