Why this game is a 10 #pentiment #gaming #review #shorts

Hey we at IGN just gave this game a 10 Out of 10. this is pentimen the passion Project from one of the devs of Fallout New Vegas it's a narrative driven Detective Thriller game that takes place In a late medieval setting you play as Andreas Mahler an aspiring artist who Quickly finds himself embroiled in a Macabre conspiracy that delves into the Shrouded past of The Rustic town of Tassing your job is to solve the mystery At hand within the limited time that you Are given anytime you ask a question Time progresses you won't have time to Ask every question to every single Person so you got to make sure your Questions count there's no combat or Traditional puzzles in this game and Although it may sound simple it's core Detective mechanics are executed Masterfully the writing's on point the World building is gorgeously realized And the Mystery at the center of it all Is engrossing and oh so complex medieval History fans and mystery fans cannot Miss this one it's available on Steam And Xbox now check it out

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