Underground Garage – Official Trailer

Underground Garage is a car mechanic simulator with a dark storyline. You can play solo or with friends in multiplayer mode. Repair and customize your machines, develop your skills and expand your workshop. Underground Garage will be released first in early access on PC then later for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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Deb is the car mechanic we need they Said and that was exactly what I wanted To hear [Music] So I started with simple jobs And I waited As they trusted me more I got access to Shiny toys Expensive customized showing machines [Music] I tuned them painted them added flashy Stickers I test drove those cars after I made Them lighter faster and stronger [Music] Huh But that's not why I did it with all the Hype and access I could reach the Bastards I was looking for And take my revenge Sure about that Deb What if she screws us up she already Knows too much Relax she's the best Cops run so yeah

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