The New Black Panther: Did Wakanda Forever Make The Right Choice?

Wakanda has found its new protector. How will the next Black Panther carry on the mantle?

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Now sure AC definitely She was more fleshed out in in this Particular movie uh and we'll get more Into that in a second uh but you know What I wanted we want to check in with You the audience to see uh what you all Think uh about our next discussion point I did we'll kind of forever make the Right choice in choosing the New Black Panther now we asked you all who you Think will be the New Black Panther and 43 of you guessed right that shuri is Indeed next up surprisingly 35 we're Hoping for embaku now what do we think About this uh that is very very Wishful I am a I'm an embaku Stan harder than Anybody I think it would probably be a Uh a stretch of uh the imagination to Believe he would be the new black Especially when that they showed like That clip of the trailer of like of the Black Panther the suits like that is far Too tiny yeah no no we were talking About this uh before we started the Stream that maybe the image was just Stretched out you never know it could Have been embossed our whole visual Effects artists yeah put the time in but Baku did I'm sure we'll talk about later But he did get like a big step up in This movie so I mean there's something Well we'll get to embaku yeah but like I Sure he is the New Black Panther yeah That is the and it's The Logical Choice

It couldn't have been any other Character right right there's the President in the comics for sure he Becoming Um the next Black Panther and and from The the second this movie starts it Starts on her this is her story of Course she's going to become the Black Panther yeah that's why I kind of Thought she might not be whereas like Every other sign points to her like like You were saying there's a president in The comics for it she was extremely Prominent in all the marketing Um but at the end of the day it's it's Not a huge surprise I was kind of Thinking like oh they're gonna make like Nokia the next Black Panther but she Seemingly wants nothing to do with that I think uh and there is that moment There where she's on the stage you know Sure he has finally synthesized the Heart shaped herb and the camera kind of Pans over to Nakia as if like no way is That I kind of thought just for a moment Like are they gonna pull a fast one and Have it be Nakia but you know shuri is The character with the comic book Precedent with what the Marvel Cinematic Universe you know the pieces that it's Given us up to this point sure is kind Of the only person that makes sense like Yeah and it doesn't feel like a twist it Didn't feel like they were trying to

Like pull one over on us it was like Yeah that makes sense no it would have Been a Twist if it was if it was anyone Else like if embaku just walked in there Give me that I'm going to drink this Like it would have just like thrown me For a loop I think a lot of us for a Loop uh do we think it was satisfying Though like what was it like was it set Up properly like her becoming the next Black Panther I think that's the Strongest threat in the movie I thought Because it is entirely her accepting That mantle is entirely tied into her Progress through uh her grief and and And it's only when she comes to a point Of understanding of that grief that she Really kind of takes on the mantle that Understanding where she's at when she Starts being the Black Panther actually Kind of shifts by the end of the movie a Little bit she she kind of leans into Some of her worst intentions when she First becomes the Black Panther going to That big fight with tala Khan but uh but She kind of she kind of finds her her Direction with it uh by the end you Actually have a question for the group On in terms of her Arc because uh yeah She only she doesn't want to be the Black Panther at first then she takes on The mantle to get revenge essentially Um but before that uh she has like this Anger in her and it was very odd for me

It was sort of like weird for me to Watch this character who was the comedic Relief like the genius comedic relief in The first movie who's now the central Figure of a very much more serious and Dramatic film and like um I understand That losing someone like changes you and Has a big impact on you but when she Says to her mother you know if I think Of my brother too much like I'm Gonna Wanna you know watch the world burn like Everyone in it I thought whoa that is That is a dark place for her to go for With I don't think I don't think I Understood how she got to that point I Will say I think they explain it well With one of my favorite lines in the Entire movie is when in Baku actually Says to her I think it's something along The lines of you've lost too much to be Considered a child at this point and I I Think it's something you see on her Immediately like one thing I've noticed About her performance throughout wakanda Forever is that her face like looks more Like Sullen it looks like she's had a Year of grieving in and I think the Thing that I kept thinking throughout Wakanda forever was that like not only Are they dealing with the loss of this Really personal connection but like you Also think of people like raimonda who Has like the weight of the Kingdom on Her shoulders and sure he kind not as

Much as her mother but kinda has that so I actually was okay with how angry she Was and I think I think it's just a Symptom of grief Part of and part of me thinks I this is Obviously left up to it's open to Interpretation uh part of it could be How she lost to Chalo you know the fact That she would want to burn the world You know if she thinks too much about That part of me kind of thinks it's it's Related to how obviously we don't know What happened to the actual character T'challa in the movie uh so but part of Me just kind of like goes there that you Know obviously he was he was the savior Of wakanda he was the ruler maybe Something happened within that time we Don't know Yeah and I think they do say it was like An unexplained illness like maybe they Didn't get much external help from Outside of wakanda and maybe she's mad About that Yeah I just I would have liked a little More clarity on like how did she go from Being like a funny sidekick to uh Today more later in the movie he he Overheard her say that when he was like Creeping up on them from the from the Riverbed and he says like you know we Could burn the world together that's Like and I was like whoa is that even an Offer she would entertain are you taking

Me out yeah and it is and you know what I will say that it is a very very sharp Turn that this character has to take and It is a function of this this real world Thing that the production had to deal With using Chadwick it is the kind of Thing that maybe if they had their Chance they would have taken more time To sort of smooth out going from comic Relief to having the weight of the world On her shoulders that's one of the Things that I actually kind of I I was Willing to give the movie a little bit Of a pass on because like that is it's Hard it's hard to imagine having to deal With that yeah as you're in the middle Of here yeah

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