Wednesday: Season 1 Review

Wednesday hits Netflix on Nov. 23, 2022. Review by Amelia Emberwing.

Wednesday introduces a whole new generation to the Addams family with creepy and kooky hijinks and an incredible performance from Jenna Ortega. Some tertiary characters struggle from weak writing while more interesting players are kept on the sidelines, but it’s not enough to bog down the series too much.


Nevermore was created as a safe haven For our children in the pantheon of Perfect casting Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Adams belongs alongside the Likes of Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark And Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier Netflix's new series Wednesday gives Ortega a creepy and kooky playing Ground That she makes her own with ease a few Bumps in the road notwithstanding I act as if I don't care if people Dislike me [Music] Deep down I actually enjoy it since it's not quite An adaptation sequel or reboot of The Addams Family series Wednesday largely Gets to create its World on its own Terms there's plenty of homage played to Charles Adams hauntingly hilarious Family with a sincere love for outcasts On full display throughout Tim Burton And legendary composer Danny Elfman Continue to go together like peanut Butter and jelly but don't expect Wednesday to be as extravagant as some Of Burton's xenior Fair it's trite but Creepy and kooky really are the perfect Descriptors here there's some delightful Gore throughout the series but there is Also a lot of fluff it's difficult to Balance the two but showrunner's Alfred Go and Miles Miller manage with a decent Amount of success Ortega's performance

This Wednesday definitely plays a major Role in that success given the Character's apathy and generally muro's Disposition it could be hard to bring Believable energy to the table however Ortega's ability to act with her eyes And the choice to save the few emotional Moments for when they really matter make Wednesday an effective main character And at this point we expect Gwendolyn Christy to be exceptional which she is But joy Sunday's Bianca Barclay and Emma Myers Enid Sinclair deserve honorable Mentions as well it's always a bummer When you're forced to give a little bit Of credibility to preemptive internet Backlash but the only performance that Doesn't work here is Luis Guzman it's Not the looks that folks were gnashing Their teeth over Guzman and the costume Department handle that just fine however Whether it's due to direction or the Actors struggling to talk around the Dentures he wears in character he simply Doesn't meet the Charisma requirements For Gomez Adams still Gomez and the rest Of the Adams Family are in Wednesday a Pretty limited amount so don't worry About this pulling too much for the Story what does pull from the story However are the characterizations of the Milk toast boys surrounding Wednesday Adams by no fault of Hunter Duhan or Percy Hines white Tyler and Xavier who

The actors play respectively are Absolutely the most boring Bland Sentient pieces of soggy bread since the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Harvey Kinkel at no point are the struggles or Obsessions around these young men Believable mean meanwhile while Sunday Does what she can with Queen Bianca her Infinitely more interesting story plays On in the background while Tyler and Xavier are front and center in favor of A dull love triangle that even Wednesday Has no interest in being a part of still Wednesday is quite the success it's a Fun silly and sometimes gory Introduction for budding young horror Fans who are looking for a step up from Scooby-Doo elfman's score is a stunner As always and the set design is just the Right amount of over the top butting Friendship first is a difficult Challenge for Wednesday to master but Her relationship with new bestie Enid is Believable and heartwarming but don't Tell Wednesday that Nevermore continues To be a place where the questions far Outweigh the answers Wednesday Introduces a whole new generation to The Adams Family with creepy and kooky High Drinks and the incredible performance From Jenna Ortega some tertiary Characters struggle from weak writing While more interesting players are kept From the sidelines but it's not enough

To bog down the series too much for more Creepy fun check out our exclusive Interview with a Vampire clip and for Everything else stick with IGN Foreign [Music]

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