The Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger Gets Dunked On By a Wheel of Cheese In NBA 2K23

Cheez-It’s very own Cheez is back to prove they’ve got what it takes to become the next great gamer. Today Cheez takes to the blacktop in NBA 2K23 against The Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger. Was one week with NBA 2K coach, BeadDaBeast enough to get Cheez the skills they need to sink it from the three point line? Or will Cheez get dunked on?

If Cheez beats Keith Habersberger lucky viewers will have a chance to win Forza Horizon 5, NBA 2K23, Game Pass subscriptions, Xbox Gift Cards, a Custom Xbox Series X, Custom Xbox Controller, and all sorts of Cheez-It apparel. To enter, visit:

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Humanity was forged by conflict men Versus man man versus himself and man Versus nature but today will all bear Witnesses something new man versus Cheese this is G Sports Champion of Cheese presented by Jesus [Applause] Today's challenger please welcome Keith Habisberger oh hey hey how how would it Be happy to be here how's that down and In this corner please welcome back our Returning champion With the coaching tips of NBA 2K Phenom Bear the Beast I'm soon to be a Back-to-back champ actually is your Coach here because last week your win Looked a little bit suspicious I don't Know what you're talking about but of Course my corner man is here he's right There by that gaming PC the guy counting That stack of unmarked bills what's up Coach wait a minute what is he doing With all that money what's all that Money there's a lot on the line today Y'all now if cheese wins you at home Will have the chance to walk away with a Custom Xbox series geez now stick around To find out how how about me if I win do I get the the cheese Xbox that's cool if You throw the match maybe we can work Something out all right well I just want The Xbox today Keith and cheese will Face each other in a two on two game of NBA 2K 23. now we're keeping it very

Simple today for Keith of course the Highest score wins now big question is Who's your dream team Keith well first Of all I told you guys I have no idea How to play basketball at all I said Who's your Okay I'm gonna go with Harrison Barnes And Giannis Giannis who's Giannis you Mean Giannis maybe cheese who you got I'm going with some unknown rookies Kevin Durant and some guy named Shaq Never heard of him but hey I got the Skills no matter what enough talking It's time to see who got gay yeah you Ready cheese I'm ready okay uh just let Everyone know watching at home we have Keith in the black shirts we have cheese In the white shirts currently right now Keith has the ball come on Oh nothing but air Wow the alley-oop That's how you do it habers Burger how Does that make you feel she's got the First floor oh you just stole the ball Yeah it did now how do you foul somebody Oh you don't want to do that boom Shakalaka nothing but net right there Three points geez I gotta be honest your Skills are really grating on me Literally Hey while we weren't paying attention While our bats returned cheese Keith Scored a single point oh you really Thinking of the big cheese on the court

Finally a pun appreciator Look at all this tricky amazing like Basketball playing oh where did I go Oh Keith I was Elsewhere on the court Stop being a spectator you're in the Game play Go take it to the hole take it to the Hole take it to the hole No how did I miss the layup He doesn't score Balance Fallon hit him hit him you're You're there you're almost I did I found It you did it I found him you fell yes Again hit him again I may be the cheese but clearly he's Swiss because I'm putting holes in his Game I gotta be honest I'm feeling blue Cheese you're creaming me over here no Shack don't don't Shack don't don't oh Wow there we go Shack Cheese's number one pick Jack just Scored one point singular point so now We're currently at six just throw the Ball six to one she just stole the ball And they're about to follow you again Okay really good yeah yeah go go pass it To my guy and now we're going for three Wheelie wheelie hammers Burger ham is Nothing am I right we're currently seven To one cheese I've got plenty of shack Attack because I could provide my coach With those heavy Stacks am I right yes I I dig your rhyme Um excuse me I just scored a single

Point thanks hey and The Crowd Goes mild You got no skills but these punts There's someone writing these down Pretty good Oh wow the swish I need to get I need to Get two points I need to get this I need To get this here just back off everybody Just give me a chance just like let's go For a three pointer whoa no way way oh If I probably have cheese all you have To do is make seven more points so you Can catch up you can tie this whole Thing Let's try You keep those words out of your mouth Wow that was definitely a game uh but The only winner is This means the people watching at home Will have a chance to win by visiting I couldn't have done It without my coach bear the Beast Good game you almost had me once or Twice Keith I mean you almost had cheese Whoops he just said that he was actually Playing he's all the time we have don't Forget to visit to get a chance to Win fabulous prizes and of course he Registered for that sweet Xbox series Geez grand prize and remember always Remember you too Keith cheese wins [Music] Thank you

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