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CD Projekt Red has finally shared gameplay footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions, also revealing every upgrade coming to the next-gen version of the 2015 RPG. Striking Distance Studios has announced the contents of The Callisto Protocol’s Season Pass will have several player death animations locked behind a paywall. Studio Onoma, formerly known as Square Enix Montreal, announced that it will be removing several games from the App Store and Google Play Store, including Deus Ex Go, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, Arena Battle Champions, and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes.

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What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix we finally have Details on The Witcher 3 wild hunts NextGen updates some of the Callisto Protocol death animations will be locked Behind a season pass and the iconic Mobile game Deus Ex go is being shut Down for good let's get into it CD projekt Red has finally shared Footage of the upcoming The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for next-gen consoles as well As a ton of new features included in the Upgrade As CD projekt Red revealed in today's Twitch live stream Graphics settings Will allow next-gen console players Including Xbox series s to choose Between 30 frames per second with Ray Tracing or 60 frames per second without PC users will receive Ray tracing Extensive customization options and a New photo mode a keying to cyberpunk 2077s in addition expanded DLC Quest Based on The Witcher Netflix series will Include rewards like armor based on Henry cavill's version of geralt and an Alternative Alpha for this series Jaskier for dandelion also coming to the Upgrade is cross progression for Next-gen versions of the game allowing Players to share saves between PlayStation 5 Xbox series and PC PlayStation 5 owners can Rejoice with New haptic feedback vibrating the

Controller in different ways depending On when a player clashes swords or casts Magic major quality of life Modifications will also be added from Adjusting the left bumper used to switch Between different magical signs upgrades To the mini map and major improvements To those damn pesky question marks that Had riddled the world map the upcoming Update will also address Quest bugs Performance issues and a variety of Model revisions in foliage and Background features We won't have to wait too long for the Next gen upgrades as The Witcher 3 wild Hunt updates are just around the corner Arriving on December 14th moving on Ahead of its release date The Studio Behind the highly anticipated the Callisto protocol revealed today the Game will have several player death Animations locked behind a paywall Striking Distance Studios recently Updated the game's steam page including Season pass content that revealed Additional kill animations two new modes And extra Cosmetics that won't be Included in the standard 59.99 version Of the game fans who pre-ordered the Digital deluxe edition and the GameStop Exclusive collectors edition will have Their copy include the season pass the 20 Season Pass includes additional story DLC the outer way skin collection and

Two new bundles contagion and Riot Alongside 13 death animations contagion Will include the game's most difficult Mode with quote reduced ammo and health Drops a customized difficulty permadeath And another skin collection the riot Bundle includes 12 additional death Animations in engineer skin collection And a survival mode where players will Need to quote gather credits to upgrade Your weapons or Forge new ones and Survive the onslaught as long as you can In so if players want to experience all The Glorious ways protagonist Jacob Lee Can die and the black Iron prison Colony They'll need to Fork over some cash to Do so let's not forget there is an Achievement for seeing all of the death Animations in the game but this will Likely not include those locked behind The season pass we'll be able to Experience all the Glorious Gore of the Kalisto protocol when it arrives on December 2nd for PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 Xbox series XS Xbox One And PC And finally say your goodbyes to Adam Jensen as the mobile game Deus Ex go is Disappearing for good This video onoma previously known as Square Enix Montreal announced that We're shutting down a list of its games On IOS and Android the list of games Disappearing forever includes Deus ex-go

Hitman sniper the Shadows Arena Battle Champions and Space Invaders hidden Heroes starting December 1st the game Will be delisted from storefronts with Access to the games removed after January 4th 2023 in-game purchases have Already been suspended but items already Purchased can still be used though any Items not used will not be refunded Embracer group purchase Square Enix Montreal back in May along with the rest Of square enix's Western Studios and Announced last month the studio would be Renamed onoma earlier this month onama Announced the studio would be shutting Down just after a month with some 200 Staff members scheduled to be Transferred to Sister Studio idos Montreal And that's your daily fix for today November 23rd we will be going dark the Next two days for the holiday so we'll See you back on Monday download the IGN App on all your devices subscribe to the Daily fix on Snapchat and for everything Else just keep watching IGN I'm Nars and Remember to always stay fabulous

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