The Witcher: Blood Origin – Who Is Scian?

Here’s our interview with Michelle Yeoh, who plays an Elven swordmaster named Scian in Netflix’s The Witcher: Blood Origin, arriving on the streaming giant on December 25, 2022.

Set in an elven world 1200 years before the world of The Witcher, Blood Origin tells a story lost to time – the creation of the first prototype Witcher, and the events that lead to the pivotal conjunction of the spheres, when the planets of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.

Foreign [Music] Belongs to the ghost tribe and they are Very very skilled Swordsmen but they Only fight for honor and they are very Loyal unfortunately while there are all Three Kingdoms in the Alvin alphan world And they were warring against one Another trying to be as usual the number One and one of the the king of Centralia Tried to bring in this ghost tribe to Help him win but the ghost tribe don't Just just because you offer them gold And wealth they don't work like that They only work because it comes from the Heart and when they declined his offer He poisoned them skion is the only sole Survivor and she was rescued by The Raven Clan and While She Was Dead the Queen decided that she should be the Mentor and the master the teacher to her Daughter Isla but instead of teaching Her just the skills of the sword she Instilled in her the love of Arts the Love of music and I think that was one Of the biggest gift that Isla had was Through her voice she was able to reach The people and it wasn't just through The brutality and the viciousness of a Weapon Well the thing is I don't really compare Them because every single one of them Has their own place and uh it's a Challenge in different ways to bring

That particular character to give it its Own voice and meaning uh for skin I mean I'm playing an elf right I mean it's so Fun you get to put on the years and Those amazing tattoos that tell the Story of its own and those eyes that Completely transforms that you don't see Whether it's Crouching Tiger a warrior Or you don't see you know aging woman Who's trying to get her taxes done and You just see this very spiritual elf and That's what I love about being an actor Is like being able to step into Different shoes and find things that are Challenging and hopefully every single Time you find something completely Different so that you're not just trying To repeat the same things again and Again and it's boring for you too So I work very closely with a stunned Coordinator who and they are brilliant Right but like you say because Kian is An alphan and they are the ghost tribe So they have that that that name for a Very particular reason they move very Self like they are unseen and until it's Too late for you to try and react and You're dead what we tried to do was like How do we make a movements that are very Fluid but at the same time very sharp But here I think what the most important Skin is like the gel she is the gel that Brings her team together and all the Things that are done is not just a

Singular performance it has to work as a Team so the things is like how she works With fial and with Isla is like how they Move with and together so it's very it's The fluidity that makes this character And makes a style of fighting very very Different from like Crouching Tiger or Even uh Empress your show this it's like Your ABCs right you but you learn to Speak it in English or German or Something but you're still using the Same alphabets but in a completely Different way so this is how we try to Do it

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