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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Next-Gen Update Releases in December
03:55 – Control 2 Confirmed to be in Development
04:54 – Call of Duty: Warzone Will be Offline
07:18 – Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Paid Expansion Discussion
10:10 – Xbox’s Next Console is Too Expensive to Make
13:25 – Dave Bautista Really Wants to be in the Gears of War Movie
16:54 – Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey New Photos Released
20:10 – Rockstar Rejected an Eminem Lead Grand Theft Auto Movie
23:46 – Everything to Know About Call of Duty: Warzone 2

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What's up everybody I'm Stella Chung and This is the weekly fix the show where we Round up all the gaming entertainment And Esports headlines you've made missed This week CD projekt Red has confirmed The release date for the next gen Updates of The Witcher 3 wild Hunt plus Control 2 has been confirmed to be in Development and the entertainment World Dave Batista is teasing the Gears of War Movie and it's been revealed that Rockstar actually rejected an Eminem LED GTA movie keep being awesome and let's Jump right into it [Music] If you've been waiting seven years to Finally play CD projekt Red's open world RPG Masterpiece The Witcher 3 or you Just want to play with a Fresh coat of Paint on your shiny next-gen console or Gaming PC we've got great news cdpr has Announced that the PlayStation 5 Xbox Series and PC next-gen update for The Witcher 3 wild Hunt will be released on December 14 2022. Announced in a post on the witcher's Official Twitter account CD projekt Red Has stuck to its promise of a fourth Quarter release by confirming the December date this only applies to the Digital version of the game though with CD project red saying that a physical Release date will be announced later Have to wait a bit longer if you want a

New Witcher 3 game case on your shelf The upgrade which is free to anyone Who's bought the game previously Includes dozens of visual performance And Technical enhancements over the Original CD projekt Red said in a press Release these include Ray tracing Support faster loading times on consoles As well as a variety of mods integrated Into the experience among many others More details on these integrated mods And other features will be shared during A twitch live stream sometime next week But CD project red has otherwise Confirmed the Nixon version to include All previously released DLC alongside New content based on The Witcher Netflix Series So are you gonna set aside a couple Hundred hours and experience everything In The Witcher 3 all over again or play It for the first time this year or skip It entirely let me know in the comments Speaking of big and prestigious games Being celebrated this December Jeff Keeley has announced every nominee for The game awards 2022 with God of War Ragnarok and Elden ring Leading The Way With 10 and 7 nominations respectively God of War ragnarok's nominations Include Game of the Year best game Direction best narrative best art Direction best score and music best Audio design two in best performance

Best action adventure and innovation in Accessibility Elder ring saw a number of Similar nominations including Game of The Year best game Direction best Narrative best art Direction best score And music best audio design and best RPG Alongside Ragnarok and Elder ring a Playtale Requiem Horizon forbidden West Stray and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 round Out the list for Game of the Year Nominees There are tons more Awards category Nominees that were also announced today Like best narrative and best game Direction best action game best indie Game best mobile game and so much more Head on over to ign.com to check out the Full list of nominees the winners will Be revealed live at the game awards on December 8th the fans can vote on their Favorites on the game awards.com leading Up to the show Last year's Awards saw it takes two take Game of the Year while death Loop won Best game Direction Marvel's Guardians Of the Galaxy one best narrative and Final Fantasy XIV online one best Ongoing game The game awards is also a big source of Video game announcements new trailers And so on with 2021 ceremony hosting a Reveal of Star Wars Eclipse Ellen wig 2 Wonder Woman and more so it's safe to Say that this year's will have lots of

New game reveals too exciting Control the critically acclaimed game That won IGN's 2019 game of the year is Officially getting a sequel according to Developer remedy entertainment announced In a blog post remedy will once again be Working with 505 games to develop and Publish the sequel which had previously Had the working title of codename Heron We can expect control 2 to be Significantly more ambitious in scope as It's been given a 52 million dollar Budget almost twice that of the first Game which was developed for about 30 Million dollars control 2 isn't the only Project remedy has in the works either In addition to the highly anticipated Ellen wig 2 there's also coded Condor The working title for a full player Co-op PVE game if you haven't had the Chance to check out the original control You should remedy that immediately IGN Wasn't the only Outlet to give its game Of the year and it nabbed a pile of Awards and it's gotten a bunch of DLC Since launch too so go check it out Activision Blizzard has announced that The First Call of Duty Battle Royale war Zone will be taken offline in order to Focus on the war zone 2.0 launch next Week In a recent blog post on the official Call of Duty website season one of Warzone 2.0 will officially kick off on

November 16th at 10 A.M Pacific time but Two hours before that the original war Zone servers will go offline for 12 days So that developers can focus on ensuring The new Warzone 2.0 free to play Ecosystem is running effectively I have a hunch they probably also want People to check out the brand new Version they've been working hard on uh But at least you know it's free so There's that For anyone itching for classic war zone Rest assured the servers will be back Online November 18th at 10 A.M Pacific Time and Warzone 1.0 will be rebranded As Warzone Caldera the blog also notes That Cosmetics from Warzone will not Carry over to the new game but Activision will compensate Wars on Players with gifts in 2.0 the Caldera Relaunch is considered a separate game And not tied to Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2.0 content including the new Battle pass and store bundles battle Pass content weapons store bundles XP Weapon XP player progression cross Progression or other purchases from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare war zone Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard will be Accessible only within Warzone Caldera Or within the respective games Cod Points will be transferable between all Games but Double XP and double weapon XP Tokens will not be transferable between

2.0 and Caldera on relaunch Call of Duty Caldera will not have an ingame store And neither rebirth island or Fortune's Keep Maps will be present Activision Offered an explanation for the changes Within the patch notes stating this is Due to a combination of feedback from The Community Technical limitations and A need to simplify the next and newest War zone to create a seamless player Experience moving forward This might be a disappointment for some Players but there's a ton of new content To look forward to like the new escape From tarkov like mode DMZ and hey look On the bright side at least Warzone 2.0 Didn't completely replace the previous Version like a certain other shooter Released by Active Vision blizzard this Fall not naming names but you know who I'm talking about Netrunners Edge Runners tunes and gunks Listen up as CD projekt Red has Confirmed cyberpunk 2077's next major Expansion Phantom Liberty will be paid DLC when it is released in 2023. now Before you jump the gun and get upset I Have a Suspicion this might be a good Indication of what's to come According to Games Radar CD projekt Red's Global PR director radek Grabowski Confirmed for the first time the Expansion would not be free DLC similar

To the recent Edge Runner update Although gabrasti did not confirm a Price yet fans can expect a hefty Addition of new story content missions a New cast of characters and expansion of Night City and a lot more instead of Just Cosmetics weapons and Easter eggs This is not the first time cdpr has Charged for new content for its biggest Games The Witcher 3 wild Hunt received Free and paid add-on content like the Blood and wine expansion which featured A whole new map for 1999 USD fans and How one to beat.com States it was about 15 hours plus in length with some Consensus stating a completionist run is In the range of 30 to 50 hours long Grabowski accentuated that quote our Expansions are traditionally cheaper Than full price games so we can assume That Phantom Liberty will be cheaper Than cyberpunk 2077's 60 price tag since CD projekt didn't confirm the new Content would come in at the same price As wild hunts blood and wine that leads Me to believe that Phantom Liberty may Be bigger in scale So with that in mind would you pay let's Say forty dollars for cyberpunk 2077 DLC Expansion if it came with over 50 hours Of gameplay and content maybe more for a Completionist run that's less than a Dollar for every hour of content and if Not what's the most you're willing to

Pay let me know in the comments Tunes Moving on if you are on the fence about Getting a PlayStation VR2 because no big Titles were confirmed for launch well Gorilla Games has just announced the Highly anticipated VR game Horizon call Of the mountain will be released the Same day the psvr 2 launches Horizon call of the mountain is not only Being released the same day as the psvr 2 but a call of the mountain bundle will Be available priced at six hundred Dollars fifty dollars more than the Headset alone Horizon call of the Mountain is a standalone game with a Completely original story set during the Events of zero Dawn that will take Immersion to Unique Heights Horizon fans Can expect to see familiar faces like Eloy appear in the game so that sold you On getting a PlayStation VR2 mark your Calendars as it will be released on February 22nd 2023. Microsoft's latest Xbox console which is codename project Keystone is being put on hold because The cost of production is just too damn Hot According to the verge Xbox boss Phil Spencer conveyed Microsoft's struggle to Create a streaming only Xbox console That would sell for a cheap price Between 99 to 129 USD the idea would be To sell project Keystone at a Significantly cheaper price point than

Either the Xbox series s or X to make The Xbox platform a viable option for Even more customers looking to dip their Toe into their ecosystem however Spencer Lamented that the streaming only console Would simply cost too much saying the Console we built that people have seen Keystone was more expensive than we Wanted it to be when we actually built It out with the hardware that we had Inside we decided to focus that team's Efforts on delivering the smart TV Streaming app Xbox is working on its initiative to Make gaming more available and Accessible but it seems that a Stadia-like version of the Xbox console Is not a possibility right now speaking Of the big Xbox man Spencer also doubled Down his belief that the delay of the XBox exclusive star field was the right Choice In the same episode of The Verge podcast Decoder with milai Patel Spencer stated He was confident in bethesda's decision To delay the game as releasing it too Early would be a mistake that the Company has experienced before as Bethesda's first XBox exclusive Spencer Believes developers should feel Supported by their publisher saying we Have experienced shipping games too Early but in hindsight when you look at A game like Starfield which has taken so

Long and so much investment in new IP From the team the decision to give the Team the time to build the game that They feel they should be building is Just the right thing to do speaking About Starfield and redfall the first Big XBox exclusive from zenimax Bethesda's pairing company he continued I just wanted to make sure those teams Felt they had the support they could get From Xbox maybe feel some of the benefit Of being part of aims larger Organization that has other revenue Streams and other things going on that Could be helpful initially scheduled to Release on November 11th Starfield is Now late to the first half of 2023 along With arcane's next title redfall Although many have been frustrated over The lack of first-party Xbox content Rest assured that when Starfield Releases it will knock the game into Orbit as a massive space RPG with over 250 000 lines of dialogue featuring the Biggest city ever built in a game and Includes a main quest longer than Skyrim And Fallout 4. so let's feel confident Our patients will absolutely be worth it It's time to take a quick break when we Come back new images from the Winnie the Pooh horror movie has been released and We discussed Steve Bautista's public Audition for the Gears of War movie see You in a bit

Welcome back Muse has surfaced of a Grand Theft Auto movie starring Eminem That was ultimately rejected but first With the announcement of a Netflix Gears Of War movie Dave Batista is throwing His hat in for being in the film let's Find out some more Netflix has announced a live action Gears of War movie and Dave batiza just Taught his metaphorical hat in the ring Of a recent Twitter post Batista shared a video cut from footage Of a Gears of War 5 trailer that also Featured Batista in Gears 5 there is an Option to recast the character of Marcus Phoenix as Dave Batista be an optional Skin you can also play as him in Gears 5 Multiplayer Landing the part of Marcus Phoenix would be a quote dream role for Batista it gears before a live action Movie has been floating around Hollywood In some form or another ever since the Franchise's Xbox 360 days and Batista Has been campaigning for the part of Phoenix for years speaking with IGN Batista said it was his Destiny to play The role he even turned down a role in a Fast and furious movie just so he could Promote a possible adaptation But what do you think fix audience Should Netflix give Batista a shot I Mean look at him visually he's a dead Ringer for the part and he's displayed Real acting chops and some high profile

Movies recently but let me know your Thoughts in the comments Moving right along the new co-heads of DC films have a plan for the next eight To ten years of projects James Gunn and Peter saffron are pulling together quote Some of the best thinkers in the Industry to start planning content via The Hollywood Reporter the content will Cover the breadth of the entire industry Including film television animation and More gun said quote we spent the past Couple days with a group of some of the Best thinkers in the industry the best Writers in the industry starting to map Out that 8 to 10 year plan of what it's Going to look like in theater in TV in Animation across the board for these Characters gun and saffron were Appointed co-ceos of DC films after an Extensive search to find DC's equivalent To Marvel Studios Kevin feige one of the Main criticism of the DCU as compared to Marvel's MCU is its lack of cohesion Something that marble was able to pull Off under the singular vision and Leadership of feige knowing their Projects have been announced but Henry Cavill and DC films have confirmed will Be back as Superman so it's likely a New Soul Superman movie will be in the works And finally Studio Ghibli tease a Possible collab with lucasfilm The tease really isn't much it's a 15

Second video showing the two companies Logos but speculation is now running Rampant the obvious candidate is a Star Wars project maybe an episode in season 2 of Star Wars Visions Visions is an Animated Anthology series featuring Standalone stories set in the Star Wars Universe the first season featured Nine Episodes produced by various anime Studios such as production IG who made Ghost in the Shell arise and Trigger who Produce cyberpunk Edge Runners Studio Ghibli is a legendary Japanese animation House responsible for films such as Princess Mononoke Spirited Away My Neighbor Totoro the absolutely Heartbreaking grave of the fireflies and My favorite house Moving Castle but the List goes on and on Studio Ghibli and Star Wars seem like a Perfect match kind of like Dave Batista Playing Marcus Phoenix I'm totally gonna Sell this Dave I got you But then again this might not even be Star Wars related even though the Official Star Wars account did recently Retweet an image of grogu that was Originally tweeted by Studio Ghibli Maybe this is that Indiana Jones series That's in development at Disney plus who Knows we'll just have to wait to find Out Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey became a Viral sensation earlier this year due to

Its turning poo and piglet into sadistic Killing machines now IGN can reveal four Exclusive new images from the upcoming Film that can provide some insight into How the two childhood icons got to this Point The Stills reveal a young Christopher Robin as well as several shots of poo Including one of him against a fiery Backdrop clutching a knife they come From blood and Honey's latest shoots Which director Rhys frake Waterfield Thinks included some of the movie's best Footage to date The story is a sort of Twisted version Of Toy Story 3 with pill and piglet Going feral in the Hundred Acre Wood After Christopher Robin goes to college Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey is Currently slated to open in theaters in The U.S UK Canada and Mexico courtesy of Fathom events on February 15th Moving on black panther wakanda forever Open to a vibranium strong 330 million Dollar global week in box office Victory 180 million was earned domestically and 150 million from overseas As reported by variety the sequel had a 250 million dollar production budget and Broke the record for the highest November opening weekend in North American box office history The previous record was held by The Hunger Games Catching Fire in 2013 with

158 million dollars While wakanda forever be outdoor love And Thunders 143 million dollar domestic Opening it couldn't match the 187 Million dollar opening weekend for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness All three of these movies however pale In comparison to the 260 million dollar Opening of last year's Spider-Man no way Home and finally stranger things Creators Matt and Ross duffers say They're aiming for the fifth and final Season to have a little bit of Everything as a thematic culmination of What's come before it Again reported by variety the duffers Participated in a panel discussion on Sunday night where the creative team Behind Netflix's hit offered the first Hint about what fans can expect from the Show's highly anticipated Fifth Season Ra said that the tone of season 5 would Likely end up being closer to that of The first season but skill wise last Group of episodes will be more aligned With the fourth season season 4 Allegedly had a per episode cost of 30 Million dollars making it one of the Most expensive seasons in history Matt and Ross previously hinted that the Fifth season won't be as long as season 4's 13 hour run time thank goodness as There will be less to set up before the

Kids get drawn into the supernatural Mystery however the panel revealed that Some Netflix Executives were in tears During the two-hour pitch for the final Season I mean what does that mean Something bad happens something good Something overwhelming I need answers Now right Now Ross said it's important to wrap up Those arcs because a lot of these Characters have been growing since Season one so it's a balancing act Between giving them time to complete Their character arcs and also tying out These loose ends and doing our final Reveals sometime in the early 2000s Plans to develop a feature film based on The hit Grand Theft Auto series were Briefly considered before ultimately Getting shut down by Rockstar Co-founders Sam and Dan Hauser this news Comes by way of games industry veteran Kirk Ewing a friend of the hausers who Told the story on the BBC podcast Bugsy Malone's grandest game allegedly a Hollywood producer who Ewing didn't name Approached the GTA creators offering 5 Million dollars for the movie rights the Pitch a feature film presumably live Action directed by the late great Tony Scott and starring none other than the Real Slim Shady himself Eminem Ewing explains why he and Sam Hauser had Discussed the idea of a feature filmed

Shortly after the launch of GTA 3 in 2001 but by the time this deal Materialized the houses had realized They were sitting on a media franchise Bigger than any movie going on at the Time The idea of a Grand Theft Auto movie Starring Eminem feels like a perfect Time capsule 2001 pop culture GTA 3 and Eminem were both topping the sale charts In their respective mediums and the Rapper was about to make his big screen Debut in Eight Mile Tony Scott's Previous hits included Top Gun and Days Of Thunder and he was riding high on the Success of Enemy of the State It's hard to say if a GTA movie would Have worked but considering Hollywood's Track record for video game adaptations And the fact that GTA 5 would go on to Be one of the most profitable pieces of Entertainment media in human history It's safe to say the hausers made the Right call still Eminem as Claude I can See it what about you and hey even if a GTA movie is a terrible idea who's your Pick to Star and direct sound off in the Comments in addition to holding the Coveted title of America's ass Captain America star Chris Evans was recently Crowned people Magazine's sexiest man Alive and the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes wasted no time in mocking him Relentlessly

In an interview with variety Thor star Chris Hemsworth revealed that he and his MCU co-stars assembled in their Avengers Group chat which consists of the stars Of the original 2012 film where they Joined forces to roast Evans for his Awkward pose on the cover of People Magazine in in his words words it very Quickly was like what are you doing with Your hands back there Robert Downey Jr Said he's being arrested I said it was a Beautiful mug shot then Jeremy Renner Said a series of things which we won't Repeat Hemsworth himself had previously been Crowned's sexiest man alive back in 2014 And he was happy to pass the torch to Evans admitting that he's indeed a sexy Man meanwhile in the realm of superhero Adjacent goings-on former DC film's Executive Walter Hamada has already been Scooped up by Paramount to oversee a Corner of its movie production According to the Hollywood Reporter Hamada who only parted ways with DC a Few weeks ago will be tasked with Releasing several mid-budget horror Films a year in theaters and on Streaming this might seem out of left Field but prior to taking over DC Hamada Oversaw multiple horror projects for new Line including the conjuring Paramount Recently had a massive success with Smile which grossed over 200 million

Dollars globally on a 17 million dollar Budget Personally I'm hoping that these Projects are weird unique Standalone Horror movies and not like another Cinematic Universe we've had enough of Those please spare us Call of Duty Warzone 2's launch trailer showcased a Ton of new information about the next Iteration of its Battle Royale Warzone 2's map will be on the brand new almost Raw with very terrain from Desert land To flowing rivers that introduce new Underwater Dynamics like you experience In the campaign don't worry for those Worried about the leaks on not being Able to use custom loadouts the options To call these in will be available in Game one of the ways to obtain your Custom Loadout is through infiltrating New AI defended strongholds located Throughout the map if you get eliminated Early you can come back to the Battlefield with a new Gulag system that Actually pairs you with a random Opponent making it a TV too Warzone 2 Also has a new Mode called DMZ which is Basically an escape from tarkov mode Complete with looting and extraction Mechanics and of course with the Introduction of Modern Warfare 2's third Person playlist war zone 2 will also Have a third person some playlist Available sometime during season 1 and

Not immediately at launch season one of Course brings a whole new battle pass That can be leveled in any game mode in Warzone or multiplayer and you can Preload Warzone 2 now ahead of its Launch Wednesday November 16th see you In the war zone Apex Legends Global Series pro league is in its second week Of competition and there is a new team Shining Above the Rest in the Leaderboards the guards signed a new Team roster right at Pro League's launch This year with Keon rkn and Rembo arkan Played for torrent Esports and IG International previously and Rambo Really brought himself into the ALG as Seen at championships 2021 when he Subbed with GMT Esports Keon is an Incredible player and capable of holding His own and securing important kills and Fights with these three on the same team The guard has been excelling in the North American lobbies for pro league Currently the guard is first place in The leaderboards and don't seem to be Moving from that soon currently the kill Leaders in each region are n a Rambo and Mia Tyler FPS Apec North Fraz Apec South Striping flame and South America one Worst the next match day for Na's pro League is Sunday November 20th at 2PM so Mark your calendars to keep up to date With algs I'm Stella Chung and that was your

Weekly fix we'll be back here next Saturday with more of the biggest gaming And entertainment news of the week see You then

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