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Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, explains how long it took him and his team to convince DC Studios/Warner Bros. to bring Henry Cavill back as Superman. The Rock states that Henry Cavill is this generation’s #Superman, and that it’d be impossible to kickstart a new hierarchy in the DC Universe with #BlackAdam without the most powerful man in DC, i.e. Superman. Warner Bros. could’ve obviously recast the role, but to be honest it wouldn’t make any sense to do so if we have an actor already established in the role and willing to return to portray the character. In other news, shifting gears to talk about the upcoming Twisted Metal series, season one will apparently be like the movie Zombieland, in nature. And finally, Harrison Ford is satisfied with the way the fifth Indiana Jones film turned out.


How's it going everybody Akeem here and In today's fix of entertainment news the Rocks fight with DC Studios to allow Henry Cavill to return as Superman how The Twisted Metal series might remind You of the Zombieland movies and Harrison Ford is pretty happy with how The Indiana Jones 5 movie is shaping up Even though he admits it was unnecessary Yeah let's drop it Now in rather crazy and unexpected news The Rock revealed that DC Studios Weren't initially on board with bringing Back Henry Cavill as Superman now here's What he had to say in a recent Twitter Post We have to Bring back the most powerful Unstoppable Force Of all time in any universe and you guys Know who I'm talking about of course That is Superman and that's Henry Cavill Um and you know at the end of the day The studio was not bringing Henry Cavill Back they in inexplicably and uh Inexcusably but we weren't going to take No for an answer this has been years in The making regarding bringing Henry Cavill back Um and years of strategic conversations And we were not going to take no for an Answer now in the Twitter video he went On to say how there's new leadership at DC which implies that the reason behind

The new decision in favor of Cavill Coming back is Superman went through Finally now he made a lot of points in That video stating how Henry Cavill is This generation Superman and that it'd Be impossible to kick start a new Hierarchy in the DC Universe without the Most powerful man in DC I.E Superman now Warner Brothers could have obviously you Know just recast the role but to be Honest it wouldn't make any sense to do So if we already have an actor Established in that particular role and Willing to return to portray the Character now it's rather crazy to think That there was initial pushback towards Henry Cavill returning a Superman and it Makes you wonder like what the former Leadership at DC Studios were even Thinking now with the Rocks grandiose Ideas for Black Adam having him Challenge the Man of Steel and James Gunn presiding over all of DC films and Television you know it'll be interesting To see where the DC Universe goes from Here say maybe like five to ten years From now now do you think we'll start to See a more interconnected Universe Similar to MCU is that even something That you'll want let us know about it in The comments below and let's talk about It Now in other new shifting gears to talk About the upcoming Twisted Metal series

Season one will apparently be like the Movie Zombieland in nature now the Peacock series based on the classic PlayStation video game franchise Stars Anthony Mackey as an Amnesia Outsider Who has to deliver a mysterious package To an unknown destination across a Post-apocalyptic Wasteland now speaking To us here at IGN senior producer at PlayStation Studios Carter Swann spoke About the style the team went for Pertaining to the series saying quote Zombieland's a good barometer if you Look at what happens in that movie as to What we could do their whole thing is You can have fun in the post-apocalypse So essentially the team is taking these Violent moments and making them like a Bit of a ridiculous fun romp which is Pretty cool I'm here for it and with Will Arnett confirmed as the voice for Sweet tooth you know we'll likely get a Lot of comedic zingers thrown in for Good mix now we can expect a twisted Metal series to crash into peacock 2023 And finally Harrison Ford is satisfied With the way the fifth Indiana Jones Film turned out now the team behind it Apparently did a satisfactory job this Comes to us from a new interview the Actor did with Empire where he said Quote I didn't feel it was necessary to Do another one I just thought it would Be nice to see one where Indiana Jones

Was at the end of his journey but the Actor did say he put that very hat back On if but a script came along that he Felt had the potential to extend the Character's shelf life now come on man What's going on here I mean this guy is Like he's he's 80 years old Harrison Ford needs to just freaking chill out And live off the millions he's made Decades in this career as an actor you You can rest now homie please make way For young blood my guy what are you Doing 80 for crying out loud maybe we All live to be that age and Beyond and And successful in our careers now we can Expect Indy five next year June 30th And that about does it For Your Entertainment fix for today I'm akima Watson thank you for watching now that You caught up on today's news please Check out our previous video download The igen app on all your devices if Everything else stick with IGN

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