The Elden Ring Player Who Beat Every Single Boss Without Taking a Single Hit Reveals Their Secrets

Last month, GinoMachino successfully completed a world-first run in which they beat Elden Ring without being beat hit once. In this video they talk about their their meticulous planning, the weapons that they used, and how they were able to finally take down Malenia and finish Elden Ring without taking a single hit.

Holy you guys I can't believe we did it I didn't think we're like I came into Today not confident at all dude twitch Streamer Gino machino has done the Impossible he cheated death well in Elder ring that is Most of us struggle to make it through From software's brutal difficult open World at all but Gino machino did it Without dying a single time and not only Did he never die he also killed every Single boss in the Lance between that's 165 in total without taking a single hit Foreign Months of planning and dozens of Attempts led to the perfect run last Month allowing the streamer to take a Sigh of relief there's a lot of relief Obviously I uh I was really I was really Focused towards the back half of the run So like for like four to five hours I Was kind of not really talking I was Just focused on the game making sure I Wasn't gonna like forget some little Enemy or something like that so it was a Lot of relief I had also been working on The run for like quite some time before That so it was really nice to get that Run kind of off my shoulders this is how Gino machino became the most fearsome Foe in Elden Rings the Lance between [Music] All these Gino machino is no stranger to Crazy

Challenge runs in from software games He's done no hit runs in some of the Dark Souls games and just days before Completing the Elden ring no hit run he Became the first person to beat Elden Ring using only bare Fists I I did just recently do uh that Barefist run where I was fighting the Bosses for like five plus hours at a Time and on that God skin Duo was really Tough I think I think a lot of people Have a hard time with that boss but Fighting them for five and a half hours Is pretty bad Thank you But when it comes to his latest Accomplishment there's no comparison Gino meschino said the Elden ring all Bosses no hit run is probably the most Challenging run he's ever completed Leading to a shocked response upon Finally finishing it Oh my God you'd probably be in disbelief Too if you'd poured as much time into Eldon ring as Gino machino has I think In Steam I probably have like I think It's like 1200 hours or so a month-long Buildup led to the winning run from the Planning phases to an estimated 80 to 100 attempts at the no hit run the Challenge was a true no hit run meaning If Gino meschino had gotten hit a single Time he would have had to start the game Over from scratch whether he took a hit

One hour in or five hours makes no Difference the Run would have instantly Been thrown in the garbage with the rest Of the failed attempts Gino machino says creating the route is One of the most challenging parts of Tackling a task like this you want to Fight the toughest bosses first in a Challenge run because you have the Highest odds of getting hit in the Harder fights why waste your time Plowing through the easier bosses just To lose the Run later on instead you Leave the easier stuff for later in the Run to take on once you've already Cleared the toughest fights like Millennia the godskin duo and Moog The the routing process I it took I Think at least two months to kind of put Everything together from determining you Know what build to use and what Strategies for bosses and there's like a Lot of really unique strategies that we Used and that there's a lot of stuff That we we found on that run that's Really cool so at least two months but Even up until the moment I got the run I Was changing stuff improving some of the Strategies and routing through the areas So like I said it was two months but it Was actually up until like right until I Got the run where I was changing things About the route he also had to develop The setup to use during the no hit run

Attempts eventually Gino machino settled On a setup making use of three different Weapons the serpent hunter weapon for Most of Elder Ring's bosses the falling Star Beast jaw to stun many bosses in The game and the sacred Relic sword to Knock down NPC bosses and clear out Large areas Even with all this planning Gino machino Says there have been definitely some Times where he lost a run five plus Hours deep to something unplanned There's a few times where you know I Take an extra step into a Boss Arena and Then the boss does something that it's Not supposed to and yeah I've gotten hit Like just just like you know one step Too far forward and it ends the run like Six hours in so there's definitely been A few of those so when Juno meschino Logged into Eldon ring on October 25th He Diving into just another forgotten Failed attempt but that's the thing About these challenge runs and souls Games in general you never know when Your next run could be the run for Gino Machino when that run past the six hour Mark That's when he realized it was Actually happening the boss in question Was the ulcerated tree spirit in Lim Grave Gino Moschino had lost to this Very foe before six hours into the Run In that field attempt he says he was

Standing just a few pixels too far after Entering the Boss Arena causing the Ulcerator tree Spirit to aggro him Unexpectedly but this time he learned From his mistake and everything went Just right The furthest I'd been before that was Approximately I think about six hours in and I I knew That there's a certain part of the run Where things started to get a bit easier And it just started to be more of like Cleaning up the boss fights because we Kind of like left the earlier easier Stuff for for later in the Run Oh and so once I got past the furthest I Had been before and I was like okay this Time we actually we have a good chance At getting it and I was pretty confident In all the um all the strategies we Developed and stuff yeah about six hours Is when I realized like this could Actually uh be it but after defeating The ulcerated tree Spirit do you know Moschino wasn't out of the woods there Were two big close calls the rest of the Way the first against electo where the Boss hid behind a rock to block an Attack and Gino meshino had to pull off A matrix move to avoid an incoming Projectile Oh my God the second was against the Round table night vike where Gino Machino's wave of gold Ash of war attack

Missed forcing him to reset the fight That's really bad But his initial gut feeling after Defeating the ulcerated tree Spirit was Right as Gina maschino killed the final Boss the soldier of godric after a Marathon nine and a half hour streaming Session Repentance Cough up your coin all of him Slowly enough Gino machino said that the From software formula didn't click with Him for a long time I started doing no Hit runs in Dark Souls 3 five years ago And it's actually interesting I didn't Really like the game when I first played It like I actually quit halfway through But what drew me back was when I saw Like a no hit run on YouTube and I was Like wow this is uh like this is crazy Compared to me fighting the bosses the First time dying you know hundreds of Times just like everybody else and and I Saw that and I was like wow that's Pretty cool And so I started to enjoy the games once I actually started challenge running Them a bit more and I guess I just never Stopped since then it's been a long time And he is showing no signs of stopping Anytime soon in the wake of his no hit Run and bare fists run Gino Moschino is Already working on a run of Elder Ming Without stopping at any sights of Grace

Once that's done he's got an ultimate Goal in mind too I don't know if I'll be Able to do it uh but I think my end goal Would be to do All bosses no hit without leveling or Upgrading any weapons and I did that Runs like that in Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls 2 and it just you know other Rings Got so many bosses it's gonna be that That's gonna be a hard run but I think That's kind of like my end goal like if I can do that then I'll be I'll be pretty satisfied I think

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