The Three Things That Needed to Happen in God of War: Ragnarok, According to Cory Barlog

The Podcast Beyond crew sat down with God of War: Ragnarok’s game director Eric Williams and went over details on what happened during God of War: Ragnarok’s planning with Cory Barlog, and the things that needed to happen to bring GoW to where it is now. Join Max Scoville, Jada Griffin, and Josh Du in our God of War: Ragnarok Spoilercast with Eric Williams as they talk about the three things that needed to happen in Ragnarok, according to Cory Barlog!

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Foreign [Music] Did the team know that Ragnarok was Happening was it like did you end 2018 Knowing that there was going to be Something afterwards or was this sort of You left it hanging and picked up Um well I mean they wouldn't most Definitely want us to make a sequel the Game did okay right so uh but what it Was going to be was still up in the air At that point and then the first talk Was like okay is it going to be two or Three games And then we kind of got to the point Where we were like I think we can do it In two and then Corey was very adamant Like hey I think two is the way to go I Think we can touch this up And then at that moment he gave me like Three things that had to be done And I said okay and now I said what are The three things he's like well Ragnarok's gonna happen the kids gotta Leave and Brock's gonna die and I said Okay and He goes do you know why Brock needs to Die I said yeah I remember we talked About this a long time ago that he's the Family dog and so like that's why and he Said yep And then that was it pretty much like And then the rest of the time was like Me just checking in with him like we're

Gonna do this How do you feel about it and he's like That's that's good to go so you Bookended the entire game with the Deaths of family dogs Pretty much it's not really a fan Favorite approach but sure go off so but I mean it works it works Metaphorically yeah

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