The Best Xbox Series X & Series S Accessories (Late 2022) – Budget to Best

With so many new Xbox accessories popping up over the years, we think it’s about time to update Budget to Best’s essential Xbox Series X and S accessories list a bit with some hot new items! This time, not only are we looking at Xbox Series accessories everyone can benefit from, but we’re also looking at some more niche peripherals for gamers who are looking for just a bit more out of their gaming experience.
Whether you’re looking for the best racing wheel when wanting to fire up Forza Horizon 5, to prepping yourself for ranked Street Fighter VI with our pick for best fighting stick, we’ve got you covered! Of course, we couldn’t forget about Flight and Space Sim fans with a new pick for overall best flight controller for games like Microsoft Flight Simulator or No Man’s Sky. However, when it comes to general gaming with a controller, there’s still only one top pick we think everyone would love.
Join us for this episode of IGN’s Budget to Best as Akeem walks us through some of the best Xbox Series X and Series S accessories just in time for the holidays!

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Xbox Elite Controller 2
SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro
Mayflash F500 Elite
Logitech G920
Gladiator NXT EVO ‘Space Combat Edition’
Seagate 1TB Expansion Card

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:45 – Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2
00:02:30 – SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro
00:03:50 – Mayflash F500 Elite Fight Stick
00:04:40 – Logitech G923 Racing Wheel
00:05:53 – VKB Gladiator NXT EVO
00:07:02 – Seagate Expansion Storage Card
00:08:24 – Outro

[Music] All right now we're jumping into the Best Xbox series xns accessories but Before we do that you're on budget to Best we're all about getting you the Biggest bang for your buck so how do you Get cash back Unlimited 1.5 cashback is just the Beginning earn five percent on travel Purchase through Chase three percent on Dining including takeout three percent At drugstores and 1.5 percent on Everything else how do you cash back Learn more at now let's Take a look at the very best Xbox series X and X accessories that money can buy This is budget to best Presented by Chase Freedom unlimited how Do you cash back Now upgrading from the core Xbox Controller that comes with your console To the luxurious Xbox Elite is one of The easiest recommendations we can make Now whether you pick up the more Affordable Elite Series 2 Or the original Customizable Elite Series 2 this premium Riff on the core Xbox controller has a Nice weighty balance and textured grips That somehow makes the already Comfortable Xbox Gamepad feel even Better in your hands it has all the Extra little customization options we Look for in a premium controller

Including interchangeable analog D Sticks and d-pads Trigger locks and the Ability to store and swap among three Customized controller profiles with all Your settings dialed in now of course The real difference makers are the four Removable rear paddles Which you can Assign to mirror nearly any button on The controller now the metal paddles on The series 2 conform to the back of the Controller bending along the edge of the Handle so they fit directly under your Fingers to give you a very Snappy Ergonomic way to play plus the Elite Series 2 finally puts the Double A's and Charge and plate kits behind us now it Relies on an internal battery that you Can charge via USBC or charging cradle Now you'll get up to 40 hours of battery Life on a single charge too so you can Go for a few days or even a few weeks Without topping it off personally I'm Going for the more expensive Elite Series 2 since the core doesn't come With the rear paddles alternate d-pad And analog sticks or charging cradle It's a bit pricier but you know it's It's the best option [Music] Now in 2022 steelseries finally did the Impossible it made a wireless headset That works with your Xbox and your PlayStation consoles now the company's New flagship arctis Nova Pro headset

Connects to two different devices using A small base station that you can plug Into your consoles or PC via USBC now That means you can plug in a PS5 and a Xbox series X or S and swap between them With a single button a landmark Multi-console achievement aside it's Also the best wireless Xbox series Headset hands down now it offers a Wonderfully Rich sound that's highly Customizable you can tune it to get the Deepest immersion or Superior Competitive performance now throw in a Retractable bi-directional boom mic Right here an active noise canceling and You're all set oh did I mention that you Also never need to charge it technically It features a rechargeable battery with A Stellar 44 hour battery life however It also comes with two hot swappable Batteries which you can charge in the Base station and when your arctis Nova Pro is running low on power just pop out Your battery and switch it with one That's been sitting fully charged now This headset has everything you need to Play games at any level on Xbox Xbox players don't get as much love from Fight stick manufacturers as PlayStation PC fans but the mayflash f500 ensures That we're not left high and dry this Well-built Universal fight stick has a Classic look now more importantly it's Sturdy and built with sanwa parts now

That's a four-way joystick and nine Sanwa buttons including the white menu Button at the top right here and though The mayflash works well as is you know We couldn't recommend a top tier fight Stick unless it gave you the ability to Open it up and Tinker by removing the Bottom plate you can get into the Interior of the stick and swap out the Primary components and get things Feeling Just Right Foreign Tek g923 is our favorite racing wheel For people who don't want to spend a Fortune trying to create a Pitch Perfect Virtual track racing setup now for four Hundred dollars you know it isn't cheap But that's a good price for a premium Racing wheel with pedals and other Distinctive features I like the Logitech Racing wheels that came before it the G923 is a well-made fully featured wheel Setup now it's made from quality Materials including anodized aluminum Spokes a stitch leather wheel grip and a Steel base now the Xbox specific button Layout features paddle shifters a 24-point selection dial and an LED RPM Indicator so you can get the full Experience revving your engine before a Race now it also features true Force That's a signature force feedback Technology that lets you feel the gears Shifting in the wheels and pedals

Deepening your connection with your car Now it can also sync up with your game's Audio so you can feel the rumble of the The engine you just hear with a lesser Wheel Now don't let the name fool you the vkb Gladiator NXT Evo is a no-nonsense Tabletop Hands-On throttle and stick for All kinds of Xbox flight Sims from Microsoft flight simulator to Star Wars Squadrons now it features dual action And Rapid Fire triggers three four-way Hatch switches and a button on top now Depending on whether you buy the Standard or premium model you'll get Either a mini 8-way analog stick or an Extra button at thumb height and a set Of buttons and dials in the base the Gladiator NXT Evo comes with multiple Interchangeable Palm grips now the stick Is also modable so you can replace its Buttons and parts when you need to now One thing to keep in mind the vkb Gladiator NXT Evo comes in four Styles Now the premium NXT Evo which we're Looking at right here features all the Bells and whistles while the standard Model drops the rapid fire trigger and Features a thumb button rather than an Analog stick now there are left headed And right-handed versions of both Options too which makes it a great pick For everyone [Music]

Having extra storage space on your Xbox Series X or S may seem like a boring way To spend a couple of hundred bucks but Just wait until you fill up your hard Drive with Xbox game pass delivering new Exciting games every single month it has Never been easier to get stuck in a Situation where you know you have a Bunch of games on your console and run Out of space when it comes time to Download something new now if you want More storage on a current gen Xbox or There's only one way to get it Seagate Makes proprietary expansion cards that Easily slide into a port on the back of The series consoles doing it this way Only having one manufacturer pretty much Guaranteed that these things will always Be pricey and with that said there is no Real setup and the games you install on The expansion card load just as fast as The ones on an internal drive Seagate Currently makes Xbox series expansion Cards in three different sizes 512 Gigabytes one terabyte or two terabytes Now we like the value of the one Terabyte option since it will double Your storage on the Xbox series X or Nearly triple the storage on an Xbox Series s now the two terabyte might give You a slightly better byte per dollar Ratio but it also costs more than a new Series s that's insane now even we have Limits here

So those are the very best Xbox series Xns accessories you can purchase right Now for your console I would love to Know if you own any of these what your Experience has been like please shout it Out in the comments also shout out to Our sponsor Chase earn five percent on Travel purchase through Chase three Percent on dining including takeout Three percent at drugstores and 1.5 Percent on everything else including What you saw today how do you cash back Chase make more of what's yours thanks For watching IGN's budget to best we'll See you in the next one

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