What To Play When Bored Multiplayer?

Looking for some fun multiplayer games to play when you’re feeling bored? Look no further! This article has got you covered. We’ll provide you with a list of exciting multiplayer games that will keep you entertained for hours. From action-packed shooters to competitive sports games, there’s something for everyone. So grab your friends, set up your gaming devices, and get ready to have a blast with these thrilling multiplayer options. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect game for your boredom-busting needs!

What to Play When Bored Multiplayer?

Are you feeling bored and looking for some exciting multiplayer games to play? Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of different game genres that are perfect for multiplayer fun. Whether you enjoy action-packed battles, immersive adventures, thrilling races, mind-boggling puzzles, or strategic gameplay, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to have a blast with your friends and fellow gamers!

1. Action Games

If you’re craving adrenaline-pumping gameplay and intense combat, action games are the way to go. With various subgenres to choose from, you’ll find endless excitement in the multiplayer world. Here are some popular action game categories:

1.1 First-Person Shooters

Step into the shoes of a skilled marksman and engage in heart-pounding gunfights in first-person shooters. Whether it’s battling it out in realistic military scenarios or diving into fast-paced arena battles, FPS games offer thrilling multiplayer experiences.

1.2 Battle Royale

Immerse yourself in a fight for survival where only the strongest will emerge victorious. Battle royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds drop you onto a massive map with other players, where you must scavenge for weapons, outsmart opponents, and be the last one standing.

1.3 Fighting Games

Channel your inner warrior and engage in one-on-one combat in fighting games. With a diverse roster of characters and intense combos, fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat provide thrilling multiplayer battles where skill and timing are key.

1.4 Hack and Slash

Unleash your fury on hordes of enemies in hack and slash games. Whether it’s battling mythical creatures or evil forces, games like Diablo and God of War offer epic multiplayer adventures filled with fast-paced combat and exciting loot drops.

1.5 Platformers

Embark on exciting platforming adventures with friends in multiplayer platformer games. From classic titles like Super Mario 3D World to indie gems like Overcooked, these games offer cooperative challenges where teamwork and coordination are essential to overcome obstacles and reach the goal.

What To Play When Bored Multiplayer?

2. Adventure Games

If you’re a fan of immersive storytelling and thrilling quests, adventure games will keep you engaged for hours on end. Here are some popular adventure game categories:

2.1 Open World

Explore vast, immersive worlds with friends in open-world adventure games. From the breathtaking landscapes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the sprawling cities of Grand Theft Auto Online, these games offer endless opportunities for exploration, questing, and multiplayer fun.

2.2 Point-and-Click

Unravel mysteries and solve puzzles together in point-and-click adventure games. Whether you’re investigating crimes in Detective Pikachu or uncovering ancient secrets in The Secret of Monkey Island, these games provide immersive narratives and cooperative gameplay.

2.3 Survival

Test your survival skills and overcome challenging environments in multiplayer survival games. From the zombie-infested world of DayZ to the unforgiving wilderness of ARK: Survival Evolved, these games require strategic cooperation and resource management to thrive in harsh conditions.

2.4 Role-Playing

Enter fantastical realms and immerse yourself in epic stories with friends in role-playing games. From the magical world of World of Warcraft to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 76, these games offer cooperative quests, character customization, and exciting multiplayer experiences.

3. Racing Games

Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed through tracks and compete against friends in multiplayer racing games. Here are some popular racing game categories:

3.1 Arcade Racing

Experience fast and furious racing action in arcade racing games. From the high-octane thrills of Mario Kart to the realistic street racing of the Need for Speed series, these games offer enjoyable multiplayer competitions with power-ups, shortcuts, and intense speed.

3.2 Realistic Simulation

If you prefer a more authentic racing experience, dive into realistic simulation racing games. From the precision driving of the Gran Turismo series to the Formula 1 races in the F1 series, these games provide multiplayer races that require skill, strategy, and technical knowledge.

3.3 Kart Racing

Get behind the wheel of zany, over-the-top vehicles in kart racing games. From the classic fun of Crash Team Racing to the wild tracks of Sonic & All-Stars Racing, kart racing games offer chaotic multiplayer battles filled with power-ups and hilarious moments.

3.4 Motorcycle Racing

Speed into action on two wheels and compete against friends in multiplayer motorcycle racing games. From the exhilarating races of the MotoGP series to the intense off-road challenges of the MXGP series, motorcycle racing games provide thrilling multiplayer experiences for adrenaline junkies.

What To Play When Bored Multiplayer?

4. Sports Games

If you’re a fan of competitive sports and want to test your skills against friends, multiplayer sports games are the answer. Here are some popular sports game categories:

4.1 Football

Take to the virtual field and compete in multiplayer football games. From the FIFA series to Pro Evolution Soccer, these games offer realistic gameplay, team-based strategies, and exciting online multiplayer matches.

4.2 Basketball

Shoot hoops and show off your skills in multiplayer basketball games. Whether it’s the NBA 2K series or the fast-paced arcade action of NBA Jam, basketball games provide multiplayer fun with intense matches and skill-based gameplay.

4.3 Tennis

Serve, volley, and smash your way to victory in multiplayer tennis games. From the realistic gameplay of the Top Spin series to the lighthearted fun of Mario Tennis, tennis games offer multiplayer tournaments and thrilling matches.

4.4 Golf

Hit the fairways and sink putts with friends in multiplayer golf games. From the realistic simulations of the PGA Tour series to the quirky challenges of Everybody’s Golf, golf games provide multiplayer competitions on beautifully designed courses.

5. Puzzle Games

If you enjoy exercising your brain and solving challenging puzzles, multiplayer puzzle games are a great choice. Here are some popular puzzle game categories:

5.1 Match-3

Match colorful gems, candies, or other objects in multiplayer match-3 puzzle games. From the addictive gameplay of Candy Crush Saga to the strategic challenges of Bejeweled, match-3 games provide multiplayer competitions where quick thinking and planning are essential.

5.2 Word Games

Expand your vocabulary and challenge friends to word games. From the classic crossword puzzles of Scrabble to the fast-paced gameplay of Words with Friends, word games offer multiplayer battles of wits and linguistic skills.

5.3 Sudoku

Exercise your logical thinking and solve number puzzles with friends in multiplayer Sudoku games. Whether it’s competing against the clock or challenging each other to solve Sudoku grids, these games provide multiplayer fun while sharpening your mind.

5.4 Physics-based

Tackle physics-based challenges and solve intricate puzzles in multiplayer physics-based games. From the brain-teasing levels of Portal 2’s cooperative mode to the creative contraptions of Human: Fall Flat, these games offer cooperative problem-solving and multiplayer enjoyment.

What To Play When Bored Multiplayer?

6. Strategy Games

If you enjoy strategic thinking and planning ahead, multiplayer strategy games are perfect for you. Here are some popular strategy game categories:

6.1 Real-Time Strategy

Command armies and build empires in real-time strategy games. From the legendary battles of StarCraft II to the historical conquests of Age of Empires II, these games offer multiplayer battles, resource management, and intricate strategic decision-making.

6.2 Turn-Based Strategy

Engage in thought-provoking gameplay and compete against friends in turn-based strategy games. Whether it’s the grand strategy of Sid Meier’s Civilization series or the tactical battles of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, turn-based strategy games provide deep multiplayer experiences where patience and careful planning are rewarded.

6.3 City Building

Construct and manage thriving cities with friends in multiplayer city-building games. From the intricacies of SimCity to the historical settings of Anno series, city-building games offer cooperative gameplay, resource management, and the satisfaction of watching your city grow and prosper.

6.4 Tower Defense

Defend against hordes of enemies and strategize with friends in multiplayer tower defense games. From the addictive Bloons TD series to the epic battles of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, tower defense games offer cooperative challenges and thrilling multiplayer scenarios.

7. Card Games

If you prefer traditional card games with a multiplayer twist, there are plenty of options to explore. Here are some popular card game categories:

7.1 Poker

Test your poker face and compete against friends in multiplayer poker games. Whether it’s Texas Hold’em or Omaha, poker games offer multiplayer tournaments, cash games, and the thrill of outsmarting opponents.

7.2 Blackjack

Try your luck and challenge friends to multiplayer blackjack games. Whether it’s classic blackjack or exciting variations like Spanish 21, blackjack games provide multiplayer fun with strategic decision-making and card counting techniques.

7.3 Rummy

Combine sets and runs to form winning hands in multiplayer rummy games. From traditional Rummy to the popular Gin Rummy, rummy games offer multiplayer matches, challenging AI opponents, and the opportunity to showcase your card skills.

7.4 Solitaire

Enjoy a relaxing game of solitaire with friends in multiplayer solitaire games. Whether it’s the classic Klondike Solitaire or the strategic Spider Solitaire, multiplayer solitaire games offer competitive challenges and the option to compete for the highest score.

What To Play When Bored Multiplayer?

8. Board Games

If you’re a fan of traditional board games, there are plenty of multiplayer options available in digital form. Here are some popular board game categories:

8.1 Chess

Strategize and outmaneuver opponents in multiplayer chess games. Whether it’s classic chess or exciting variations like Blitz Chess, multiplayer chess games offer competitive matches, ranking systems, and the opportunity to improve your skills.

8.2 Monopoly

Build your empire and negotiate with friends in multiplayer Monopoly games. Whether it’s the digital version of the classic board game or exciting variations like Monopoly Plus, multiplayer Monopoly games provide hours of fun and strategic decision-making.

8.3 Scrabble

Show off your vocabulary and challenge friends to multiplayer Scrabble games. Whether it’s the traditional Scrabble or online adaptations like Words with Friends, multiplayer Scrabble games offer competitive matches, word challenges, and the opportunity to showcase your linguistic skills.

8.4 Settlers of Catan

Embark on a journey of resource management and strategic placement in multiplayer Settlers of Catan games. Whether it’s the digital adaptation or online implementations like Catan Universe, Settlers of Catan offers cooperative and competitive gameplay with friends.

10. Cooperative Games

If you prefer working together with friends to overcome challenges, cooperative games are perfect for you. Here are some popular cooperative game categories:

10.1 Online Co-op

Join forces with friends from around the world in online cooperative games. Whether it’s battling against powerful enemies in Destiny 2 or surviving the zombie apocalypse in Left 4 Dead 2, online co-op games provide thrilling multiplayer experiences.

10.2 Local Co-op

Gather your friends for some couch multiplayer fun in local cooperative games. Whether it’s the chaotic cooking of Overcooked or the teamwork required in A Way Out, local co-op games offer shared experiences and the opportunity for laughter and camaraderie.

10.3 Team-Based Games

Coordinate and communicate with teammates in team-based multiplayer games. Whether it’s the tactical battles of Rainbow Six Siege or the fast-paced action of Overwatch, team-based games require teamwork, strategy, and coordination to achieve victory.

10.4 Survival Co-op

Work together to survive against challenging environments and hostile creatures in survival co-op games. From the post-apocalyptic world of Rust to the mysterious islands of The Forest, survival co-op games provide intense multiplayer experiences where cooperation and resource management are crucial.

No matter your preferences or gaming style, there is a wealth of multiplayer games available to banish boredom. Whether you choose to embark on epic adventures, engage in fierce battles, or challenge your friends in strategic showdowns, the world of multiplayer gaming is waiting for you. So gather your friends, hop online, and get ready for hours of fun and excitement!

What To Play When Bored Multiplayer?

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