The Mean One – Official Trailer: Grinch Horror Parody (2022) David Howard Thornton, Krystle Martin

The Grinch steals a lot more than Christmas in this forthcoming horror parody/sequel to the classic Dr. Seuss yuletide tale. Terrifer 2’s David Howard Thornton plays the titular green meanie while Krystle Martin plays an adult Cindy You-Know-Who out for revenge twenty years later. Director Steven LaMorte’s The Mean One opens in theaters on December 9th.


Foreign [Music] Remember that story about Cindy you know Who when her Christmas was stolen she Knew what to do why Santa Claus why but What if I said that's not how it went Down You gonna be okay because we can turn Around right now no poor girl her mother Was killed in mind snap Did you ever find a Christmas killer Never got a reliable description of the Man Oh my God He is out there what if the Christmas Killer is back this This cannot go through another Christmas Killer thing not again us folks down in Newville we liked Christmas a lot with That vein that Northern It's not what is it The main Solution he's a mean one night mister I'm not gonna be a victim Time to roast this Beast [Music] You're a dead one mister

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