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Hello everyone Kim horcher here filling In for Akeem with your fix of Entertainment coming up the Simpson's Latest Treehouse of Horror is taking a Page from Death Note our very first look At the Prime video Fallout Series has Emerged From the Vault and James Cameron Has some strong feelings about how Marvel and DC heroes behave in their Movies let's get into it After 30 plus years on TV The Simpsons Has done just about everything but for One of this year's Treehouse of Horror Segments America's favorite animated Family is throwing the style guide out The window and going fully anime to Parody The Beloved series Death Note and It certainly looks Well noteworthy one of the segments in The 33rd annual Halloween special is Titled death tome in it Lisa comes Across a magical notebook that allows Her to kill anyone by writing down their Cause of death which is of course the Same premise of the hit Death Note anime Based on the equally popular manga that Turns 20 this year best of all the Segment actually looks like the anime A Simpson spin on Death Note would have Been fun and the iconic matte Greening Cartoon style but the producers went Above and beyond by enlisting Dr movie The Japanese Studio that worked on the Series that's being spoofed

An image was posted showing Homer and Marge's new look and sharp-eyed Simpsons Fans have already spotted cameos from Springfield regulars disco stew and Bart's classmates Sherry and Terry there Will likely be lots of Easter eggs to Pick out when the episode premieres on October 30th It's not exactly a high bar but Something tells me this will be better Received by Death Note fans than Netflix's live-action adaptation Hopefully they never attempt that again Ha just kidding there's a second Live-action Death Note in the works Anyway speaking of live-action Adaptations of beloved properties we got Our first look at Amazon's upcoming Series based on the universe of the Fallout games Posted on Prime video's official Twitter To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the First Fallout the image clearly shows a Trio of Vault dwellers watching as the Silhouette of a fourth takes their first Steps into the Wasteland while it's Possible they're stepping into the Vault The placement of the Pip-Boy and Holster Would suggest otherwise while we're Nerding out about details another Notable one is that this is Vault 33 According to the numbers on the back of The jumpsuits and based on Fallout lore That places it somewhere in the Mojave

Desert vaults 19 21 22 and 34 all Appeared in Fallout New Vegas which took Place in Nevada and California at the Very least all known vaults numbered Below 50 are in the Western half of the U.S The Fallout series is being written and Partially directed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy who were behind HBO's Westworld Reboot as well as the Prime video Adaptation of William Gibson's the Peripheral which just premiered this Month Bethesda Studios Head Todd Howard will Be acting as executive producer on Fallout and its cast includes Kyle McLaughlin Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins who's apparently playing a ghoul There's still no release date for Fallout but when we hear more we'll Definitely keep you posted between this HBO is The Last of Us and Netflix's Horizon show it seems like video game Prestige TV might be the next big thing The current big thing of course is still Superhero movies and Avatar director James Cameron shared a take on them we Haven't exactly heard before in an Interview with the New York Times about The upcoming Avatar sequel the way of Water Cameron explained that the main Characters have matured since the first Film took place and that they're less Reckless now that they've got a family

To look after a level of responsibility That isn't true of certain superheroes Cameron elaborated quote when I look at These big spectacular films I'm looking At you Marvel NDC it doesn't matter how Old the characters are they all act like They're in college they have Relationships but they really don't they Never hang up their Spurs because of Their kids the things that really ground Us and give us power love and purpose Those characters don't experience it and I think that's not the way to make Movies Whether or not you think that's the Right way to make movies Cameron does Have a point a handful of MCU characters Have kids but they're not exactly Putting parenting first Ant-man's a felon who spends half his Time in the quantum realm Wanda had a Psychotic break held a town hostage with Chaos magic and manifested imaginary Children to raise with her robot husband Hawkeye is a great dad when he's not a Murderous ninja vigilante or bailing on The family Christmas vacation to fight The Kingpin and Tony Stark might love His daughter 3000 but she's also Orphaned 6 000. Does responsible parenting make for a Better Blockbuster movie well we'll find Out when Avatar the way of water hits Theaters on December 16th and you can

Catch plenty more super powered child Endangerment and Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum Mania when it drops in February And now for the company mandated PSA rewards is now live and it's Free for everyone signing up gets you More than 20 perks and discounts that Gamers will actually care about like Discounts on Humble Bundle games the IGN Store and dream gear accessories there Will be new stuff every week also if you Become an IGN plus subscriber you get Free games and in-game content including A free map Genie Plus subscription map Genie makes cool interactive Game maps Like this one for God of War You'd also be helping to support IGN Shows like this one as a special launch Promotion IGN plus is just 29.99 a year For a limited time that's just 250 a Month That's your entertainment fix for October 26 2022. why did I say the year I'm Kim horcher if you need something Else to watch go check out our review For season one of House of the dragon And remember for all your movie TV Streaming and all-purpose Entertainment News you're in the right place IGN

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