Why Brother Blood is the Perfect Villain for Titans Season 4

Titans is back with new villains and storylines for the main remaining Titans. HBO Max debuted the DC Titans with a more magical bent to come along in Titans season 4. DC Comics Titans issues show the history that could guide characters in Titans S4. Titans, DC Comics’ “younger” show has dealt with a lot of growing pains but seems to be finding its footing beyond Titans Season 3. DC Comics and the DC Universe in general have a long history of this organization and the HBO Max series is finally bringing the Church of Blood to live action.
Joseph Morgan, Brother Blood actor, has a pretty mysterious role and origin, but we know the history that’ll come to Titans Season 4. Brother Blood goes back centuries, but which one is he? Which Brother Blood? Titans is treading a dark DC Comics history, but it seems Joseph Morgan is up for the challenge with his interpretation in Titans Season 4. Villains like Mother Mayhem, Lex Luthor, and Jinx have roles to play too- and what about comic history with Raven? Brother Blood has been very interested in her, going back to the Brother Blood origin issues in the 1980s, and the Brother Blood/ Teen Titans clash runs deep.
Which version is this Brother Blood? DC has a few takes on the Brother Blood story, so we’ve got options for the Titans Brother Blood adaptation. Watch more to learn all about the Titans Season 4 villain!

[Music] Titans is back for season four on HBO Max and while we've gotten a pretty good Look at the new characters and costumes We still don't know who they really are Who are you well except for Lex Luthor He's very well documented we already Know who Lex Luthor is and who he wants It seems he's caught up with the occult To achieve some ends and that ties in The long projected Church of blood the Main antagonist of Titans season four so Let's explore who this group is their History and what threats they pose to The Titans zero episode spoilers lie Ahead [Music] Brother Blood mother Mayhem and Jinx all Have history with the Titans in comics And animation so with that in mind let's Take a look at those three villains now And what they could mean for Titan's Future Brother Blood and mother Mayhem Are connected with each other through The Church of blood so let's talk about Them first the Church of blood is a Far-reaching centuries-old blood magical Cult that pretends to be harmless Despite the highly suspicious name the Church of blood is named after an event In the church's history over a thousand Years ago when a priest in the fictional European nation of zandia filled a pit With the blood of killed Crusaders he

Bathed in the blood and claimed it gave Him strength immortality and a few other Varying powers and he took on the name Brother Blood henceforth the bath of Blood ritual is a yearly thing that Renews immortality for Brother Blood Sort of like the Lazarus pits but you Just hop in instead of of die in some Comic incarnations it is not a bloodbath That made Brother Blood but a prayer Shawl that is thought to have belonged To Jesus taken from a man the original Brother Blood killed and who cursed him One of these options is more visually Striking than the other and in the Teasers that's all I'm saying The first Brother Blood was worshiped in The Church of blood for 100 years until His son slayed him then took on the Brother Blood title for himself and That's pretty much how the Cycles carry Forth new brother Bloods come forth by Patricide and title stealing another Interesting part of the church is they Worship Trigon AKA Rachel's dad and Brother blood serves as an emissary to The Demonic beings so when we say Brother blood is in Titan season 4 he Could be one of a few people who have That title most if not all of them seem To be named Sebastian Blood in DC Comics Continuity so that doesn't make things Any less confusing it is most likely the One we'll meet could be the eighth but

More likely ninth Sebastian as these two Have the most and first interactions With the Titans mother Mayhem or mother Blood is a high-ranking member in the Church she is the wife of Brother Blood And presumably the mother of the next Brother Blood she has a very high role And generally controls the cult members Gets them in line on board raises the Next leader and preserves cult Traditions Anna rezic is the name of the Mother Mayhem who is the mother of the Eighth Brother Blood while Mae Bennett Is the mother of the ninth the path that Show is taking with her and the entire Church for that matter seems to be Different from the comic Origins and That's okay it's an adaptation not a Carbon copy just keep these rolls and Vibes in mind when you're watching oddly Enough Brother Blood is considered to be Cyborg's arch enemy and since cyborg has More or less graduated to the Justice League in the dceu and isn't represented Here it's not clear who will be taking On that role but it's not hard to guess At one point in comics the eighth Brother Blood brainwashed Nightwing to Attempt to steal Raven's power the ninth Was also obsessed with Raven and hunted Her down to become his wife and have the Most powerful Church of Blood air baby Ever he eats the stone off her forehead And swallows it binding her so just hope

That doesn't happen this season it's Notable the Comic version of the ninth Blood has been a lot more vampiric than Any of his predecessors so this will be A good way of identifying which one he Is in the show is he biting someone's Neck that's probably number nine like a Typical vampire he does seem to get Empowered by biting and drinking blood Which was a real pain to deal with when He got some of super boys with Raven in His thrall he's able to open a doorway To a deep part of Hell which gets pretty Messy for earth eventually Beast Boy is Able to get Raven's chakra Stone out of Blood giving her full power of her own Abilities so obviously she banishes him To Hell instead unfortunately this Backfires because blood is able to Command the forces of hell and return to Earth but with more demons and even dead Former Titans to fight their former Friends I'm not saying they'll do this In the show but it did happen in comic History and there is potential here Thanks for watching and for more Titans Here is the trailer for season four and Don't forget to follow And subscribe to IGN wherever you like to watch

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