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Wanna catch up on all the highlights from the past two weeks? From our deep dive into the trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, to Nintendo issuing an apology for the rocky launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, tune in for the Weekly Fix – the only show packed with the recommended weekly dose of gaming, entertainment, and esports news!

00:43 – Nintendo Apologizes for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Performance Issues
03:35 – Nintendo Issues Full Statement Over Smash World Tour Cancellation
07:22 – Callisto Protocol Explains Its Rocky Launch
08:31 – Microsoft’s 10-Year Deal With Nintendo and Call of Duty
11:08 – Microsoft is Raising Prices on First-Party Games
14:18 – Transformers Rise of the Beasts Trailer Breakdown
20:06 – Avatar Added “The Last Airbender” Due to James Cameron
22:28 – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Villain Design Revealed

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What's up everybody I'm Stella Chung and This is the weekly fix the show where we Round up all the gaming and Entertainment headlines you've may have Missed this week Nintendo has issued an Official apology for the poor Performance issues in Pokemon scarlet And violet plus Microsoft is planning to Raise the retail price of their first Party games because they really need More money in the entertainment World We're breaking down the trailer for Transformers rise of the beasts and the Design for an upcoming Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum Mania villain that has been Leaked kinda I can't believe I have to Say this again but it's news in time Foreign Widespread outrage from players Nintendo Has issued an apology for the rough State of Pokemon scarlet and violet at Launch and Promises the next patch will Fix the game's awful technical problems Nintendo issued the apology on its Support website alongside the Announcement a software update version 1.1.0 which aims to address player Feedback and Implement changes that will Improve the game it's extremely Uncharacteristic of Nintendo to admit Problems regarding their games so it Says a lot about how rough this year's Pokemon game launch has been the Statement reads quote we are aware that

Players May encounter issues that affect The game's performance our goal is Always to give players a positive Experience with our games and we Apologize for the inconvenience we take The feedback from players seriously and On working on improvements to the games According to the patch notes the update Will fix bugs involved with music played During the Elite 4 and top Champion Battles as well as other select bug Fixes will be made in addition to Addressing known issues the patch will Also kick off season 1 of ranked Battles Through the battle Stadium okay in all Seriousness this is kinda an Embarrassing display of patch notes we Don't have to wait long to see how much This update actually fixes since it's Meant to drop today but I doubt it'll be The fine-tuning this game desperately Needs Addie ranked battle is great and all and Fixing a late game music glitch is a Start but this doesn't seem to touch on Any of what's really frustrating players In any case today's patch is a start but Let's hope it's the first of many to get This game in fighting shape because Technical issues aside it sounds like Everyone's having a pretty good time With it on brighter news some new Additions to Xbox game pass have been Announced for the month of December and

There are some solid games to keep you Busy over the holidays On December 6th Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga will be free to all Game Pass subscribers and if you slept on This one earlier this year you're in for A treat it gives all three Star Wars Trilogies the Lego treatment and its Playable in couch Co-op so it's a solid Game to play with family members of all Ages if you want something a little more M rated there's metal hellsinger the Rhythm-based shooter which as the title Suggests is very metal and if you want a Shooter where the guns talk to you Instead of playing guitar solos high on Life is still on track for its December 13th release some other new titles Hitting Game Pass is the Indie action RPG East world this stealthy puzzle Adventure hello neighbor 2 the adorable Alchemy simulator potion craft and The Walking Dead the Final Season the video Game not the show To catch the full list of games and Release dates you can check out our Article on or just poke around On the game pass the organizers of the Smash World Tour announced this week Their 2022 finals and its 2023 series of Events were canceled following a notice From Nintendo that the tournament could No longer operate without a Nintendo License today Nintendo has issued a

Lengthy statement explaining the Decision to not offer swt a license to Host its future Smash Brothers events In a statement to IGN Nintendo Articulated its decision to deny swt a License was quoted as solely based on Our assessment of The Proposal submitted By the swt and our evaluation of their Unlicensed activities Nintendo further Clarified that quote any partner that we Grant a license to has to meet the high Standards we require when it comes to The health and safety of our fans it's Also important that a partner adheres to Brand and IP guidelines and conducts Itself according to professional and Organizational best practices we use This same approach to independently Assess all Partners if we discover that A partner is doing something Inappropriate we will work to correct it Nintendo's response comes days after Smash world tours organizer claim the Organization was told quote without Warning they could no longer operate The organizers revealed negotiations With Nintendo to receive a license to Operate Smash Brothers tournaments have Been declined even after Nintendo noted Swt did not infringe on the company's IP Swt organizers revealed in the blog post Quote our Nintendo rep open by letting Us know that they are being asked to Deliver the news that going forward

Nintendo expects us to only operate with A commercial license and that we would Not be granted one for the upcoming Championships or any activity in 2023 Nintendo would verbally inform swt Organizers that it was not asking it to Cancel its 2022 finals further Clarifying in its statement that quote The decision to cancel the swt 2022 was And still is their swt's own choice However making the decision to decline Swt and Nintendo license and informing The organizer they could no longer Operate their tournament and yet Expecting its organizers to not cancel Its finals and 2023 events seems Hypocritical what's more last year Nintendo made strides to enter the Competitive scene announcing its Officially licensed tournament with Panda Global titled panda cup in a Statement by smashable tour it alleged Panda CEO Alan bunny made efforts to Sabotage ongoing discussions between Smash World Tour and Nintendo impacting The tournament's closure saying quote They told us that they had been told by Alan the CEO and co-founder of panda That we were going to get shut down and Were not coming back in 2022 Panda globa Has since issued a statement in response Confirming its CEO did in fact act in Bad faith and said quote the panda Cup Team does acknowledge and regret an

Interaction between Dr Allen and Beyond The summon in which he spoke in a manner Which did not reflect either guidance From Nintendo or our own standard words Panda took effort to rectify the Situation immediately and in the second Half of the year a dedicated team made Up of multiple staff members were Assembled to manage panda cup activities And served as the primary point of Contact for event Runners removing the Possibility of future miscommunications From occurring Panda took effort to rectify the Situation immediately and in the second Half of the year a dedicated team made Up of multiple staff members was Assembled to manage panda cup activities And serve as the primary point of Contact for event Runners removing the Possibility of future miscommunications From occurring although Nintendo did not Request any changes to or cancellation Of swt's remaining events for 2022 it Remains to be seen what the company had Expected when it denied the organization A Nintendo license to conduct a Tournament according to the best Practices the company demanded its Partners adhere to moving on the Callisto protocol has had a rocky launch And there have been reports of Performance issues crashing and kernel Errors across all platforms now the CEO

Of developers Striking Distance Studio Has come forward to State the issues Were due to an error caused by someone Rushing on the job in a string of Replies on Twitter CEO Glenn Schofield Explained that at launch one of the devs Hurting to fix shoes loaded the wrong Patch file while this is certainly an Explanation many have complained that Scofield's comment throwing his Employees under the bus was in bad taste Many responded to the CEO's statement Stating that crunch time and rushing the Devs is completely under his preview and Ultimately a reflection of poor business Practice Schofield eventually changed His tune stating that I'll figure out How this happened but right now my focus Is fixing all our energy is on that in The end I'm responsible and accountable As of December 4th patches are live for All consoles that will fix most Performance related issues crashes and Frame rate drops the studio has promised To listen to player feedback and will Continue to share details on upcoming Improvements we finally have a better Sense of the future of Call of Duty as Microsoft has officially announced a 10-year commitment to bring the Franchise to Nintendo consoles In a string of tweets Xbox boss feels Spencer shared news of its commitment to Nintendo consoles following its

Acquisition of Activision Blizzard Alongside this news Spencer confirmed Microsoft will continue to offer Call of Duty titles on Steam treating the Franchise like it does Minecraft the Xbox Bots further stated that Call of Duty will ship on Playstation so long as There's a PlayStation to ship to with Reports indicating Microsoft has offered A similar 10-year deal to Sony to keep The franchise on the platform This is obviously good news for well Everyone specifically Nintendo console Owners as the last time a Mainline Call Of Duty title hit the platform was 2013's Call of Duty ghost it does pose The question what does Microsoft have Planned for the Cod franchise The commitment to Nintendo Steam and Playstation could mean a version of Warzone 2.0 for switch the steam deck or Mobile platforms back in October it was Revealed Microsoft was currently Developing its own Xbox mobile Storefront to rival Apple and Google This commitment would help build on Existing Activision Blizzard communities Shifting Gamers to its new Xbox mobile Platform and what better way to do that Than with the Call of Duty franchise Though the Activision Blizzard and Microsoft deal is being reviewed by the FTC and Regulators in the UK and Europe The two parties have until July 2023 to

Close the deal moving on Sonic's Co-creator Yuji Naka was reportedly Arrested again for alleged insider Trading just three weeks after his last Arrest but this time it involves a Final Fantasy game In a report translated by Bloomberg Reporter Takashi mochizuki from the Asahi shimbun knockout alongside other Former Square Enix employees were Arrested by the Tokyo District public Prosecutor's office for allegedly buying Shares in Final Fantasy 7 their first Soldier developer a team entertainment Incorporation the prosecutor's office Alleged the group bought shares after Finding out the studio was working on The game for Square Enix but before the Information was made public insider Trading the buying and or selling of Stock with confidential or non-public Information with the intention to make Money is considered illegal both in the United States and in Japan NACA was also Arrested three weeks ago for suspected Insider trading involving a Dragon Quest Tact mobile game and allegedly bought 10 000 shares in its developer aiming ahead Of a partnership with Square Enix guard Your wallets tightly fellow Gamers as Microsoft is joining The Fray and plans To raise the price of its first party Titles for its Xbox series consoles in 2023

Xbox is preparing to join other major Game Publishers in raising the prices of Its first party Nation titles from 60 to 70 usd Games built for the Xbox series X And S include Forza Motorsport red flaw And Starfield which will cost 69.99 USD At launch with other region price Specifics still unknown in a statement To IGN Microsoft conveyed its reasoning For the price chain this price reflects The content scale and Technical Complexity of these titles as with all Games developed by our teams at Xbox They will also be available with game Pass the same day they launch Xbox is One of the first company to raise its Prices Sony Ubisoft and K2 interactive Also announced its 70 price point for Certain games with Sony reporting Discussions of raising its prices even Higher As for console prices PlayStation 5 has Already been hit with a price increase And Nintendo is not ruling out an Increase on the switch in the future Microsoft clarified it had no plans to Do the same for its current Xbox however That sentiment has changed since October When Spencer publicly stated we've held Price on our console we've held price on Games in our subscription I don't think We'll be able to do that forever I do Think at some point we'll have to raise Some prices on certain things with video

Game development becoming increasingly More expensive over the years ongoing Inflation in the global market and Supply chain shortages also affecting Game console makers unit sales it makes Sense why a lot of major Publishers are Increasing their prices But how do you feel about this Trickle-down economic price hike are you Willing to pay more for games and Consoles come 2023 will It ultimately Affect what you play or purchase let me Know in the comments moving on CD Projekt Red revealed in a recent report It was giving cyberpunk 2077 The Witcher 3 wild Hunt treatment And a report by polish website stopwatch Sadie project red announced during its Investor conference that it would follow In The Witcher 3 wild Hunt's footsteps By releasing A Game of the Year Edition For cyberpunk 2077. although we have no Further details on 2077's Game of the Year Edition we do know it will be Released after the Phantom Liberty Expansion arriving in 2023 the Phantom Liberty DLC will be cyberpunk 2077's one And only paid expansion including hours Of new story content for PlayStation 5 Xbox series Xs and PC It's time to take a quick break when we Come back we go over how avatar The Last Airbender has been affected by James Cameron's Avatar films and we explained

The timeline of the Transformers series Regarding its latest film rise of the Beast see in a bit Welcome back a crew member of avatar The Last Airbender has revealed that when The show first premiered they were Running into some legal issues with James Cameron's Avatar franchise but Before air gliding into that the Official trailer for Transformers rise Of the Beast just dropped and we got a Full breakdown just for you let's check It out All right now in the Transformers rise Of the Beast movie we're getting the Autobot crew with Optimus Prime Bumblebee RC Mirage and will Jack all Seen in the trailer along with some of The maximals of making their live-action Debut with Optimus primal rhinox Chi Tour and air razor Then we also see the terracons battle Trap and Scourge make an appearance in The trailer as well now Scourge will Apparently be the main antagonist of the Film now for those unfamiliar with the Maximals they're Transformers who Disguise themselves as organic animals And in the Beast Wars series The maximos And their opposing side Predacons are Actually from the future of the Transformers timeline but due to the Leader of the Predacons Megatron named After Megatron wanting to change the

Outcome of the Great War Between the Autobots and the Decepticons they're all Sent to prehistoric Earth a time before The Autobots and Decepticons have Awakened to start their beef with one Another which we all see play out in the G1 Transformers series in that Subsequent animated movie where that one Autobot got the touch and had the power Y'all know the one I'm talking about Yeah Light our darkest hour Anyways hopefully that wasn't too Confusing of a summary but when you're Dealing with the Transformers and its Overall lore it's bound to get a little Hairy at certain points Now speaking of Harry we didn't see rat Trap in the trailer but y'all best Believe he'll be in the film likely a Reveal in a future trailer now he's been A fan favorite since his appearance in Beast wars and again in Beast Machines Now he's also Optimus primal's right Hand man so to not have him make an Appearance in the live-action movie Y'all best believe there's going to be An uproar amongst fans well That's just Pride Well I hope it's not just Prime I hope It's rat trap too anyways we also didn't See the leader of the Predacons Megatron Make an appearance along with waspenator And I think we're all living for the

Moment to hear him say this in the movie Rosary And I think we all want to hear Megatron Say yeah yes in a way that's both Unsettling and a turn on if that's your Kink I like you Yes oh that feels so creepy and yet it Feels so right yes anyways the film is Looking to really blend all these Different Transformers timelines which Will be interesting to see how they pull It all off Now Netflix's Transformers War of Cybertron Trilogy was a brilliant Telling of the Transformers story which Combined elements from the original Transformers Mythos with the Beast War Story to tell a rather unique and Compelling narrative with all those Characters now from the rise of the Beast's trailer we'll be getting our Fair amount of cybertronians both good And bad guys so it'll be interesting to See how the big screen handles it all in Live action As for the timelines of these movies Including the Michael Bay films from What we were able to break down from the Collection of Transformer films are the Following Bumblebee the movie takes place in the Year 1987 so it's a prequel to all the Previous films Transformers rise of the

Beast takes place after that in 1994. Now Transformers the movie has Flashbacks that go back to 1897 where a Wiki activates Megatron's navigational Device and he hones in on the Coordinates of the allspark damn with Wikis look what you did man anyways but That film the first in the Michael Bay Line of movies takes place in 2007. the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is in 2009 but were given lore that goes back To 17 000 BC where the original Autobots known As primes were doing Prime things until One of the primes decided to do some Evil Prime things becoming the first Decepticon known as the Fallen well Ain't that just Prime yeah anyways then We have Transformers Dark of the moon's Timeline in 2012 but we see visions of Occurrences from 1961 where an invention That is capable of ending the war Between the autobots and the Decepticons Crash lands on the moon then there's Transformers age of Extinction taking Place in 2017 but it opens with a scene That takes place 65 million years in the Past where these aliens cover the Earth With something known as transformium That subsequently kills all other damn Dinosaurs so that's how it happened go Tell the history books everyone anyways Finally we have Transformers The Last Knight which takes place in 2018 but

Takes us back to 484 A.D where Merlin Yeah you all know Merlin that wizard man Enlist the help of a bunch of Transformers just chilling to help him And King Arthur defeat the Sextons it's Not really their fight but whatever Anyway so you can see Bumblebee and Rise Of the Beast takes place before the slew Of Michael Bay films which is the best Way to do it in my opinion trying to Make sense out of the bay timeline and Justify certain Transformers coming back Would be exhausting now the Bumblebee Movie gave a new life to the live action Transformers films and Rise of the Beasts is shaping up to do the very same Especially with the introduction of the Beast Wars line of characters it's Exactly what fans of the 90s television Series wanted and we're getting it y'all Now let's just hope all our favorites Make an appearance now which Beast Wars Characters are you hoping to see in this Film and what did you think of the Trailer sound off in the comment section Down below and let's discuss Transformers rise of the Beast hits Theaters June 9th 2023. right now we're Learning more about James Cameron's Avatar franchise including an anecdote About how the first film's title Force Nickelodeon to make a change to one of Their very own shows that I bet you Could already to guess which one I'm

Talking about Avatar The Last Airbender animator Giancarlo Volpe posted this tweet where He mentioned how back in 2004 the Animation team had to change the name And add The Last Airbender to the title Because James Cameron had the rights to The movie and with the sequel to the Film entitled The Way of water I bet the Water tribe is likely shaking in their Boots with John Carlo saying they'll Riot if the third movie is called the Fire bending Masters which obviously it Won't be caught that Anyway James Cameron had been developing Avatar for a long time since 1994 so he Had the right to produce something with That word for a while Now regardless both properties are and Have been a hit amongst fans and Resonate with audiences across the globe To this day And it seems Avatar 2 is a hit with the Press as critics are already raving About the way of water The journalists have taken to the Internet with positive reactions Seemingly Blown Away by the depths of James Cameron's latest Masterpiece now I Know I'm using a lot of Flowery verbiage Here and Honestly I hate it because I haven't Seen the movie myself and we'll all have To wait and see how we feel about the

Way of water when Avatar 2 hits theaters December 16th and finally in less Flowery language The Rock's Black Adam Movie is losing his place in the Hierarchy of power at the box office With the latest DC EU film reportedly Standing to lose between 50 and 100 Million dollars at the box office now According to variety this is mostly due To the movie currently generating about 387 million worldwide since release Against a production cost of 195 million A marketing budget ranging from 80 to 100 million and theaters keeping around Half the ticket sales And with all that the movie will Reportedly break even at 600 million Dollars with WB disputing those numbers Now the superhero film did start off Strong at the box office earning 140 Million globally in its first weekend Now regardless of those numbers we'll Likely see the rock return as Black Adam To take on Superman which I think we're All excited about right now while we Wait to get a glimpse of modoc's Theatrical form funko's giving us our First peek at what the villain will Potentially look like in the upcoming Marvel film in a tweet posted earlier Funko showcase upcoming Funko pops and Keychains featuring The big-headed Baddie as you can see he's fully armored Almost looking like a golden variant of

Ultron That this particular take on Modoc is Likely his final form or his battle Armor as will surely see a big fleshy Face attached to that tiny little torso At least you know for the comic relief Of course if anything now the Description for the Funko Pop reads Quote explore the quantum realm but Watch out for Modoc he's heading out for Big Adventures as a Funko Pop floating Along on his doomsday chair anticipate a Universe of adventures with Funko Collectibles from Marvel Studios Ant-Man And the WASP quantumania now we Currently don't know who will be playing The mental organism designed only for Killing but if it was up to me I'd give It to Patton Oswald now he did a Phenomenal job on the animated Hulu Series and it's a shame it was canceled After just one season Now Marvel Studios has a track record of Making animated counterparts live-action Realities as we've seen with Captain Carter from the what if animated series Jumping on into live action with Doctor Strange too now it's totally conceivable To have Patton as Modoc and to his Credit he kind of already looks like him And just look at this image like he Clearly took his Rose seriously for the Animated series and he could bring that Very same depth and humor in the live

Action I'm curious to know who y'all think will Play Modoc in the upcoming Ant-Man and The WASP film sound off down below and Look forward to quantumania hitting Theaters February 17th of 2023. as Ant-Man crawls his way by Spider-Man Thrips his way onto the scene with this New image from Spider-Man across the Spider verse now along with this new Image which pictures miles and Gwen Sitting upside down we're teas that will Soon get a new view from across the Spider-verse coming December 13th now we Do know that this sequel aims to amaze Audiences with six different art styles And it will make a colorful Splash onto The big screen June 2nd 2023. And speaking of making a big splash Rick And Morty season six's finale is aiming To do just that come December 11th in an Episode entitled Rick National Mort Boons Rick Miss Mortication so weird they that's what They do though I know what their titles Anyways if it isn't obvious it'll be a Holiday special of sorts with Rick Delivering presents he gathered from Across the Multiverse from the promo It's hard to say if we'll get a finale As grounded as the fifth season but Whatever we get it'll be exciting to Enjoy it over chestnuts roasting on an Open fire

Does anyone actually even roast Chestnuts over an open fire I don't know Anyways Rick and Morty's season six Finale airs December 11th And that was your weekly fix we'll be Back here next Saturday with more of the Biggest gaming and entertainment news of The week see you then

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