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CD Projekt Red has confirmed that its Unreal Engine 5 remake of 2007’s The Witcher will be fully open-world single-player RPG. DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has confirmed that the new DC film universe will be linked to future video games that exist in the same canon. Developer Offworld Industries has announced Starship Troopers: Extermination, an upcoming fps for PC that’s inspired by the cult-classic 1997 sci-fi film.

Narz has it all on today’s Daily Fix!

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What's a fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix CD project red reveals More details on the long-awaited remake Of 2007's The Witcher James Gunn Confirms new DC films will be Canonically linked to Future video games And get ready to Lock and Load as a new Starship Troopers video game is on the Horizon let's get into it After previously confirming the original Witcher was getting a remake cdpr has Now stated it will not resemble the 2007 Version but be something more akin to The Witcher 3. Announced in its third quarter Financial Result city project red described The Witcher remake as a fully opened World Story driven single-player RPG built in Unreal Engine 5 that would resemble what Fans experience in wild Hunt although Cdpr reiterated it would be a while Before it could share more details Studio had Adam badowski expressed his Team's sentiments returning to the title That founded the franchise saying The Witcher is where it all started for us For CD projekt Red it was the first game We made ever and it was a big moment for Us then going back to this place and Remaking the game for the next Generation of Gamers to experience it Feels just as big if not bigger in the First Witcher geralt's Venture into the Temerian capital A vissima was broken up

Into different levels with players Unable to backtrack for the most part Once completed in The Witcher 3 players Returned to vissima but with limited Access to the royal castle in the remake Cdpr says the entirety of vcma it's Outskirts and so much more will be Connected allowing players to walk in And out of visma just like in The Witcher 3's free City Nova grad Considering it's been 15 years since the Original it's about damn time we get a Witcher remake and with modern day Technology and the PowerHouse that is Unreal Engine 5 I cannot wait to see What's in store for us from cdpr moving On DC Studios co-ceo James Gunn should Change his name to James fun as he has Now confirmed new DC films exist in the Same Canon as future video games As reported by Eurogamer Gunn was asked On Twitter if the studio had plans for The DCU to incorporate other forms of Entertainment into the franchise Including TV shows and video games guns Response affirmed the studio was indeed Looking to tie future video games into The DCU canonically the strategy is a Clear deviation from the separate Universes seen between Marvel films and Games Though we don't know if a crossover of Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam will appear In a game it's clear gun and co-ceo

Peter safran's eight to ten year plan For the DCU will incorporate more than Just films TV shows and animation and Finally it's been 30 years since Paul Verhoven's brutal science fiction movie Starship Troopers traumatized the minds Of many with the possibility of if we Went to war with alien bugs now Developer off-world Industries is taking It a step further with its latest Announcement of a new video game Starship Troopers extermination that Brings my worst fears to life In partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer products the cult classic 1997 Sci-fi film will be adapted into a Titanfall ping-like 12 player PVE first Person shooter for PC promising Squad-based large-scale battles against The bloody bugs that wreak havoc in the Movie players will choose between Assault support or defense class Troopers in the elite deep space Vanguard with unlockable perks and gear Via the game progression system build And maintain your defenses battle Against five different bug types and Survive the war against a race of giant Alien insects with the intention of Eradicating human life now thanks to Off-worth Industries we'll get to Experience the nightmarish reality Protagonist Johnny Rico endured Early Access for the game will come sometime

In 2023 but considering how brutal the Movie was I have high expectations for This adaptation I'm seriously hoping for A dead space like death sequences Obscene amounts of Gore and a level of Anxiety that mimics my traumatized youth When I first saw the movie Let it be known my cousin thought he Rented Super Troopers for movie night Yeah they're totally two different Movies And that's your daily fix for today November 28th download the IGN app on All your devices subscribe to the daily Fix on Snapchat for everything else just Keep watching IGN I'm Nars and remember To always stay fabulous

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