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Now that the Valve Steam Deck is in the hands of so many more new owners, we at Budget to Best want to help get you set up with some of the best accessories you can get for the Steam Deck! Whether you’re looking to protect your investment with a dBrand screen protector, making sure your Steam Deck is powered up at all times no matter where you are with an Anker powerbank, or you’re looking for nice set of earbuds to block out the train noise on your morning commute, we’ve got you covered!

Keep in mind, however, while we know some of you may be looking for docking stations for the Steam Deck, we’re putting those in it’s own video dedicated to Steam Deck docks so you can have your pick at which fits your budget the best! Until then, let Akeem fill you in on some of our picks for Best Steam Deck Accessories for 2022!

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[Music] Ah the steam deck now you finally got Your hands on it and you're playing all Those AAA PC games on the go but with This high-end portable gaming console You gotta pair it up with some Accessories to extend your gameplay Sessions and that's why we're going to Be taking a look at five of the best on The market right now for you to pair up With your steam deck I'm Akeem and this Is budget to best [Music] Now this one's a basic must-have to make Sure you don't scratch up the Touchscreen of your steam deck the Tempered glass screen protector from Dbrand for 25 bucks is well worth the Investment to make sure your expensive Hardware screen is safe from any nics or Unexpected scuffs you can also kiss Those fingerprint smudges goodbye now It's a really great and sturdy screen Protector but just know there's no Anti-glare option now still worth it if You want to protect your screen [Applause] Thank you Now this one might come as a bit of a Surprise accessory but the Apple Air tag Can be used to keep track of your steam Deck and is well worth the 29 price tag If you're worried you know you might Misplace or lose your expensive hardware

And you can also opt for the tile or Galaxy smart tag which also serves Similar functions now these are Essentially tiny bluetooth trackers you Can easily install inside of your steam Deck or just place it on the outside and If you can't find it Well just whip out Your phone to locate it pretty simple But you'll be thanking yourself for Buying one of these when you find Yourself scrambling around the house to Find your steam deck all right let me Pop this bad boy out right here we have The SanDisk Xtreme Pro micro SD card Which comes in 64 gigabytes 128 Gigabytes 256 gigabytes 512 gigabytes And the highly coveted one terabyte now Pricing varies with of course the one Terabyte being the most expensive but With the sizes of some of the top tiered Graphics intensive games you can Download onto the steam deck it'll Definitely be worth it to have an External hard drive to store your games On now I opted for the 512 gigabyte Steam deck to optimize memory doubling Up with the 128 gigabyte micro SD card Now as you start your extensive gaming Journey on the steam deck and Downloading more titles you'll be Thinking yourself for opting for one of These SD cards Thank you This one's a bit of a hefty boy but for

Good reason the Anker 737 power bank is Perfect for those long road trips or Flights where you find yourself running Low on battery life and you want to give Your steam deck that extra juice now the 737 power bank can not only keep your Steam deck charge but with its massive Capacity you can keep multiple devices Charged at a time now you get two USBC Outputs with one serving as both an Input and output as well as a USB a Output for a total of 140 Watts now what I love about this power bank is the Digital display which shows you how far Along your device is to being fully Charged giving you an estimated time to 100 completion now it's really a great Device to have on hand to make sure You're always fully charged and at 149.99 you can't go wrong And finally the Jabra Elite 5 wireless Earbuds are perfect for fully immersing Yourself in the game especially with its Hybrid active noise cancellation which Uses a combination of Inward and outward Facing mics to cancel surrounding Ambient noise and gives you a much wider Range of sound and with something Jabra Calls here through technology you can Still hear what's going on outside the Game and stay tuned into your Surroundings now the overall sound is Fantastic with these and with the Jabra Sound Plus app you can customize your

Hearing options now you get yourself a Charging case and up to seven hours of Play time with the earbuds and 28 with The charging case to get these connected To the steam deck via Bluetooth and You're good to game you can definitely Use any earbuds with the steam deck but If you're looking for premium sound that Can truly bring those audio cues to life In Rich bass and treble the jabber Elite 5 wireless earbuds are worth 150 dollar Price tag So there you have it the dbrand screen Protector the Apple Air tag the SanDisk Extreme Pro micro SD card the Anker 737 Power bank and the Jabra Elite 5 Wireless earbuds all perfect accessories For you to cop for the steam deck and Elevate your gaming on the go now which Of these do you already own or maybe There's an accessory you're using with Your steam deck we didn't mention let us Know in the comment section down below Now if you're looking for some solid Docks for your steam deck we've got a Video we're working on devoted to some Of the very best on the market so be on The lookout for that video now we of Course aren't adverse to hearing what Recommendations you might have for steam Deck owners sound off and let us know Definitely keep these in mind if you're Looking for some great add-ons for the Steam deck now for more on Tech please

Check out our previous video discussing Some of the best gaming TVs on the Market and for everything else stick With IGN [Music]

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