The Old Way – Official Trailer (2023) Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Nicolas Cage stars in his first-ever Western as Colton Briggs, a cold-blooded gunslinger turned respectable family man. When an outlaw and his gang put Colton and his family in peril, Colton is forced to take up arms with an unlikely partner — his 12-year-old daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). Check out the trailer for this upcoming Western action movie that also stars Noah Le Gros, Clint Howard, Kerry Knuppe, Nick Searcy, and Shiloh Fernandez. The Old Way is written by Carl W. Lucas

The Old Way, directed by Brett Donowho, will be available in theaters on January 6, 2023, and on premium video on demand and premium digital on January 13, 2023.

Foreign How good a woman your mama was She took Colton Briggs the coldest Killer that I've ever met and she turned Him into a family man My mama's dead now [Applause] Foreign Coming in one way or another Tell me the names of the men who do this As long as that little girl is alive There's no room for vengeance [Music] You're protecting a killer From another killer Can you teach me how to shoot Oh dude put your hands behind your back A Brig special that Rossi My father wants you done I'll blow her Brains all over this Valley You ain't scared of nothing Briggs decides he's coming Grace is coming he's here sound like He's the one who's scared My whole life I'd seen fear in the eyes Of every man I ever met Let's do this the old way is my father Still a good man You boy up the devil [Music]

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