The IGN Guide to the Best PC Gifts for 2022

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us and what better way to show someone you care than with some of the best PC gaming gifts around?

[Music] It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year And that means the PC Gamer in your life Is going to be putting a few items on Their holiday wish list well don't fret Because we've put together the perfect List of gift ideas for the PC Gamer in Your life even if that person is you go On get yourself something nice I'm Stella Chung and these are some of the Best gifts you can give this holiday This keyboard is one half of the most Important part of controlling PC games For purists and this hyperx alloy Origins is one of the best around it's Got those clicky mechanical Keys PC Gamers love and of course it has RGB Lighting on the keyboard itself but What's even better is that it has a USBC Connector so it packs up and travels Easily drop this one down the chimney This holiday season it's a winner If you know someone who's been extra Good this year and you want to make a Big impression consider grabbing the PC Gamer in your life this Razer NK gaming Chair this is one of our favorite gaming Chairs period and its styling and Comfort are in Perfect Harmony so what Makes this gift so useful well everyone Has to sit unless your recipient has a Standing desk so in that case you're on Your own I could only help so much For said PC gaming is a hobby for the

Thrifty but if you really want to be the Hero of the holidays grab someone a Steam deck somehow they made a gaming PC Small enough to fit in your pocket Provided they're those huge pockets and Jinko jeans from the 1990s at least but Still this is the ultimate PC gaming Gift to give someone this year so if you Can get one I highly recommend it here's A stylish throwback PC gaming shirt that Honors the past while also looking Vaguely futuristic even the most free Spirited PC Gamer has to wear a shirt Some of the time so not only is this Useful but it's also pretty sweet design Fun fact this was also on our holiday Gift guide for vaporwave artists not Really gaming has been known to work up A powerful thirst but getting up to go Grab a cold one is such a drag if only There was a way to keep drinks cold and Nearby and also that looks like a Vintage 1980s piece of technology oh Wait that does exist it's one of New Wave toys really awesome functional Miniatures it looks exactly like a Coke Machine from back in the day only it Sits on a desk and keeps two drinks cold Instead of hundreds listen trade-offs Have to be made somewhere that's just Some of the great gifts out there for PC Gamers but there are plenty more check Out our full Guide to the best PC gaming Gifts this holiday season at


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