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Wanna catch up on all the highlights from the past two weeks? From deeper details regarding The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Update, to The Rock stating that DC Studios rejected the idea of Henry Cavill’s Superman return, tune in for the Weekly Fix – the only show packed with the recommended weekly dose of gaming, entertainment, and esports news!

00:40 – The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Full Details Revealed
04:56 – Microsoft Bringing Back the Iconic Xbox 360 Controller
08:30 – The Witcher Remake is Getting a Big Change
12:47 – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s End Game is Busted Too
16:45 – Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Glitch Causes Players to Turn Invisible
20:16 – PlayStation Plus Games for December
23:28 – Sonic Co-Creator, Yuji Naka, Arrested
26:10 – First Look at the Splinter Cell Remake
29:06 – The Rock Says DC Studios Was Against Henry Cavill’s Superman Return
33:37 – Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Tarantino’s Marvel Comments
41:00 – Some Anime Shows May Leave Netflix Due to the Ad-Supported Tier
44:30 – Bob Iger Returns as CEO of Disney
46:45 – Elon Musk Amps Up “Hardcore Twitter 2.0” as Employees Resign
49:08 – League of Legends Star, Faker, Re-Signs with T1 Until 2025

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What's up everybody I'm Stella Chung and This is the weekly fix the show where we Round up all the gaming entertainment And Esports headlines you may have Missed this week CD projekt Red has Shared footage of the next gen upgrades For The Witcher 3 plus Microsoft is Resurrecting the Xbox 360 controller and The entertainment World The Rock stated That DC Studios weren't on board with The Henry Cavill Superman return and Samuel L Jackson responds to Quentin Tarantino's comment on MCU actors not Being real stars we're back in the Studio so you already know it's news in Time Foreign Has finally shared footage of the Upcoming The Witcher 3 wild Hunt for Next-gen consoles as well as a ton of New features included in the upgrade As CD projekt Red revealed in today's Twitch live stream graphic settings will Allow next-gen console players including Xbox series s to choose between 30 Frames per second with Ray tracing or 60 Frames per second without PC users will Receive Ray tracing extensive Customization options and a new photo Mode a key to cyberpunk 2077s in Addition expanded DLC Quest based on The Witcher Netflix series will include Rewards like armor based on Henry Cavill's version of geralt and an

Alternative Alpha for this series Jaskier for dandelion also coming to the Upgrade is cross progression for Next-gen versions of the game allowing Players to share saves between PlayStation 5 Xbox series and PC PlayStation 5 owners can Rejoice with New haptic feedback vibrating the Controller in different ways depending On when a player clashes swords or casts Magic major quality of life Modifications will also be added from Adjusting the left bumper used to switch Between different magical signs upgrades To the the minimap and major Improvements to those damn pesky Question marks that had riddled the World map the upcoming update will also Address Quest bugs performance issues And a variety of model revisions in Foliage and background features We won't have to wait too long for the Next gen upgrades as The Witcher 3 wild Hunt updates are just around the corner Arriving on December 14th moving on Ahead of its release date The Studio Behind the highly anticipated the Callisto protocol revealed today the Game will have several player death Animations locked behind a paywall Striking Distance Studios recently Updated the game's steam page including Season pass content that revealed Additional kill animations two new modes

And extra Cosmetics that won't be Included in the standard 59.99 version Of the game fans who pre-ordered the Digital deluxe edition and the GameStop Exclusive collectors edition will have Their copy include the season pass the 20 Season Pass includes additional story DLC the outer way skin collection and Two new bundles contagion and Riot Alongside 13 death animations contagion Will include the game's most difficult Mode with quote reduced ammo and health Drops a customized difficulty permadeath And another skin collection the riot Bundle includes 12 additional death Animations in engineer skin collection And a survival mode where players will Need to quote gather credits to upgrade Your weapons or Forge new ones and Survive the onslaught as long as you can In so if players want to experience all The Glorious ways protagonist Jacob Lee Can die and the black Iron prison Colony They'll need to Fork over some cash to Do so let's not forget there is an Achievement for seeing all of the death Animations in the game but this will Likely not include those locked behind The season pass we'll be able to Experience all the Glorious Gore of the Kalisto protocol when it arrives on December 2nd for PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 Xbox series XS Xbox One And PC

And finally say your goodbyes to Adam Jensen as the mobile game Deus X go is Disappearing for good This video onoma previously known as Square Enix Montreal announced that We're shutting down a list of its games On IOS and Android the list of games Disappearing forever includes Deus ex-go Hitman sniper the Shadows Arena Battle Champions and Space Invaders hidden Heroes starting December 1st the game Will be delisted from storefronts with Access to the games removed after January 4th 2023 in-game purchases have Already been suspended but items already Purchased can still be used though any Items not used will not be refunded Embracer group purchase Square Enix Montreal back in May along with the rest Of square enix's Western Studios and Announced last month the studio would be Renamed onoma earlier this month onama Announced the studio would be shutting Down just after a month with some 200 Staff members scheduled to be Transferred to Sister Studio idos Montreal To commemorate 17 years since its Release peripheral manufacturer hyperkin Announced today that the classic Xbox 360 controller is making a comeback Announced via a press release the Hyperkin Xenon is an officially licensed Wired gaming controller that is a near

Identical replica of the Beloved Gamepad That launched with Microsoft's second Console in 2005. the Xenon which is a Nod to the 360s original code name will Make a few changes to the original Adding a menu View and share button to Allow full compatibility with the series X and S In all honesty a truly modernized Version of the Xbox 360 controller Should be Wireless but maybe keeping it Wired is for nostalgia This isn't the first time the company Has resurrected a beloved Xbox Peripheral in 2018 hyper can release a Replica of the Duke the original Xbox's Infamously chunky controller which then Got two special edition versions in 2021 To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Console and the launch of the original Halo There are no details on release nor Pricing but the hyperkin Xenon will be Available in four colors black white Pink and red moving on a new glitch has Been discovered in Pokemon scarlet and Violet that allows players to very Easily duplicate their Pokemon and yes This includes the rare shiny ones Reported on Nintendo everything YouTuber Austin John plays released a video Detailing the glitch demonstrating how Players can clone any wild Pokemon in The game to trigger the glitch simply

Catch the Pokemon you want to clone head To the nearest open town that doesn't Require a loading screen to enter and Once in town quickly save and close the Software upon booting back up and Reloading the save file the game will Respawn the Pokemon in the same location It was discovered and caught it won't Work if tried with teamstar compounds or Entering random Pokemon centers in the World Austin's theory behind this glitch Is upon entering a town the Pokemon in The world outside are in a suspended State and not despawned heading back out Of town would cause them to despawn so By closing the game and reopening with The save in town the game loads the same Pokemon from the previous save file Since its rough launch last week Pokemon Scarlet and violet have had their fair Share of performance drops lags and Comical glitches the that have gone Viral across social media there's no Word if or when these issues will be Addressed but it's likely that this Cloning loophole will get patched out Too so take advantage of it while you Can And finally Rainbow Six siege's next Season operation solar raid starts soon And it comes with a ton of new updates Including cross play and cross Progression In addition to these features the update

Will include a new map new operator Drone and weapon Cosmetics balancing to Operators updates to ads movement and a Ton more with the new cross play and Cross progressions feature PlayStation And Xbox players can turn on or off Automatically matchmaking together to Offer lower wait times Ubisoft currently Has no plans to merge players on PC and Streaming platforms like Luna Maintaining participants in separate Matching cues voice communication Credits Renown player ranking and Penalties will be shared between Xbox And PlayStation consoles via the Ubisoft Connect overlay however in-game options Operator loadouts and Equipment Cosmetics will maintain specific to each Console platform after previously Confirming their original Witcher was Getting a remake cdpr has now stated it Will not resemble the 2007 version but Be something more akin to The Witcher 3. Announced in its third quarter Financial Result city project red described The Witcher remake as a fully opened World Story driven single-player RPG built in Unreal Engine 5 that would resemble what Fans experience in wild Hunt although Cdpr reiterated it would be a while Before it could share more details Studio had Adam badowski expressed his Team's sentiments returning to the title That founded the franchise saying The

Witcher is where it all started for us For CD projekt Red it was the first game We made ever and it was a big moment for Us then going back to this place and Remaking the game for the next Generation of Gamers to experience it Feels just as big if not bigger in the First Witcher geralt's Venture into the Temerian capital A vissima was broken up Into different levels with players Unable to backtrack for the most part Once completed in The Witcher 3 players Returned to vissima but with limited Access to the royal castle in the remake Cdpr says the entirety of vcma it's Outskirts and so much more will be Connected allowing players to walk in And out of visma just like in The Witcher 3's free City Nova grad Considering it's been 15 years since the Original it's about damn time we get a Witcher remake and with modern day Technology and the PowerHouse that is Unreal Engine 5 I cannot wait to see What's in store for us from cdpr moving On DC Studios co-ceo James Gunn should Change his name to James fun as he has Now confirmed new DC films exist in the Same Canon as future video games As reported by Eurogamer Gunn was asked On Twitter if the studio had plans for The DCU to incorporate other forms of Entertainment into the franchise Including TV shows and video games guns

Response affirmed the studio was indeed Looking to tie future video games into The DCU canonically the strategy is a Clear deviation from the separate Universes seen between Marvel films and Games Though we don't know if a crossover of Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam will appear In a game it's clear gun and co-ceo Peter saffron's 8 to 10 year plan for The DCU will incorporate more than just Films TV shows and animation and finally It's been 30 years since Paul verhoven's Brutal science fiction movie Starship Troopers traumatized the minds of many With the possibility of if we went to War with alien bugs now developer Off-world Industries is taking it a step Further with its latest announcement of A new video game Starship Troopers Extermination that brings my worst fears To life In partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer products the cult classic 1997 Sci-fi film will be adapted into a Titanfall ping-like 12 player PVE first Person shooter for PC promising Squad-based large-scale battles against The bloody bugs that wreak havoc in the Movie players will choose between Assault support or defense class Troopers in the elite deep space Vanguard with unlockable perks and gear Via the game progression system build

And maintain your defenses battle Against five different bug types and Survive the war against a race of giant Alien insects with the intention of Eradicating human life now thanks to Off-worth Industries we'll get to Experience the nightmarish reality Protagonist Johnny Rico endured Early Access for the game will come sometime In 2023 but considering how brutal the Movie was I have high expectations for This adaptation I'm seriously hoping for A dead space like death sequences Obscene amounts of Gore and a level of Anxiety that mimics my traumatized youth When I first saw the movie Let it be known my cousin thought he Rented Super Troopers for movie night Yeah they're totally two different Movies Since the launch of Pokemon scarlet and Violet players have riddled Reddit Threads with significant Performance-based issues low frame rate Janky graphics and just weird camera Clipping all with the hope its end game Content would be worth it now recent Player footage has revealed the game's Primary ongoing endgame content Terror Rage is just as busted Players are seeing significant issues With scarlet and Violet's Terror reads Which see players battle powerful to Rasterize Pokemon with very difficult

Ratings within a time limit gameplay Footage reveals players experiencing Turn skips major online lag health bar Inconsistency moves randomly executing At times and utter chaos with the game's Timer this also includes moments of Being denied the ability to choose the Next moves for long stretches of time With absolutely no menu or prompts in Some cases HP bars don't reflect a Pokemon's Health at a given moment Making it hard to even heal them to Rationalizing your Pokemon is highly Recommended but doing so results in a Lengthy animation sequence through which The timer continues to tick down what's Worse the ticker continues to count down Even during similar time delays like When using moves holding items or when Abilities result in a lot of text or Animations even with a team of good Pokemon mini are faced with awful Terror Raids battling online cues that sit on Connecting for what seems like forever Game freak has yet to offer any Statements regarding the state of Scarlet and violet but considering a Major Terror Raid event is coming in December that rewards players with a Seven star Charizard it remains to be Seen how that'll go moving on the Holidays are around the corner which Means it's time to start thinking about Gift giving and this year Xbox's gear

Shop has something for everyone even Your controller and I promise you I'm Not making this up Humanize your controller with the latest Xbox mini controller hoodie it offers Little holes for the controller's arms And a hoodie to cover your Xbox series X Or S controller head to stay nice and Toasty for winter and if for any reason The hoodies sell out get a comfy 90s Sweatshirt hoodie for your drinks cause You know they too need to feel cozy this Winter although this drink wear doesn't Come with arm holes because you know Your energy drink doesn't have arms It'll still look and stay cool while you Game I do worry if humanizing your Drinks makes you a vampire when you know You digest them but that's besides the Point In all seriousness let me know in the Comments if you get either the Xbox Hoodie or Puffin drinkware and if you do Happen to put it on your pets tag us and Finally Grand Theft Auto is a globally Known IP that has made history in both Controversy and sales but GTA series Creators weren't actually too optimistic Of its future once regarding it as quote Most likely not to succeed In a seven part podcast series with BBC 5 GTA 2 producer Colin McDonald Discussed working on GTA's first game Back in 1997 where the then dma staff

Surveyed which games would be most and Least successful the one voted most Likely not to succeed was Grand Theft Auto that's because mid-development the Direction of the game wasn't clear it Was also quite buggy you couldn't play It for more than a couple of minutes Without it crashing so certainly at the Grassroots level there wasn't a lot of Confidence in it troubled with a lack of Direction and countless iterations the Earliest stages of the experiment Project saw players roaming as dinosaurs Destroying buildings before dma added Cars to the game despite its countless Stumblings the GTA team knew they had Something special with the series and Committed to seeing it through and Thankfully the rest is history with GTA's historic success catapulting their Franchise as one of the game industry's Fastest growing Entertainment Properties To break records sales globally it's Been six days since Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 was launched to replace the original And a new glitches causing frustration Among players as enemies are turning Completely invisible as reported by PC Gamers and several players including XS Super Evan have shared their kill cam Footage in Warzone 2.0 that shows them Being shot and killed by what seems to Be an invisible opponent the opponent's Killcam shows them to be standing in

Plain sight and yet invisible to others As of right now there is no known reason For the glitch how to trigger it or if It is just a random occurrence this Isn't a camouflage feature either but a Blatant glitch that removes an Opponent's model from sight the launch Of Warzone 2.0 has been met with bumps Along the road with several players Being locked out of the game all Together due to a bug that demanded Users to buy Modern Warfare 2 even if They already owned it others reported Latency issues in a handful of matches That cause significant can spikes and Disconnection while some can't even Launch the game at all currently Warzone 2.0 overall Steam Reviews are mostly Negative with an overwhelmingly amount Of comments citing error codes crashing And even some users completely losing Loot and weapons in game regardless fans Are still playing Warzone 2.0 with steam Showing double the amount of players Over the single player release peaking Over the weekend at 491 thousand as of Right now Call of Duty's official Channels have yet to acknowledge the Issues reported by players but we will Update you as soon as we learn more Moving on Nintendo announced Mario Kart 8's deluxe's booster course pass Wave 3 Coming this December bringing eight new Tracks to the game

In a new trailer from Nintendo Wave 3 Will include Maple Tree Way from Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road and rock rock Mountain from Mario Kart 7 boo Lake from Mario Kart super Circuit and Berlin Byways and London loop from Mario Kart Tour these new tracks will join the Previously confirmed Mary Mountain from Mario Kart tour and Peach Gardens from Mario Kart DS all arriving on December 7th as part of the 24.99 booster course Pass purchasing the DLC will also Grant Users the previously released 16 courses An additional 24 slated for release in 2023 And finally next month's post-launch Support for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Will be the last DLC expansion for the Title Ubisoft announced on its blog that Assassin's Creed valhalla's latest Update the last chapter will be the Game's final DLC expansion since its Launch in November 2020. alongside the Final release a new update will arrive To provide a quote touching and intimate Conclusion to avor's Saga and will tie Up some of the storylines developed Throughout the game and offer closure to Your time among the ravenclan Ubisoft Confirmed in the blog post the highly Requested feature New Game Plus would Not be added to the game Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been built as a Unique Assassin's Creed experience one

That is very different from its Predecessor in its structure offering New ways of engaging with the world and Its characters when investigating the Implementation of new gameplays we Realized that the death of the game gave Us limited options to make replayability Unique and rewarding although though New Game Plus will not be added to the game Fans can expect new additions and Surprises for the game's final farewell For a detailed list of how to see the End of ivor's tale be sure to check out Our guide on IGN's website Smell that it's the aroma of new games Coming to the PlayStation Plus roster And this month Sony's lineup has some Heavy Hitters As revealed on the Playstation blog Bioware's Larger than Life RPG Trilogy Mass Effect legendary edition is coming To the service this Edition includes the Remastered 4K version of all three Original Mass Effect games over 40 Additional pieces of DLC content promo Weapons armor and more so if you missed Out on the iconic sci-fi Saga of Commander Shepard's battle against the Reapers this is your moment also coming To the service is the post-apocalyptic Fantasy Kung Fu RPG bio mutant from THQ Nordic mix martial arts combat shooting And mutant abilities in this vibrant Open World adventure where players can

Seek to save or destroy the planet and The final game announced to join the Service is the colorful third person Arena fighter Divine knockout Founders Edition from high-res Studios fight as One of the eight Gods Amaterasu Seoul Hercules susano Emir Athena Thor or King Arthur in this fast-paced mythological Multiplayer brawler All three games will arrive on the Servers on December 6 at no extra cost To all PlayStation Plus subscribers at This time Sony has not announced new Games coming to its more expensive Services but will keep you updated when It's announced moving on Sega surprise Expansed today by detailing Sonic Frontiers 2023 contact roadmap listing New features coming to the game The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter Account announced in an image three Content updates for 2023 with the first Being a new jukebox photo mode and new Challenge modes the second update will Arrive around Sonic's birthday in June With additional open Zone challenges and Cocos to collect the final update Announced is possibly the biggest one Which will include additional playable Characters and a new story expansion Although the details of update 3 are Unknown the post alludes to Tails Amy Knuckles and Sage as possible additional Characters and surprise Sega got you a

Little present for the holidays the Developer is adding a free holiday cheer Suit to Sonic Frontiers on December 21st He should have no problem getting Presents delivered on time that dude's Fast as heck And finally developer supermassive games Announced its upcoming action horror Shooter Switchback VR will launch as a Day one title for psvr 2. As reported by Eurogamer the dark Pictures Switchback VR will launch the Same day as a PlayStation VR2 on February 22nd 2023 pre-ordering the Title for 39.99 USD will award players With Cosmetics including a demon handgun A premium skull and bonus card a skull Bobble head and a special edition gold Gun set in the same unsettling universe As the man of Madan and its other dark Pictures titled Switchback VR will see Players experience a horror themed On-rail shooter making use of the psvr 2's eye tracking and haptic feedback Players can expect similar gameplay to The developers 2016 spin-off until dawn Rush of Blood but with a much more Immersive experience In a move that would have Sonic wagging His finger in disapproval Sega designer Yuji Naka has been busted for suspected Insider trading The Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator was Arrested by the special investigation

Department of the Tokyo District public Prosecutor's office on suspicion that During his time working for Square Enix Naka bought shares of a developer called Aiming ahead of the announcement the Developer would be partnering with his Employer to make the Dragon Quest tact Mobile game allegedly the developer Bought 10 000 shares valued at twenty Thousand dollars USD Naka left Square Enix in June of last year but that Clearly didn't absolve him of any Misdoings a number of others were also Arrested including two former Square Enix employees taisuki suzaki and Fumiyaki Suzuki who allegedly purchased A combined total of 162 000 shares of aiming valid at around 337 250 USD Suzaki is alleged to have informed Naka And Suzuki about the potential rise in The value of aiming's shares considering Dragon Quest mobile games basically Print money in Japan buying stock in a Company making one is smart business but Doing it before the news is public isn't Exactly fair game insider trading if You're unfamiliar is the act of buying And selling stocks based on confidential Or non-public information with the Intention of making money it is unclear If Naco or the other employees have sold Their shares but whether or not the Perpetrator turns a profit doesn't make

It any less of a crime nonetheless the Story is far from over and we will Provide updates as they are released Moving on a new report from parent Company embracer group has announced the Developer of Saints Row volition will be Transferred to new hands despite it Being financially successful according To the report the recent Saints Rose Reboot which was managed by the embracer Subsidiary play on did meet Embraces Financial forecast but its public Reception fell short of expectations Despite some technical issues the last Game had its fun moments but it Definitely paled in comparison to the Series earlier high points and it Clearly wasn't the fresh start for the Franchise embracer had hoped for future Saints Row games and any other Unannounced volition projects will now Be overseen by gearbox which the report States has quote an experience Management team in the U.S to create Future success at volition what do you Make of this do you think there's Another Saints Row reboot on the horizon Let me know in the comments celebrating 20 years of revolutionary stealth Action Redefined Ubisoft released a new video Looking back at the franchise and Offering our first looks at the upcoming Splinter Cell remake Via ubisoft's official YouTube channel

Developers working on the upcoming Remake sat down to reminisce on iconic Entries in the franchise as well as to Assure fans the developers are aiming to Create a quote Top tier remake that Pushes quality as much as possible the Discussion led by creative director Chris Audi unveiled the first concept Art of the Remake that will return to The beginnings of Sam Fisher's Saga with The gold to set a good foundation for The franchise going forward developed by Ubisoft Toronto fans can expect a more Authentic modern take leveraging the Publisher's engine Snowdrop ADI Confirmed that development is still in Early production but articulated that Quote it's not simply a remaster it's Being built from the ground up we get to Do all the content from scratch fresh And ready to go In addition to a remake Ubisoft also has A Netflix Animated Series in the works So there are lots in store for Splinter Cell fans moving on a return to nosgoff Is on the horizon as a new Legacy of Kane seems likely after the embracer Group received an overwhelmingly strong Response from fans back in October Crystal Dynamics under the hands of new Ownership embracer group released a Survey asking if fans would like to see A return to Long dormant beloved Franchises like Legacy of Kane in a

Shocking display of enthusiasm the Company receives over 100 000 responses From fans prompting embracer CEO Phil Rogers to respond with in the past we Found that surveys typically get between A thousand and three thousand responses But when we ask folk about the legacy of Kane we received over a hundred thousand Responses and 73 000 Gamers completed it Entirely rest assured we hear you loudly And clearly and will continue to update You on the what if possibilities ahead Said for legacy of Kane in the future Embracer group stated explicitly the Company is looking to delve into the Developer's catalog of games to explore Opportunities for remakes remasters and Sequels personally other titles that Would fit the bill perfectly are Deus Ex And get but what do you think sound off In the comments what titles do you like To see make a comeback It's time to take a quick break when we Come back we go over Netflix's at Support a tier ruining the potential of Anime on the platform and Bob Iger is Returning as CEO of Disney see you in a Bit Welcome back Samuel L Jackson has Responded to Quentin Tarantino's Comments about MCU actors not being Superstars by saying they are superstars But first The Rock shared that the Powers that be at DC Studios were

Against Henry cavill's return as Superman let's find out some more Now in rather crazy and unexpected news The Rock revealed that DC Studios Weren't initially on board with bringing Back Henry Cavill as Superman now here's What he had to say in a recent Twitter Post We have to Bring back the most powerful Unstoppable Force Of all time in any universe and you guys Know who I'm talking about of course That is Superman and that's Henry Cavill Um and you know at the end of the day The studio was not bringing Henry Cavill Back they and inexplicably and uh Inexcusably but we weren't going to take No for an answer uh this has been years In the making regarding bringing Henry Cavill back Um and years of strategic conversations And we were not going to take no for an Answer now in the Twitter video he went On to say how there's new leadership at DC which implies that the reason behind The new decision in favor of Cavill Coming back is Superman went through Finally now he made a lot of points in That video stating how Henry Cavill is This generation Superman and that it'd Be impossible to kick start a new Hierarchy in the DC Universe without the Most powerful man in DC I.E Superman now

Warner Brothers could have obviously you Know just recast the role but to be Honest yes it wouldn't make any sense to Do so if we already have an actor Established in that particular role and Willing to return to portray the Character now it's rather crazy to think That there was initial pushback towards Henry Cavill returning a Superman and it Makes you wonder like what the former Leadership at DC Studios were even Thinking now with the Rock's grandiose Ideas for Black Adam having him Challenge the Man of Steel and James Gunn presiding over all of DC films and Television you know it'll be interesting To see where the DC Universe goes from Here say maybe like five to ten years From now now do you think we'll start to See a more interconnected Universe Similar to MCU is that even something That you'll want let us know about it in The comments below and let's talk about It Now in other new shifting gears to talk About the upcoming Twisted Metal series Season one will apparently be like the Movie Zombieland in nature now the Peacock series based on the classic PlayStation video game franchise Stars Anthony Mackey as an Amnesia Outsider Who has to deliver a mysterious package To an unknown destination across a Post-apocalyptic Wasteland now speaking

To us here at IGN senior producer at PlayStation Studios Carter Swann spoke About the style the team went for Pertaining to the series saying quote Zombieland's a good barometer if you Look at what happens in that movie as to What we could do their whole thing is You can have fun in the post-apocalypse So essentially the team is taking these Violent moments and making them like a Bit of a ridiculous fun romp which is Pretty cool I'm here for it and with Will Arnett confirmed as the voice for Sweet tooth you know we'll likely get a Lot of comedic zingers thrown in for Good mix now we can expect a twisted Metal series to crash into peacock 2023 And finally Harrison Ford is satisfied With the way the fifth Indiana Jones Film turned out now the team behind it Apparently did a satisfactory job this Comes to us from a new interview the Actor did with Empire where he said Quote I didn't feel it was necessary to Do another one I just thought it would Be nice to see one where Indiana Jones Was at the end of his journey but the Actor did say he put that very hat back On if but a script came along that he Felt had the potential to extend the Character's shelf life now come on man What's going on here I mean this guy is Like he's he's 80 years old Harrison Ford needs to just freaking chill out

And live off the millions he's made Decades in this career as an actor you You can rest now homie please make way For young blood my guy what are you Doing 80 for crying out loud maybe we All live to be that age and Beyond and And successful in our careers now we can Expect Indy five next year June 30th Right now Quentin Tarantino's negative Comments about superheroes saying that The actors who star in Marvel movies Aren't exactly movie stars has now Caught the attention of Jules himself Samuel L Jackson now the actor who's Worked with Tarantino on numerous Projects had some words for the director While speaking on it with Entertainment Weekly now he said quote it takes an Actor to be those particular characters And the sign of movie stardom has always Been what ashes in seats what are you Talking about that's not a big Controversy for me to know that Apparently these actors are movie stars Chadwick Boseman is Black Panther you Can't refute that and he's a movie star Oh Tarantino you in trouble now if You're not exactly caught up of what Tarantino said his initial comments it Was during this Tom Segura podcast Moment which got everyone including Samuel Jackson talking they're not movie Stars right Captain America is the star Right Thor

Is the star uh uh I mean I'm not the First person to say that I think that's Been said a zillion times you know but You know but it's like you know it's These these franchise characters that Become become come a star if an an actor Stars in a movie that does as good as The uh the Marvel movies do well that That guy's a new star sure They're an absolute star and that means That people did dig him or her yeah and They like them and they want to see them And stuff and then they you know uh Sandra Bullock is in speed Right all right and everyone like Thought she was amazing in it all right She was Charming as hell everyone fell In love with her and so you know even She does a couple of mediocre movies After that the Nets and something else Okay well people want to see it because They they were excited they want to see Her in something else and she's good in Those movies yeah you know but that's Not the case now yeah yeah it's not the Case no no we want to see that guy Playing Whoever Wolverine or whatever Huh now if you think about it Quentin And I can call him Quentin I consider Him a friend if you think about what Quentin said he kind of has a valid Point now expounding on his example Tom Holland was a young actor in Hollywood

Before he stepped into the role of Spider-Man but he definitely wasn't a Household name beforehand now I and the Majority of Marvel fans were excited When we saw that iconic moment where Tony Stark called out for Underoos and Spider-Man swung in and said hey Everyone good job now let's just be Honest here we weren't excited because It was Tom Holland we were excited Because it was Spider-Man making his First appearance in the MCU but his role As Spider-Man did in fact make him a Household name and subsequently a movie Star now Tarantino's point is actors Cast in superhero roles today have the Fortunate luxury of being tied to the Popularity of a pre-established iconic Character in pop culture that can then Catapult them into movie star artem now Back in the day before the influx of Superhero movies you didn't have that Luxury I I think that's what he's saying Exactly you know there's just an Oversaturation of superhero movies Hollywood seems to be taking interest in And not a lot of original Thought-provoking and creative movies Coming out these days now I'd argue they Still exist Daniel caluya was Particularly an unknown before get out And that particular film from Jordan Peele definitely made him a movie star With consumers blocking his theaters to

See him in various other films so it is Still possible to have these original Standalone ideas that can subsequently Launch the careers of movie stars Because the majority of people went to See get out because it was Jordan Peele's directorial debut and Daniel Caluya's acting from what we garnered From the trailers and the critical Reviews was something worth watching now I personally understand the whole Marvelization of Hollywood Tarantino was Talking about and putting myself in the Shoes of a Marvel fan I am a Marvel fan I didn't see the Spider-Man movies Because of Tom Holland I didn't see the Hulk movies because of Edward Norton or Eric Bana I went to see those films Because I grew up watching them in Cartoons and reading about them in the Comics the actors were really just Ancillary now I think Samuel L Jackson Misinterpreted what Tarantino was saying He never said actors like the late Chadwick Boseman aren't movie stars but The fans were more interested in seeing Black panther than the actor portraying The Marvel character now his powerful Portrayal of the character black panther T'challa is what made Bozeman a Household name and made him a movie star And even now with his untimely death Marvel fans are still rallying for the MCU to eventually eventually recast the

Role of t'challa and it seems that'll Likely happen at some point in the MCU Given what's witnessed in wakanda Forever but you know what those are just My thoughts I'm curious to know which Side of the fence you sit on with this One do you agree with Tarantino on the Whole marvelization of Hollywood with These Marvel Superheroes essentially Turning actors into movie stars now I Want y'all to keep in mind Chris Evans Was the Human Torch at one point but it Took him becoming the PowerHouse the AAA Superhero Captain America to really make Him rise to movie stardom anyway let us Know your thoughts down below now in Other news Disney is ramping up its Anime production by expanding its Partnership with kodansha now this comes To us by way of an exclusive from Hollywood Reporter now kodansha is Responsible for producing several manga And the expanded Disney partnership will Kick off with production of Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc coming To Disney Plus in January of 2023. I Called dansha's licensing extends to Such franchises as Acura Beck battle Angel Alina and many more so it'll be Interesting to see the Disney plus Original anime selections grow from here And finally in a feel-good moment out of Freaking nowhere the rock bought up a Bunch of Snickers in a Hawaii 7-Eleven

Where he used to still won every day When he was a teenager now I'll let him Tell the story when I was 14 years old Every day I used to stop here at the 7-Eleven and steal a king-sized Snicker Bar because I couldn't afford to buy one Now it all cost him a whole 298 dollars Now he also bought the items for a bunch Of people that were waiting in line as Well as taking pictures with people that Were in line he truly is the people's Champ and 7-Eleven left a comment on the IG post that read King chocolate bar for A king crown whatever the hell that Means I I guess the rock gets a pass for Stealing every day for about a year no Word yet from Snickers but IGN did reach Out for a comment hard-hitting news here Y'all hard hitting news I'm just kidding But to the Rocks defense for stealing Snickers slogan is hungry why wait so The rock clearly couldn't wait in line For that Snickers for a whole last year Yeah Right now Netflix might be losing a Bunch of anime programs due to the Streaming Giant's new ad supported Subscription tier now this news comes by Way of the Japan times which reported That the anime Broadcasting Company NHK Has asked Netflix to suspend Distribution of its titles 22 in total That includes titles like Cardcaptor Sakura Vinland Saga Attack on Titan and

Many others now what's weird about this Is Netflix claims NHK was aware of its Ad subscription plan but the broadcaster Reportedly claims the ad supported plan Wasn't what it anticipated and that Netflix didn't deliver a sufficient Explanation until the new plan had Kicked off now the reason NHK wants to Pull out is because the broadcaster Doesn't distribute programs if there's a Likelihood that it'll appear as though Its programs are recommending a certain Product or service which with whatever Ads Netflix slides in between program Programming I don't know it might give Off that particular appearance now the New ad tier was launched earlier this Month in the United States as Netflix Basic with ads for 6.99 now while there Seems to be a disagreement between the Two companies Netflix has currently Stopped showing ads on NHK programs for Now while the two figure out a long-term Solution and you know what when you Think about it I I think the long-term Solution is just that just don't run ads On its anime programs if you want to Keep them on your service ads in general Really annoy me so I personally wouldn't Opt for any AD supported tier on any Streaming service now anime is obviously A hot commodity for Netflix so hopefully You know they'll be able to reach an Amicable solution with NHK to retain

Those shows and what do y'all think About all of this are you gonna miss Attack on Titan if it goes away Hopefully it won't comment down below And let's discuss Now in other news the blade reboot Scored a new director with Jan dimash Now this is according to deadline where The director will held the upcoming Marvel film starring mahershala Ali Damage was an executive producer and Director on the short-lived Lovecraft Country HBO series now he'll be Directing from a brand new script Currently being penned by Michael Starberry with the movie slated for Release September 6 2024 now the blade Reboot was originally supposed to come Out next year but with the script Rewrites and original director Bassam Tariq dropping out just weeks before Filming was to begin the schedule got Pushed back so whether or not this blade Movie will be considered as part of Phase 5 or phase six given its new Release date remains to be seen And finally check out this poster for HBO is The Last of Us Now Bella Ramsay And Pedro Pascal are looking more like Their respective characters in Ellie and Joel with the series poster drawing Similarities to the box art of the Original The Last of Us video game Released in 2013. and there's even a

Quote from the original game on this Series poster that reads when you're Lost in the darkness look for the light It seems like yesterday you know we just Heard about this particular series but It's scheduled to Premiere January 15th Next year on HBO Max and with The Walking Dead series finale this past Week fans of the zombie genre with a Twist of emotional lore have something To fill that brain eating void now Walt Disney's current CEO Bob traffic is out At the house of mouse with Bob Iger Returning as his new replacement now the Wild switch up was revealed over the Weekend during a board of directors Meeting effective immediately What's crazy about this is Iger left the Role not too long ago back in 2020. now His new contract will see him serve as CEO for the next two years now it seems Chappick was only good for Disney during The pandemic with the chairman of the Board saying quote we thank Bob chappick For his service to Disney over his long Career including navigating the company Through the unprecedented challenges of The pandemic That they went on to say how Bob Iger is In a situation that'll properly guide The company through its current and Pivotal period now all this news comes Days after chapic issued a few Cost-cutting measures that included

Hiring freezes and layoffs and Disney's Quarterly earnings weren't looking too Hot with its streaming service suffering A near 1.5 million dollar loss in that Division The traffic's decisions as CEO clearly Didn't sit well with the board so they Did what you know they felt would be Best for the company by bringing back Eiger now he had a long tenure Previously as CEO serving from 2005 to 2020 so you know what maybe he's the man For the job now let us know your Thoughts down below now in other news Thor 11 Thunders Chris Hemsworth is Planning to take a break from acting After learning he's at risk of Developing a form of dementia In a recent episode of Limitless the Actor learned that his genetic makeup Could lead to him developing Alzheimer's Disease which is a form of dementia that Causes memory loss and confusion now Speaking further to Vanity Fair about it He said quote it really triggers Something in me to want to take some Time off and since we finished the show I've been completing the things I was Already contracted to do now when I Finish this tour this week I'm going Home and I'm going to have a good chunk Of time off and just simplify be with The kids be with my wife And so he should look no one here or any

Of his fans out there can blame him and We appreciate all of your contributions In the entertainment industry throughout The years and there's a lot going on Over at Twitter with a lot of Twitter Employees not being on board with what Elon Musk is dubbing hardcore Twitter 2.0 I don't know if Elon ever heard of the Saying if it ain't broke don't fix it But it seems he's hell-bent on forcing Us to cop up eight butts and a slew of Other unnecessary action items just to Share our thoughts on the social media Platform and now a bunch of Twitter Employees are locked out of Twitter HQ As Elon and his leadership are scared Some of their employees might sabotage The company from the inside So they're doing some weird covert Ops To try and find out which employees are Suspect and need to have their access Cut that's kind of crazy to see a man With a lot of money buy a company for a Lot of money only to burn said money Making machine to the ground in an odd Attempt to supposedly upset the masses I personally don't care enough about Twitter as it's not my most popular Social media platform but you know it's Rather entertaining to watch everyone so Upset about it and going to Twitter to Post how upset they are about the Impending changes how about you know you

Just leave the damn platform if you're So upset about it and it appears some Folks are doing just that with some Twitter users leaving for other social Media platforms like tribal Discord and Mastodon now according to a New York Times post Twitter employees were sent a Google form with the question asking if They'd want to stay with the company Given its impending changes and some Employees apparently just opted to post A farewell message on the platform and Kiss the company goodbye that definitely Seems elon's involvement with the Company has been the kiss of death for Twitter but supposedly half of its staff Either being fired or resigning But at least Elon did the right thing Admitting he was wrong in firing ligma And Johnson giving them back their jobs That's a plus now what do y'all think About all of this news this Twitter Debacle sound off in the comment section Down below let's discuss curious to know If you plan on leaving the platform now In other news we got Stone ocean Returning with its final episodes this December wrapping up jolene's bizarre Story as she kicks ass in a Maximum Security Prison against other standard Users Now Netflix dropped the new trailer and It's honestly looking like it'll live up To the manga it'll be interesting to see

Where the JoJo's anime will go from here As the stone ocean series kind of sets Up the rest of the franchise in a unique Way the stone ocean drops the final Batch of episodes December 1st After worlds this year there were rumors That Faker was considering options in Other regions including the LCS Faker has been with T1 since 2013 where He won his first World's title and would Go on to win 2015 and 2016's World Titles while T1 lost worlds to DRX after A nail-biting but thrilling 5 series Baker didn't fail to Showcase why he's One of the best players in League Following this year's run for worlds Faker signed with T1 for another Three-year contract and to pursue the 2023 title next year Despite getting interest from Team Liquid and flyquest and wanting to sign Faker he's moved forward in investing a Future with T1 and staying with the lck T1's roster will remain the same as this Year with Zeus Warner kumayusi and kyria Good luck to the returning T1 team and We hope to see you make it to Worlds Next year speaking of other major Tournaments Apex Legends Global series Pro league has been facing some not so Ideal situations While the team's competing in ALG has Have been fantastic to watch the actual Core game has been criticized for the

Bugs that have been more than noticeable In matches dark zero the winners of the 2022 algs Championship were Valkyrie Ulting on the map storm point when they Were shot down and then subsequently Teleported to a random location on the Map outside of the circle Bogdan unable To move or heal dark zero was eliminated At 8th Place in the match This bug continued several times but not To that same degree and not to the same Team FaZe Clan came across the bug where the HUD disappears and slurppg was unable to See his inventory or see any major Details in the game with these major Bugs being highlighted recently Pros Have been calling for some action to be Taken to stabilize the game for the sake Of competitive integrity Respawn has not said anything yet but We'll keep you updated on when or if They do in some unexpected news Konami Has unveiled the Kappa e football Italia Tournament this tournament focuses on Fan focused Esports competition Featuring seven Italian football teams This will also incorporate the E-football partner clubs youth players And professional players with their fans The seven clubs featured our AC Milan AC Monza as Roma at Atlanta BC FC International Milano SS Lazio and SSC Napoli

The qualifications for selection for the Club's representative squads will take Place in stages between December 2022 And April 2023. the Kappa e football Italia will have an offline Grand finals Weekend at Napoli Comic-Con on the last Weekend of April 2023. Kappa e football Italia will be Documented through their YouTube channel With analysis and highlight videos so be Sure to stay tuned there if you're Interested I'm Stella Chung and that was your Weekly fix we'll be back here next Saturday with more of the biggest gaming And entertainment news of the week see You then

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