The Invincible – Official Environment Trailer

In the cryptic new trailer for The Invincible, take a brief tour of the picturesque landscapes of the narrative-focused science fiction adventure game’s Regis III planet and watch as something goes wrong.

In The Invincible, you are Yasna, a highly qualified astrobiologist sent on a scientific mission to discover what lies on the dusty surface of the uncharted, eerie planet, Regis III. When your crew disappears, things quickly get out of hand and the mind-boggling scientific phenomena that you experience throughout the course of your journey will bend your understanding of the difference between life and death, and force you to rethink humankind’s position as a pinnacle of evolution.

Life on reaches three the probability of Encounter the last recorded activity on The planet is zero zero and two In the only practical terms this means Less than nothing the composition of the Air here is four percent methane and 16 Oxygen the presence of methane creates The possibility That some form of life could exist here Yet despite these favorable conditions It can be argued that the land surface Of the planet is devoid of life Both in terms of herbivores and Predators in other words [Music]

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