The Dark Tower: Adapting The Stephen King Multiverse Is Mike Flangan’s “Mt. Everest”

As a tower junkie I would be remiss if I Did not tell you that I absolutely Caught that Illustrated Gunslinger book That Dusty has well done uh can you can You just talk to me for a second about Why you keep coming back to that damn Tower and uh oh God like can we just Talk about what a Mike Flanagan Dark Tower movie would look like can we just Do that for like one second yeah of Course look I I have that conversation With myself every day it's my dream Project and I keep coming back to it Because I can't it has its own gravity I Can't I can't get too far away from it For too long nothing would be a bigger Honor or make me happier in my career Than to be able to work on that what it Would look like it would look like the Books you know I mean the thing for me Is and and no disrespect to to to the Film or or other other people's Approaches with adaptation but you hear The stories of like I when I saw the Movie it's like they're starting thing At this whole other place you know it's Like I wanted the first It would be a black screen and the words The man in Black fled across the desert And the Gunslinger followed would come Up on silence and you'd hear the wind And we'd gradually Fade up to this Lawrence of arabia-esque landscape with A silhouette in the distance just making

His way across the hard pan and we would Build it out from there in order to the End and and it would just be a question Of taking the more fantastic elements That might be harder to connect to Especially you know where it gets pretty Meta at midpoint and grounding it just Pulling it in but otherwise the Characters are are who they are the arc Is what it is and I think the the way Not to do the Dark Tower is to try to Turn it into something else to try to Make it Star Wars or make it Lord of the Rings like it's what it is what it is is Perfect it's just as exciting as all of Those things and just as immersive and It's it's a story it's a story about a Tiny group of people and then all the Odds in the whole world are against them And they come together it's like if as Long as it's that it'll be fine and It'll be there won't be a dry eye in the House is it a series is it a is it a Franchise of of feature films you know I Don't know it's it's it's all of those Things it's none of them it's it's a It would be it would be my Everest to do That but nothing would make me happier And God I hope I hope there's a chance Um I really do so we are we're all Pulling for you and I think if I think If uh we can take three Spider-Man in One movie we can take uh you know we

Could take father Callahan from the 70 Salem's Lot you know walking in because We can do that we're there we're there Horror fans are there

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