Why Kratos doesn’t get to wield Mjölnir in Ragnarok #godofwar #godofwarragnarok #gaming #shorts

Thor's hammer seemed like a pretty solid Cool thing to align with Ragnarok you Know Kratos has kind of a track record Of stealing God weapons and then using Them himself and he never uses it why He's got the ax yeah I mean ax was made To be the counter to it almost like the Good and evil weapon so I'll also be Completely honest I'll tell you what I Told the team to me it was too easy it Was expected they could understand it They could think about it it wasn't Going to surprise but the weapon that Was going to surprise was the weapon That we gave him if you think about his Weapons like they've been bestowed upon Him his core weapons like the blades you Know they're pulled out of you know the River of lava and dropped into his hands Like the ax is bestowed to him by his Wife so when that spear is made it's for Him he has his blood in it

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