We Breakdown & Play with New Competitive Cards/Decks from Pokemon Silver Tempest – Let’s Play Lounge

Frosted Caribou returns and we open Pokemon booster packs from Pokemon: Silver Tempest & we breakdown the best competitive cards that are competition-ready. Finally, we introduce two new competitive decks from Silver Tempest in a Let’s Play and it’s all brought to you by the Pokémon Company International.

These decks are part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield line of Pokemon TCG and hold all your favorite Pokemon. Opening them was a blast and we were able to pull pokemon cards that were helpful in our Pokemon TCG Let’s Play. 

The decks we used were led by Alolan Vulpix VStar decks and the Lugia VStar Deck from Pokemon: Sword and Shield – Silver Tempest

00:00 – Intro
01:28 – Pokemon TCG Game Quickly Explained
02:38 – Pokemon Opening – Unboxing Silver Tempest Booster Box
08:43 – New Competitive Decks – Pokemon Silver Tempest
12:30 – Let’s Play 
37:31 – Sword and Shield: Silver Tempest 

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[Music] What's up everybody my name is Joshua Yale and I am IGN's resident Pokemon TCG Player and at the top of the show I'd Like to welcome back to the show Frosty Caribou oh thanks so much for having me Back I'm so happy to be here yeah I'm Happy to have you back and before we get Started I do want to address just at the Top of the show what I think a lot of People at home are probably thinking and It's that last time you were here you Beat me not once but twice in the games That we played so they're probably just Thinking that like I only invited you Back so I could get revenge which is Just no way this is ridiculous right Oh So for today's episode I thought we'd Have some fun with the new Pokemon sword And shield expansion silver Tempest I am So excited for this set it's going to Have some really cool cards some that Might be a little impactful for players That I'm excited to test out there's Radiant Alakazam or cards like for Sealstone that gives v Pokemon V Star Powers so I'm excited to play with them And we are going to open some silver Tempest packs that may be of value to Competitive players and then we are Going to play a game with Dex featuring New silver Tempest cards what do you say I'm ready for the rematch ready for the

Rematch okay so sit back relax and Welcome to IGN's let's play Lounge Presented by the Pokemon company International Foreign [Music] If you've never played the Pokemon TCG And want to learn the basics then check Out the previous episode of let's play Lounge where we taught Keith Habersberger how to play Oh My Gosh okay You've never seen something so tense in This episode we're going to explain our Decision-making process as we play these Competitive decks but if you still need A refresher on how to play the Pokemon TCG here are the basics each player Starts with a Pokemon in the active Position that they use to battle while Building up a bench of up to five other Pokemon You can evolve your Pokemon power them Up with energy cards use trainer cards To give you the edge and then attack Your way to Victory as for how to win a Game starts with each player setting Aside six prize cards the first person To take all of them is the Victor Knocking out a Pokemon lets you claim One to three prize cards depending on The power level of that Pokemon but There are some other ways to win if you Knock out all of your opponents Pokemon Or if the opponent runs out of cards and

Can't draw at the start of their turn They lose the game Foreign [Music] So let's start by opening this box of Silver Tempest I'm ready let's get it Let's do it start ripping away here Always feels like Christmas I think my Favorite thing to look at first is the Pack art oh yeah Appearance The new reggies We were just talking about it rainbow Rare So you were actually talking about this Earlier because this synergizes well With vika Vault video right yes yeah I Think it might go well together which is An item lock deck we could be seeing Some interesting plays there that boost Damage item locks you and a really tough Time to deal with if you're playing Against it that's for sure right because B only does 50 damage with that idle Mock attack but with this ability on Regilecki uh transistor it would do 30 Extra so 80 damage is an itemog that's That's pretty good okay that's tough That's tough to go against that's for Sure look at that sleeping fee bass oh Hey wake up taking a little nap it's Time to battle Get in the ring fee Bass Uh Lance

I do love just the cards that could Potentially uh make it into a Competitive deck the most Lance can go Into your deck and get any three dragon Pokemon put them into your hand that's Actually really good for the uh the new Reggie Drago V-Star deck which can use The attacks of other dragon Pokemon so Maybe this card might find its way into That deck oh snap here we go oh wow the Alolan Vulpix so this Lola Vulpix V is Is very notable because normally v Pokemon are fully evolved Pokemon this Is the first unevolved Pokemon V and V-Star we've ever had oh wow that's Awesome actually I didn't even notice That before but you're 100 right I know A lot of people like bull picks too ooh Oh look it's the fort alolan Vulpix V I Love that put it next to our other one Oh yeah buddies oh here's a really cool Card it's a new type of energy a special Energy card a v guard energy if you Attach this to a Pokemon it provides Colorless energy and it takes 30 less Damage from the opponents Pokemon v a Lot of Pokemon can only just reach a one Hit knockout but this would actually let Them survive forcing your opponent to do Two shots instead of an easy one shot or If you're playing the hisuin gudra that Is already reducing damage it reduces 80 Damage per attack attacking that on There would be oh wow

Yes it's the whole deck built around Damage reduction so that would fit Perfectly in there that's a good point Serena Serena that is a fan favorite Discard up to three cards from your Hands if you do draw cards until you Have five cards in hand so it's draw Support but the alternative thing you Can do with it switch one of your Opponent's benched Pokemon V with their Active Pokemon so it has gust as well so Cards like this are always really good Because they give you variation they Give you choices that you can make I Either need to draw cards with it or I Need a gust option and you have the Choice to do that Serena is definitely Going to be a card that sees competitive Play I wouldn't be surprised to see two Three even four copies in a deck because Something that could draw or gust up Pokemon Pokemon V that's very powerful Definitely oh look at this Pikachu oh Look it's like all the Electric Pokemon Together a little electric mice I love That the gang's all there Pika strike oh We have the duality of more pekko here On this artwork it reminds me of that Pikachu you uh he pulled earlier yeah Definitely oh I think these chain into Each other interesting so oh do we pull A Dedenne Yeah this is great so these cards all Work together we're piecing together

This set right now so if you use dead a Short that is attack that does 60 damage Oh wow so and then this one requires Toga demaru to attack first that's right Token tomorrow yeah tomorrow too isn't All these artworks sneaking in the back Is that why he's there wait and then They all combine on the Pikachu card yes That's so good I think we're we're Finding the secret the the hidden Secrets oh there it is So does 10 damage and has this cool coin Flip move but then all these say uh they Mentioned a specific attack from another Pokemon so if this one if you use Toca Tomorrow's attack last turn then you can Use this attack and it has a bonus Effect and then if you used Dedenne Steady short then you can use these that Also do a bonus I understand that makes Sense okay and that's why all the Different Pokemon are on each other's Cards the electric chain here that is so Cute and they all use lightning energy To attack oh my goodness we figured it Out The secrets of silver Tempest a mystery A mystery uh worthy of detective Pikachu Into electric Pokemon You were excited about oh yes the Radiant Alakazam the ability it's called Painful spoons That when you I don't want to hear Cereal and it's like you actually use

Like a rusty spoon and you're like ow I don't know but I don't want to find Out why the spoons were painful so once They're your turn you may move up to two Damage counters from one of your Opponent's Pokemon to another of their Pokemon so this is a different way Especially if you play spread damage Decks you could spread some damage Around and then just move those damage Counters with this ability and get the Extra damage that you need to take Knockouts as well uh I think it's gonna See some play and some unique damage Spread decks it's a perfect card for it Yeah well this is a card where you need To be good at math so that automatically Goes in the do not play pile for Joshua Got it got it [Music] All right time to get into our match Featuring silver Tempest Pokemon cards To start I will be playing the alolan Vulpix V-Star deck which you know uses This alone Vulpix as the main attacker It's a interesting attacker because it Has a very low HP for a V-Star Pokemon Normally they have 270 280. this is 240 But has a very strong attack to make up For it there's 160 damage for snow Mirage and then it has what we call Shred where it cuts through nefx on the Opposing Pokemon which is really strong And during the opponent's turn we

Prevent all Damage Done to this Pokemon By attacks or Pokemon that have an Ability and a lot of Pokemon have Abilities in this format so that can Protect it and so maybe that 240 isn't So bad um supporting a low envelope X we Have origin form Palkia V Star which is A very powerful very popular card it's a Great attacker in its own right and it's V-Star power the star portal ability can Power up a water Pokemon with energy From the discard pile it's a water deck So of course we're gonna play cards like Radiant Greninja the intellion engine Which searches out um trainer cards from The deck there's a lot of great water Support out there capacious bucket erida Melanie Nessa you name it uh well aware So you're well yeah you're familiar with A lot of these cards so really it's like The pre-existing water archetype with Alolan Vulpix as the new main attacker Oh so I see Joshua you're playing a Water deck this time I played the water Deck last time and now you are piloting It yeah I like it trying to use your own Weapon against you but what deck are you Playing well I am doing a totally Different brand new strategy that Involves Lugia V Star an extremely Powerful V-Star Pokemon that has a very Powerful move that is also very costly As well Tempest dive for four colorless Energy you do 220 damage and you may

Also discard a stadium play but there's Also this really interesting V-Star Power summoning star during your turn You may put up to two colorless Pokemon That don't have a rule box very Important from your discard pile onto Your bench why that's so impactful is Because we have archeops here so usually Archeops would have to be evolved Several times it is a stage two Pokemon But because of that summoning star vsar Power you can just pop it straight from The Discord pile onto your bench which Is so important because it has Primal Turbo once during your turn you may Search your deck for up to two special Energy cards and attach them to one of Your Pokemon so it can instantly charge Up your Lugia vstar and of course the Special energy we have a plenty of this Deck is full of them and we are going to Be rocking v-guard energy is a very Important one from Silver Tempest it Reduces your damage from Pokemon V by 30 But you also have powerful energy which Is going to deal more damage 20 more Damage to your opponent's active Pokemon So you have damage reduction damage Boost and then of course how do we get The archeops into the discard pile how Do we run the draw engine of this deck Chin Chino a little Papa chinchilla Coming into play here that is going to Allow us to discard either cards we

Don't need for our hand or of course That archeops into the discard pile draw Two cards for a little draw engine and Then the beautiful hyper potion we have So many special energy including double Turbo energies in this deck that we can Just pop off heal with Hyper potion 120 Damage you just dealt is gone I I want It to be good competition and um I kind Of hope to see a W for you Josh really You're hurting for me yes wow this is Great everyone's everyone at the table's On my side they should be I'll have no Excuse to lose Coin to see who goes first call to the Air heads or tails heads It's Tails all right things are coming Up Joshua uh I will go first sounds good So to start we're gonna draw a hand of Seven And select a basic Pokemon to go face Down in our active spot oh I did get a Basic me too okay let's set aside our Prizes six prizes good luck have fun Good luck let's do this let's do it all Right I have a sobble I did not start With a Pokemon that I usually want to be Starting with my little baby chinchilla There mencino I'm I'm going first so Draw for turn and I'll start by pinching Another sovel here I'm going to play Ultra Ball and discard two cards that's Gonna go and then I'm gonna get out the Star of the deck alolan Vulpix V

There we go if you've got feel free to Cut if you like all right I'll bench Alone full picks V attach a water energy And end my turn that is a pretty solid Stir right that's a bad turn I got Something nice okay I'm gonna start with A quick ball I'll discard another quick Ball actually so I'm gonna search my Deck for a basic Pokemon I'm gonna grab The Lugia V here so I'm gonna bench my Lugia V I will attach a capture energy Oh very nice just search out another Basic Pokemon and put it straight onto My bench yeah capture energy is easily One of the best cards ever printed Because getting off to a strong start in Pokemon is very important and just by Attaching it you get to get a basic Pokemon from your deck put it on your Bench uh and you've also got an energy Attachment it's a two in one it's great Yeah I think I'm gonna get another Mancino because I'm not feeling super Confident with this one in the active Put it on my bench here and then I'm Gonna pass you yeah I'm gonna wait on That all right take your time nothing Wrong with that I'll draw for turn all Right I'm gonna evolve my alolan Vulpix Into one Vulpix Beast Evolution already Oh I'm going to play professors research And discard my hand draw seven Okay that's two bosses orders to this Card now saw me hesitate there I was

Like I've already gotten rid of one now There's two I think there might be a Third one in there uh I hope certainly Hope so because I don't want to play a Game without having any gusting options And we'll play a capacious bucket to get Two water energy from my deck put them In my hand and I'm going to use Ultra Ball discard one and discard this to get Origin form Palkia V I'm gonna bench This Palkia I'm gonna attach an energy I'm gonna play drizzle and I'm gonna use It Shady dealings ability to get a Trainer card from my deck must be nice Getting the search through your entire Deck it is but there's also a lot of Like really small micro decisions you Have to make along the way making sure Feeling the pressure To get every decision uh correct Um okay we're gonna get a level ball to Get drizzle and use a shady dealings Where are you there we go and I'll get An evolution so you like to cut there's The deck for you and I don't have a way To switch out and launch an attack so I'm just gonna chill let's turn it pass To you all right draw for turn okay I'm Going to evolve into chinchino I'm gonna Have to make do here make something do In the third because uh this hand is not Looking the best I think I'm going to Have to make do the powerful energy hard To lose that have to so discarding it

Drawing two cards okay okay All right we're gonna attach for turn I Have another powerful oh nice so I'm Gonna attach here I did get a choice Belt as well which actually adds damage That I do to Pokemon V plus 30 so I'll Just put it on Lugia V for now and then I'm going to use Evolution Incense thank You for the make do getting me that card That I needed I'm gonna grab that Lugia B Star there it is the star of the show The V star of the show now there's still No archeops in my discard pile though so Oh so you can't accelerate yes we're Gonna see if we can pull something off Here can be difficult there's only two Cards left in hand What's it gonna be Joshua evolving into the Lugia V Star I'm going to Professor's research oh wow You really had me worried there Open cards wait a second hold up another Oh yeah I can make do first before we Ultra Ball I'll discard this Choice belt Also hurts to lose draw to you Oh my gosh okay Ultra Ball I will Discard two cards a double turbo energy Another Ultra Ball so discarding two Cards and I get to search for any Pokemon from my deck so of course I'm Gonna be grabbing the other star of the Show my archeops so I'm going to use Another Ultra Ball another Ultra Ball Discard the archaeus and discard a Lugia V as well so going in for another

Pokemon it could be any Pokemon here so Now I have to decide what other Pokemon Do I want to go for probably another Lugia but I'm Seeing something here Joshua oh We just discarded one I know I know I Mean I should have more Uh so I didn't think that would be too Bad but it's okay we're gonna put I Actually didn't even introduce this Pokemon but the irangaroo also makes an Appearance in this deck with that Primate wisdom ability allows you to Switch one card from your hand with the Top card of your deck so a little bit of Extra draw support as well or you can Make really cool plays that line up your Potential next hand if you get hand Disrupted with cards like Marnie or Things like that great card to have I'm Going to put it into play we can bring Out the archeops but I have no way to Switch out the chinchino let's prime it Wisdom do you want to cut the deck Josh Yeah let me do that let's see if you Come into good or bad primate wisdom big Big deal here Oh that's not what I needed oh good cut Good cut good cut good cut all right I'm Not gonna play that card yet so past you Joshua pass to me okay we both passed You know while we're setting up and Hopefully I can actually launch an Attack in this turn so draw for turn

Getting used to these decks for sure This is our first time playing so uh Play Evolution incense here we go to Grab what are we evolving in Italian Some more shady deals so I will evolve And you Shady dealings which this time Lets me get two trainer cards from my Deck I'm uh kind of telegraphing what I'm gonna do you've probably seen people Do this many times before I'm gonna grab A scoop up net and a capacious bucket And put those in my hand I'm gonna play The capacious bucket to get some more Water energy out of my deck put those in My hand I'm gonna play scoop up that and Lets me pick up this Pokemon put it in My hand and I'll re-bench that Sabo so I Can use this whole Shady dealings chain Again and then I will attach a water Energy there all Oh my goodness more cars I mean you can Really see the power of these water Decks though with so much support behind Them you can search out whatever card You want from your deck and irida lets Me grab a water Pokemon and an item so I'll put these two in my hand here and I Will quick ball away this energy to I Think we want another Sauble all those Saubles all right feel free to cut if You like and then I'll bench So low in Vulpix here and I'll bench That saw a full bench wow okay now Finally to launched my first attack uh

Sorry to Cheeto I'm gonna use snow Mirage which has 160 damage and it's a One hit knockout plenty of damage and I'll take my first prize goodbye Chinchino you served me well all right I'm gonna promote my Lugia star so my Turn okay I'm going to attach powerful Energy here for the turn and now I need To rescue this hand a bit I would love To use my vstar power to get two Archeops out but I don't have them man So let's see if we can make do actually First before that I'm going to primate Wisdom switching this card from the top That did help because now I saved that Card that I really needed and then we Are going to make do to discard this Quick ball draw this back oh okay we're Gonna have to do it we're gonna have to Use summoning star For our archeops here because we've Already attached return and we still Need another energy summoning star V Star Power brings out a little bird and You could get the cinchina if you wanted Yeah but the question is do I want to Add more damage output that you're doing Oh I'm like subtly encouraging you to Give you more attack power the answer is No okay okay that's fair yeah but that's What we was referencing here is of Course that Palkia does 20 extra damage With its Subspace will attack for each Pokemon on both players benches so she

Could get out an extra Pokemon but it Would give my Palkia extra attack power And I would take out this Lugia but it's Only non-roolbox Pokemon which means of Course this oh yeah has a rule box so The archeops is gonna be my choice here And of course that uses our V Star Power The summoning star which means we have To flip our V Star because we can only Use that once per game so now we're Gonna go in to the deck with this Primal Turbo that allows us to search a little Bit searching for up to two special Energy cards you don't have to do two You could just do one but you do have to Attach them to one Pokemon so I think I'm going to search out the one energy Card I do not have yet on this Louis V Star which is that v-guard energy I'm Not gonna go for two Because of resources that we have in the Deck so you are actually faced with a an Issue here because I am a lowland Vulpix V Star uh like we said while small has a Very Mighty attack snow Mirage Um on your turn when you attack into This Pokemon now it takes no damage from Pokemon with an ability and your Lugia Has an ability so if you attack as is You currently uh can do no damage so There are some solutions to this problem In the deck but I I will see if you Actually uh if you drew them or not well Not only that but also all of these

Special energy that I'm attaching you Just go straight through that b card Energy with the alolan Vulpix right You're not even guarding myself against This alolan Vulpix it stops my v-guard Energy but yes you were 100 right Joshua Normally in the circumstance because I Have an ability even though it's been Used I can't attack you but I have path To the peak oh no it shuts down ability Days of Roblox Pokemon which removes my Summoning star ability completely which Means I am hitting for a one hit Knockout of course that 220 plus a Choice spells plus 30 and plus 20 for Each powerful energy as well to take out That little Liverpool wow wow you got me Unbelievable surprise cards well done I Didn't think you'd have it you had such A small handy restrained for resources But you got it you got it we got there Eventually I have to promote a Pokemon You do yeah that's a part of the game You know what this is an alolan Vulpix Deck we're going to attack with a low And full pack let's go okay so I'll draw For turn and then I have the stadium Ready to bump your I was just saying It's important to point out this path to The peak also shuts down your star Portal it does which accelerates your Energy but now it's gone yeah now it's Back online Okay we are going to evolve this drizzle

Into intellion use Shady dealings search The deck here okay scoop up net and Evolution incense put those in my hand Okay and play The Evolution incense to Get a low in Vulpix V stars go ahead and Involve that right away here we go again And then I will scoop up net this Intellion and I can play that Sabo back Down so many saubles so many Savas and Another drizzle Shady dealings again for Another trainer card there it's a very Skill intensive draw engine where Instead of just drawing a bunch of cards And using what you get you have to Specifically go into the deck and like Uh you know very much precisely very Precisely choose each card to counter Your opponent but when it's a deck I've Never played before against the deck I've never played before I'm having a Lot of like chin scratch moments of like Ah do I really want to do that I see you Brought out all the stops here Joshua And I'm gonna grab a see what choice Belt and you're free to cut if you like All right deck is getting thin there it Is I keep taking cards out of it Um I'm going to use origin Forum polkio V Stars uh V Star Power which is the Ability star portal Which I can only use once per game which Lets me take three water energy from the Discard pile and put them on my water Pokemon in any way I like they're all

Going on alone Vulpix if you start Surprise surprise I'll use the training Court to take a water energy as well and I'll manual attach it to Palkia there And it's getting scary I certainly hope So Um let me see if I two shot you you will Get knocked out so I don't need to I'll Put the choice belt on this fellow down Here all right I think things are in Order for me to launch my snow Mirage Attack dealing 160 damage go straight Through my v-guard energy too so taking All the damage here that's a very Powerful attack it's got two very strong Effects yes absolutely okay draw for Turn all right I top decked a pretty Solid card not gonna lie if it's another Paths of the people you know I wish that Would be even better I'm going to have To bench another v Pokemon here this Will give you obviously I don't want to Add more damage to you but at this point I need a backup attacker because we're Taking hits So I'm going to manually attach for turn On this Lugia V I will put the V guard Energy here and then I'm going to again Use this archeops Primal turbo to search The deck for two special energy and Attach them to one Pokemon so if I do Search out two they have to go to on the Same Pokemon which is important to note So I'm gonna just go for one special

Energy and it is going to be a double Turbo energy which counts as two energy But it does also reduce your damage as Well yeah two energy for one card is a Good bar again so to balance the power Level of that you you do lose a little Damage off the top there honestly I'm Actually I think I'm gonna have to do Two of them we're gonna accelerate these Two double turbos onto my To the active but we're gonna play two Hyper potions [Laughter] This heals 120 damage but you have to Discard two energies of course these Double turbos count as two energies so I'm just gonna double Hyper potion here take both these double Turbos off of course the damage that was Reducing is now gone and I am fully Healed wow All that work my little vulpix10 I'm Trying to stay alive all right so now I Have to do some other things here Because I have one card in hand we're Gonna make do discard Evolution incense Draw two Oh still in a weird spot I can't do anything here To uh attack your alolan Vulpix V-Star Because you're blocking me with that Snow Mirage so we're just gonna attack And it's just do but I can still discard A steam and play so I will remove this

Training Court discard it so that you Can't use the next turn so we're doing Something I did really want to use that So I'm a little myth All right Okay well let's see well evolve the Sauble into drizzle you Shady dealings What a surprise once again going back Into my deck it would have been nice to Get another training cord out because I Know I played two in this deck but the Other one is the prizes I will get Anessa ooh more water support Joshua that deck is looking slim I Better uh defeat you quickly then yeah I'll just tap okay and then I'll go Ahead and play that Nessa put up to four In any combination of water pokemon Water energy cards you just car pile Into your hand I'm actually just gonna Take this one okay uh and put it on Palkia oh and I will use snow Mirage Again for 160 damage 106. okay let me Get that for you yeah thank you thank You I appreciate it we're two high Proportions down as well all right so we Still cannot attack into you so let's See what we can do here I'll discard an Air balloon to draw too Oh I don't like that Okay so I'm going to manual attach here To my Lugia V on bench with the powerful Energy to add some extra power there I'm

Going to use my Primal Turbo To not only attach The Special energies but also to thin my Deck as well because we're needing some Cards here So I'm going to attach a v-guard and Just do that one for now uh thinning Your deck is very important because the Process of slowly whittling down your Deck and getting rid of all the cards You don't need or don't need to be in There so that when you draw cards you're Drawing just the good stuff just the Good cards that'll help you and match All right we are still working with a Slim hand here but I did get a card that I needed which is this boss oh no I'm going to use my boss's orders to Gust up your origin form Palkia V Star That is looking pretty scary on the Bench might I add and of course as we Said before I'm hitting for 290 which is going to take out that Origin form Palkia straight to the Disco I just finished powering it up and two More prize cards as well wow okay Vulpix Is going back into the active there I can't do it all right for my turn I'm Going to attach energy to this drizzle And snow Mirage for 160 which is The Knockout on that very powerful but now Very um fainted Lugia should you start And I'll take two prizes I'm gonna

Promote my other Lugia here uh I'm gonna Draw for turn so this is Luigi V doesn't Have an ability it does not which means And I think I'm safe with just this Lugia me so I'm gonna Primal turbo Because I still of course need another Energy to use this big attack Aero Drive For 130 so I'm gonna start with grabbing An energy here I'm going to attach here From that archaeops ability and then I Am going to primate wisdom putting an Important card to the top here just in Case something happens oh okay so we are Going to aerodrive for 130 plus actually Plus my powerful energy so that's plus 20 so 150. 150 goes right through snow Mirage because you don't have an ability As you said yes all right drop return So you do go through my v-guard energy And also my v-guard energy doesn't stack Either so it's still no matter how many I have attached it only reduces one time I'm in a pickle right now let's see I'm Going to play in Italian and Shady Dealing see if I have an answer in the Deck here your entire deck it's just Your hands right now this really is down To the wire in a level ball if you take Out this Lugia I have nothing else So I will put these in my hand and Actually just play the level ball okay Get a drizzle I'll put that in my hand And then I'm gonna play this ordinary Rod I got off the prizes oh okay and put

Just one water back in the deck and I'll Explain what I'm doing here so I'm gonna Shuffle the deck and what I need is to Retreat this Vulpix and attack with this Italian oh Aqua bullet mm-hmm problem is Would you like to cut this is intense I Need to draw water energy off the top of The deck okay and here's how we're gonna Try and do that that's true because this Intellion is only worth one prize card So if I have no way to pull this Vulpix Back up I can only take one and then you Would hit me out next turn okay that's What I'm gonna try and do so I'm gonna Play Melanie okay putting a water energy Does it only go on to VIP only on V I Get to draw three cards One Two Three I didn't try it Um but yes all right I'm gonna put it uh Oh shoot well I suppose I can just try And and wait out A turn and see what happens air balloon Yeah I think that's all I can do oh Maybe you'll be stuck or something I Don't know here's another I'll play Escape rope okay so uh we both switch a Pokemon with our bench Pokemon you go First all right I will promote a Rangaroo big boy and I will bring up This drizzle one of my favorite Pokemon So this is me just making a last Desperate attempt to stall by forcing

You to send up a Pokemon that currently Doesn't have a way to retreat so I'm Gonna pass to you and hope you can't Retreat your turn well Joshua I have bad News oh no The card I put to the top just in case Any uh shuffling happens there is any More knees or anything was a boss's Order okay and my archeops here can Search out special energy and attach Them and I do have a double turbo to Attach to my oranguroo which will allow Me to retreat out back into the Lugia Bosses orders up the alolan full pics And take that last knock for game for a Game game knock knock who's there Boo's Victory again Joshua's pain and suffering Good game that was a great game this was Really close came down to the wire a lot Of back and forth and what I really Enjoyed is that all these new mechanics On a bowl and Vulpix B Star and Lugia V Star and Lugia V I mean not being able To attack into your lowland Vulpix as Well targeting down that palkeon bench That was very scary uh we didn't get to See the double archeops come out but That single archeops showed it's worth It As long as you have one as well I think The path to the peak was super important In this matchup which is obviously a car That people play pretty heavily now so I

Think this was a great demonstration of The new cards that we get to use from Silver Tempest especially the energies Too yeah it was really interesting uh How the v-guard really protected your Lucia I couldn't get my Palkia in there To do anything damage I had to rely on The snow Mirage which did a decent Amount of damage but you're able to heal It off double hyper potion double hyper Post that's a really cool play you can Do with the archeops the archeops being Able to bring out two energy one of them Which could be a double turbo energy That's incredibly useful so that you Played it very well which is very Impressive considering you've never Played the deck before but you know even Though I did not Prevail yet again you Got the dub I said a lot of fun and Thank you so much for coming back to the Show thank you so much for having me and If you want to play with the new cards The newest expansion from the sword and Shield era silver Tempest is out now at Your local card shop and I will Definitely need to be picking up some Cards so I can keep practicing and maybe Next time you appear on the show I can Maybe best you uh you know third time's A charm right yeah definitely Joshua I'm Rooting for you I appreciate it I Appreciate all the support you're giving Me


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