The Callisto Protocol’s Glen Schofield Reveals Cover Art Inspiration

As part of The Callisto Protocol Mastering Horror roudtable, Striking Distance Studios’ Glen Schofield reveals the inspiration for The Callisto Protocol’s cover art.

Presented by The Callisto Protocol. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on December 2nd, 2022.

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Glenn how does the protagonist in Callisto protocol Jacob represent Helplessness for the player I mean he Starts off with uh well like any any Thing like that he doesn't have a heck Of a lot he gets a shiv from his friend Um but you know what it starts with the Cover right we we put him on the cover Helpless and uh it's a little inside we We were searching For something that I was like I want it Helpless I want him to feel that way Isolated someone came up with an old if You I don't know if you're not a Football guy but a y a tittle Um who is he uh uh quarterback for the Giants in the 60s And he's just on the field the game is Done And he is it's a probably a Pulitzer Prize-winning thing and he's just Helpless I mean he looks Beat and we're like let's take that and Turn that into the cover somehow so Um he in many ways like I I said he's He's in a snowstorm he's in a blizzard By himself he's uh he's going through Crawl areas you know all by himself Um and there there are times that we'll We'll open it up so you don't feel so Claustrophobic but we'll bring that in From time to time Um and then there are times You're going to go through a hallway and

You're going to just get attacked and The player's gonna die and we tell them Step back Watch What Happens Take a look at everything you've got Because Um it's it's not the normal way to get Through so at first the players feel Pretty helpless in some of these but we Tell them the tools are there You know you just got to think of every Encounter as a uh as a puzzle

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