Wednesday – Official “Nevermore” Behind the Scenes Clip (2022) Jenna Ortega

Take a deep dive into Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams’ new boarding school created just for outcasts. Watch how the vision for the gothic high school went from concept to reality with commentary from executive producer and director Tim Burton, showrunners Alfred Gogh and Miles Millar, Jenna Ortega, and more.

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You could love Nevermore it's a magical Place Nevermore was created for our Children to learn and to grow no matter Who or what they are Wednesday to me is Like the classic Outsider and part of The fun of the show was to create a School for Outsiders and never more just Really fit into The Addams Family World Nevermore is the oldest and the largest Boarding school where all of these Adams Family have gone for Generations you Sadly had a very interesting Built one strong enough to hold me Nevermore was established for people With special abilities but the main Clicks are vampires Werewolves howdy roomy you can find Sirens which in my opinion look the Coolest Gorgons There's a bunch of different psychic Type abilities And there's so much fun School rivalry What is the poker Canoe Race part for Chase Rules We definitely wanted to have the vibe of That kind of Gothic interesting place in The DNA of The Addams Family the school Uniform we knew was going to be striped And Tim wanted purple kind of oh ask and Then we'd have a more gray and black Wednesday version of the uniform Separating her from the other students Nevermore is really spooky dark and

Mysterious and the set design is amazing Regardless of the supernatural elements It was really important to Tim that it Would feel like a grounded high school And the characters in it needed to feel Real We want our students to be well-rounded I'd prefer to remain sharp edged One of the very early Concepts was Wednesday's dorm room the spiderweb Window which is divided between Wednesday's side and in inside Wednesdays is black and white and Enos Is like a rainbow vomited Everything was custom made we had the Giant fireplace Start an abominable snowman to the yeti The goggles the Timber and tree To the Statue of Ophelia in the pond There was hundreds of sculpted elements All over the place being really created This Larger than Life World Mark did a Great job it was very exciting to see All of the characters come to life in This fun school since I've been here I've been hunted haunted in the target Of an attempted murder Ah Nevermore I love you so

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