The Biggest Game Releases of September 2022

Get ready to  fall in love with the games you’re about to play this month. Summer is on it’s way out while September brings a whole new set of games for you to dig in to. Here are the biggest games in September 2022.

The Last of Us Part 1 is making it’s debut on the PlayStation 5 nearly a decade after its release on PS3 in 2013, this time with a giant, 4K sized face-lift. If you’re looking for more video game remakes, look no further than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R, which releases on the same day. Disney is launching their own free-to-play Animal Crossing-like game and if this is your sort of thing, Disney Dreamlight Valley launches on September 6th. Both Biomutant and Steelrising are coming to the newest gen consoles this month with Steelrising launching on PC as well. On Sept 9th, basketball fans can play NBA2K23, that’ll launch on xboxes and playstations. Switch users can check out several new games this month including Splatoon 3, Bear and Breakfast, Return to Monkey Island. Don’t forget to check out the rhythm-based first person shoot, Metal: Hellsinger, out on Sept 15th, or Deliver Us Mars which is out on the 26th. There’s still so many more games to mention, including, FIFA 23, Valkyrie Elysium, Slime Rancher 2, Soulstice, and Hardspace Shipbreaker. That’s still not everything, we’ve got several sim games coming this month, such as Truck Driver, Construction Simulator, Train Life, Train Sim World 3, and Session: Skate Sim. Also at some point this month we are hoping to get Fortnite Season 4, so keep your fingers crossed for that one!

Beach Volleyball Is Increasing in Fame Around the World – Here Are Some Tips So You Can Join in!

Beach volleyball is a sport which is growing in popularity all over the world. Not only are people increasingly watching and following the sport, but more people are taking part and playing it.

A Career in Testing Video Games

Today’s discussion will cover the basic realities of getting a job as a game tester. Some important guidelines that you should keep in mind if you want to come out on top in this field are finally revealed today.

Top Schools for Video Game Programming and Development

Earning a degree in game programming and development should be considered by individuals who have a passion for gaming, and learning how games are created. Courses involved in these type of degrees usually include gameplay design, 3D graphics, stereoscopic computer graphics, contemporary video game platforms, multiplayer game design, game physics. Having a computer that can handle the necessary components involved in video game design and development would also be very helpful. The following list includes some of the top schools where students can earn this degree, and other related degrees to help them enter the video game creation field.

PlayStation 4 Launch – Gamers Look Forward To Great PS4 Deals

Avid gamers are looking forward to the Sony PlayStation 4 which is set to be launched in November 2013. While the company already has a huge number of pre-orders to deal with, people are still looking for attractive PS4 deals so that they can buy the much awaited console at the best possible price, considering that they might have to pay a premium when compared to pre-order prices. If you plan to buy the PS4 basic pack then you get the PlayStation 4 console, three cables (HDMI, USB charging and power), headset and the much in demand…

Majora’s Mask Remake For The Nintendo 3DS Highly Desired But Not Likely To Happen

As of this writing, there are only two classic NES titles that can be played on the Nintendo 3DS with the new 3D effects. Excitebite and Xevious are these titles and neither are very interesting to me in my personal opinion. The Wii Shop seemed to always be updated with something new to grab, but with the 3DS eShop, there is not much action going on there. One can only hope that these 5 titles make it into the Nintendo 3DS eShop redone with the special Nintendo 3DS 3D effects.

Benefits of Gaming – PC and Video Games

The general feeling is that video games do not provide any benefits to the player and especially so in the case of children. This article makes an attempt to list some of the benefits that gamers enjoy whether they are toddlers or grandparents.

Want To Be Finished Spending So Much On Video Games?

Video games are, without a doubt, one of the things that make life great! Don’t believe us? Have a look!

Five Benefits (Yes, Benefits!) Of Video Games

Video games are, without a doubt, one of the things that make life great! Don’t believe us? Have a look!

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