The Best Gaming TVs for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series – Budget to Best (Late 2022)

The holidays are creeping up on us, and with promises of shiny new PlayStation 5’s and Xbox Series consoles being gifted for the holidays, it only makes sense to pair them with some of the best televisions for gaming available today! In this episode of Budget to Best, Akeem Lawanson introduces you to three of our top picks for Best Gaming TVs for the PS5 and Xbox! Whether it be the Hisense U7H for those looking to keep costs under $1000 or those looking for the best of the best (within reason, of course!) when picking their next TV upgrade with the Sony A95K, we’ve got you covered. Is 120Hz gaming really worth it? What’s so special about QD OLED? Let’s find out in this special episode of Budget to Best!

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Foreign [Music] This one's been a long time coming and To do it justice we really needed to be In the studio in today's episode of Budget to best we'll be taking a look at Some of the 4K TVs on the market we've Got three that should fit within any Reasonable budget the Hisense u7h the LG C2 and the Sony a95k now before we dive In a huge shout out to our sponsor Chase Unlimited 1.5 cashback is just the Beginning earn five percent on travel Purchase through Chase three percent on Dining including takeout three percent At drugstores and 1.5 on everything else How do you cash back learn more at now let's get into it Budget to best starts right now Presented by Chase Freedom unlimited how Do you cash back Now Hisense has made a name for itself When it comes to brightness offering Some of the best performance in this Category for the least amount of money The u7h continues in this tradition by Blowing the competition out of the water With an eye searing 1000 nits of peak Brightness for reference most TVs in This price range have historically only Brought a lowly 600 Niche to the table Which is barely enough to properly Display HDR now 1000 not only can Overpower even direct glare from a big

Open window but is enough power to fully Enjoy any HDR content now speaking of HDR not even televisions that cost three Times as much as the u7h will always Offer support for a wide range of HDR Formats but Hisense has you covered with Dolby Vision HDR 10 HDR 10 plus and Hybrid log gamma which means no matter What streaming service you rely on this TV can deliver the perfect HDR Experience now the brains of the u7h are Controlled through Google TV which means Just about every streaming service you Can think of will work on the TV now While the television panel is not going To give you the perfect black levels That come with OLED technology the full Array local dimming combined with the Peak brightness means that unless you're Trying to watch the u7h from an extreme Angle the picture quality won't look Washed out now the colors are also going To be bright and vibrant popping off the Screen thanks to its use of quantum dots 120 hertz native refresh rate means that Games look and play fantastic as well Especially when paired with the next-gen Console that can make the most of that Combination of resolution and frame rate Now the u7h can provide connectivity to A PlayStation 5 or an Xbox series X and Give the maximum performance with two Out of its four total HDMI ports and Support it with AMD for freesync Premium

Auto low latency variable refresh rate And Dolby Vision gaming now in short the Hisense u7h ticks every single box You'll be looking for in a television That costs well under one thousand Dollars now it's hard to beat a value Like this [Music] Two 4K television has some features that Truly stand out and make it a compelling Buy especially for the price now while a 55 inch model can cost as much as two Thousand dollars and a 65 inch can come As high as 2500 the LG C2 is almost Always discounted and you can regularly Pick one up for 600 to 700 cheaper the LG C2 doubles the HDMI 2.1 support to Four and significantly improves the Contrast thanks to its capability of Delivering truly black blacks now Something only OLED Technologies are Capable of while it isn't going to get That bright and moderately lit to dark Rooms you'll be a lot more impressed With the image quality than what you get Out of non-o-led panels now colors are More accurate to making the C2 one of The only TVs on the market that can Legitimately compete with a movie Theater's visual experience now the C2 Is driven by LG's web OS smart TV the Interface and while it certainly has a Large variety of streaming options to Choose from it's not quite as friendly

Or robust as something like Google TV or Roku now OLED technology has another Trick up its sleeve instantaneous pixel Response yeah now that means in gaming You're going to see virtually no lag Between the input and the action that Takes place on screen now gaming on the C2 will actually feel better and faster While games will look more impressive as Well the C2 also brings LG's excellent Game Optimizer menu which lets you Fine-tune your gaming experience from The level of contrast and colors to full Visualization of active frame rate and Resolution think of it as a command Center for gaming that's always at your Fingertips the lgc2 is going to appeal To a more Discerning viewer and for them The difference in quality between this And our previous choice is worth the Extra price [Music] Now we got new technology on the block With QD OLED QD OLED is very similar to An OLED only supercharged now the Concept was invented by Samsung but Sony Puts this new panel to best use in the A95k the a95k is one of two cutie OLED Televisions you can buy today making it One of the most exclusive Technologies On the market now this does come at a Price three thousand dollars for a 55 Inch set and four thousand dollars for a 65 inch display in exchange for this new

Panel Sony does cut some features it Only supports HDR 10 Dolby vision and Hybrid log gamma when it comes to HDR Profiles and it only has two HDMI 2.1 Ports capable of delivering 4K at 120 Hertz that's a step back from both the Hisense u7h and the lgc2 respectively But Sony leans heavily on the picture Quality as a reason for its high asking Price and boy the does this television Deliver on picture quality it not only Has nearly perfect colors it can just Them then On the market Across several color gamuts now this Makes the a95k the most versatile Television we've ever tested and it can Excel at both the center of your living Room as well as on your desk as a giant Monitor now while power efficiency Doesn't sound all that important in this Case it does result in one major Improvement over standard OLED now Because of how the tech works the pixels On an OLED panel can actually wear out Over time and cause what most people Call burn-in now while not a huge issue Unless you're displaying unchanging Content consistently over the course of Months it can happen and gets worse the More power in this case brightness you Push through those pixels now QD OLED Requires less power to achieve the same Brightness meaning the risk for burn-in

Is less of an issue now it also means That QD OLED can display brighter colors With more volume now Sony also has the Best picture processing technology on The market which means it can Intelligently make any content look Better regardless of how you're Streaming it now speaking of streaming Everything you could want to watch can Be yours thanks to its use of Google TV As far as gaming is concerned it Delivers instant pixel response and Supports Auto low latency variable Refresh rate and up to 120 hertz in 4k That's really hard to explain just how Good ACR movies look on this particular Television because you know for just About everyone they've never seen this Number of colors displayed on a TV Before now the best we can put it is That the Sony a95k will deliver you a Michelin star worthy face for your eyes Like nothing else Foreign So which TV is the best pick well it Honestly depends on what is important to You the Hisense u7h brings all the Important pieces to the table and does a Fantastic job with them especially for The sub 1 000 asking price now the LG C2 And Sony a95k both take steps up when it Comes to visual quality and gaming Performance but do have to knock down Their maximum brightness in order to

Balance that now this perhaps makes the U7h the best pick of the three for the Everyday living room but both the C2 and The a95k are going to be better picks For use on a desktop or home theater What do you all think do you own any of These TVs do you like it do you prefer a Model we didn't even mention let us know In the comment section down below and Another shout out to our sponsor Chase Earn five percent on travel purchase Through Chase three percent on dining Including takeout three percent at Drugstores and 1 2.5 on everything else Including what you saw today how do you Cash back Chase make more of what's Yours thanks for watching IGN's budget The best we'll see you in the next one [Music]

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