War Robots: Frontiers – Official Announcement Trailer

War Robots: Frontiers is a new multiplayer, third-person mech shooter in the popular War Robots universe. Unleash your fleet of War Robots, engage in epic 6v6 team-based PvP battles, explore a wealth of customization options, and smash through destructible environments. War Robots: Frontiers will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC with the Steam Early Access set to release on November 24.

Hey I'm zukata the creative director of War robots Frontiers War robots Frontiers is an online multiplayer Shooter where you followed a giant Mac And battle other pilots in 6 vs 6 Team-based PVP matches Anger is where you constructs your Fleece of robots weapons modules chassis Bodies everything can be switched at Will to fit your playstyle all the Different parts affect how you play and Fight bodies allow you to use robot's Signature abilities for instance the Ares body can cover itself with a wide Barrier that stops incoming projectiles While a bulgasare body gives your robot Access to bombardments of missiles your Chassis defines how fast your robot Moves how much equipment it can carry Shoulder hard points give you additional Weapon slots and further Define your Robot's silhouette Having a wide frame can be both helpful And detrimental depending on your play Style there's a lot to consider but Again feel free to experiment and find Your own path to Victory by the way each Part has different amounts of armor it Might be a good idea to aim for the Weakest parts to do the most damage and Speaking of damage The maps and Frontiers are very Destructive by tactically using the Environment you can discover new Vantage

Points smash into hidden passages and Generally shape the battlefield the way You need it to be the better you fight The more your Alpha meter feels when It's ready take control of the most Powerful robot in Your Arsenal to crush Your enemies Alpha requires some Coordination with your teammates to be The most effective but when you play it Well no one can stop you other than the Other Alpha perhaps There is so much more to see in war Robots Frontiers and we are excited to Finally invite you to explore the wild Channel with us we've got a lot of work Ahead of us and we'd love to hear from You whether or not we are going in the Right direction So we're launching world's Frontiers Closed beta this November it will come Out with one map 8 full sets of robot Details plus plethora of weapons and Utility for customizing your playstyle Even further then we're going to Gradually introduce more robots weapons Abilities and Maps while polishing Everything else according to your Feedback visit WR frontiers.com to grab The Pioneer pack with exclusive access To the closed beta and lots of goods on The official launch also you can wish List the game on Steam and don't forget To join world's frontier's Discord and Follow our social media to stay in touch

We'll be posting regular updates on how The development is going we can't wait To hear from you see you on the wild Turn

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