The Chant: First 14 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the gripping moments of The Chant, developed by Brass Token. The Chant is a cosmic thriller set on the tormented grounds of a new age cult, where unravelling the horrifying truths of the universe is a matter of survival.

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It can be difficult To know where to begin You may not realize it But you are sacred Add your voices It's working Let the cosmic vibrations flow through Your being Daughter Hand me the final prism take your place Has she gone Find her bring her back to me now Foreign Oh Get her She's trying to run Yeah Please In fact there is no time for this Stop her Foreign Foreign Call Kim Hey Kim Justin maybe we should talk about do you Know so yeah the thing you mentioned the Retreat I'm in Foreign Here Come here Spent a long time I've missed you How have you been Kim You know

I feel good I mean look at this place It's beautiful We've got a ways to go until camp Let's talk on the way up You've got a lovely hike To be good for you so I guess I know why You invited me I appreciate you coming Jess we have a lot of history you were Dying I haven't thought about it for a long Time but you always carried it with you I did but I'm finding a way to move on I Guess this place really helped you Honestly for the first time in my life I Feel whole Tyler is so inspiring I'm happy for you Kim I'm telling you Jess being here is Going to change your life Let's hurry up There's something I want to show you This way so what's Tyler like Tyler is like no one I've ever met he's A very special teacher who has such Depth he really understands me right and What's with the clothes we wear all White to help us focus on our unique Energy we have some for you back at the Camp Foreign Yourself on the tree Oh did you remember to bring the letter Yeah but honestly it felt a bit weird Writing to My Future Self you'll feel

Great as soon as you mail the letter There's a box for it up ahead Look isn't it incredible The views here are so energizing So what convinced you to finally come You always made fun of my spiritual Pursuits I've always envied your free-spirited Nature I thought this would be good for Me This is just the beginning you should Mail your letter That must be it I guess I can just place it inside Oh No no him Relax relax what's wrong There are flies everywhere here let me Show you how to calm your mind This is a trick Tyler taught me position Your body like this now breathe in Okay I do feel better Maybe this wasn't such a silly idea we Better get back to the retreat before Sundown So you asked me here to help you heal What exactly did you mean not just me Both of us I think we both need to heal I mean she Was your sister it must have really hurt Yes she was my sister but it wasn't my Fault I'm fine Kim just leave it alone Okay Jess Let's just enjoy the hike

Sage grows all over this island takes Him I'm going to show you a little trick Island is filled with natural wonders Let's get going Train here gets a bit rough what's with The bare feet Kim doesn't that hurt Shoes are forbidden in the retreat don't Worry you'll get used to it Just stay calm Kim you know I hate flies I told you I was going to teach you a Little trick first you need to find some Twine I still have to do Will this do now just wrap the twine Around the sage leaves Bugs hate it give it a shot disgusting Okay let's get going after you Don't put that out yet Okay I think that's it By the way what's with the structures Back there Tyler's family used to run a Commune in the 70s there's a lot of Awesome art on the island Kim don't you have a flashlight Fine just follow my voice Kim I can't see [ __ ] in here Okay Thanks for leaving me in there oh come On are we almost there I'm getting kind Of hungry it's just up ahead wait until You try Maya's cooking Foreign I told you it was amazing for once Kim This lives up to your stories

Let me introduce So welcoming Kim Don't get in over your head Hannah You must be Jess Everyone's excited to finally meet you Kim has already shared so much That is sunny And Maya Welcome to our humble Retreat I hope the Walk here wasn't too difficult Welcome I understand it took some convincing but We're so glad you came Is a good friend to you and That makes you a good friend to us I'm sure you have many questions But isn't that how our Spiritual Journey Begins Honestly I'm I'm not a very spiritual person We're all here to support each other Kim Truly desires to heal the wounds both Hers and yours yeah That's why I'm here too It's just a bit intense I understand Why don't you get settled in Get to know the others a little better Before tonight's session Go introduce yourself to the others then Meet me at my

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