The Santa Clauses – Official Trailer (2022) Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell

Was the night before Christmas and all Through the house not a creature was Stirring not even a mouse While the chimney with care in hopes That Saint Nicholas soon would be there Oh I'm Santa Claus It was different out there all those Kids turned into adults they stopped Believing and one was magic So for the good of Christmas I'm Retiring wow I didn't even know you Could do that I think we'd see what the Rest of the world is like as normal People I'm making a list of things I Want to do like meet a crossing guard Wow Sandra they warns you this is what I Look like here it's it's Dad me Put cocoa in it instead of coffee put a Little peppermint in there if you have That chop up some cookies and um Sprinkles name for the order Santa My job is hard enough The first time I'm going to spend Christmas with my family Santa is this When the last of the light goes out it Could be the end of Christmas I retired Too soon I hired the wrong guy I've got to go back to the North Pole Helps her disappearing those are Disappearing you should have led with That we're going [Music] Are you seeing this

Christmas is in trouble let's go now We're getting somewhere oh

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