The Witcher: Blood Origin – Official Trailer (2022) Michelle Yeoh, Nathaniel Curtis, Sophia Brown

Taking place in the elven Golden Era, 1200 years before the time of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, The Witcher: Blood Origin tells the story of seven strangers who join together to fight an unstoppable empire. Though they hail from warring clans, Éile and Fjall must learn to trust one another if they have any hope of leading this band of outcasts on their quest to topple the Continent’s oppressors. But, when gateways to other worlds are opened and a power-hungry sage unleashes a new weapon, the Seven realize they must create a monster in order to defeat one…

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This four-part prequel series premieres on Netflix on December 25.

Foreign [Music] Golden Era Before the arrival of humans and Monsters in the world Taking control of the entire continent Faced with chaos the people will always Choose order No matter the cost Seven Warriors Because Strangers to each other bound together To fight an Unstoppable Empire this is Earth under the Empire We need to rise up That's their thing My Beast has done well That's why I'd kill you for the crossed Paths again [Music] By the blade We have a chance if we do it together [Music] It's between worlds The Gateway [Applause] The end of our world is upon us We need to use it Beast against him We merge the creature's power with one Of you [Music] Come on Big Lots we're only just getting Started To the end to the end

[Music] There'll be no coming back [Music] [Music] You're a Bard I am a Storyteller I need You to sing a story back to life Are you sure you've got the right man For this [Music]

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