Ten Gaming Headset Mics Compared – Budget to Best

We’ve talked a lot about gaming headsets, but those reviews usually focus on sound quality and comfort. In this episode of Budget to Best, we tested the microphones of 10 popular gaming headsets, comparing them side by side to see – err, hear – which sounds the best.

[Music] Foreign [Music] Being able to communicate with your Opponents or teammates is important when You're jumping into any game with that Capability that's why we're taking a Look at these gaming headset mics to see Which ones provide the best vocal Clarity as well as give you a Side-by-side comparison of the audio That each of these headset options run The gamut of pricing so no matter what Your budget is there's sure to be a Gaming headset on this list that'll give You that clear and clean and crisp sound You might be looking for in today's Episode we're taking a look at 10 Different options focusing on the audio Quality of each now let's jump right Into it I'm Akeem and this is budget to Best All right [Music] This is the Logitech g435 now one thing I'm going to be doing in this video is Switching between each headset's mic to Kind of give you a feel for how each Sound so right now you're hearing the Audio directly from the mic now you're Probably wondering where the microphone Is on this thing well Logitech opted for Something called dual beam forming Microphones now the dual beam forming

Mics on the g435 reduces any background Noise so it's perfect if you find Yourself in a high traffic area while You're gaming now if you're someone who Doesn't like the look of you know like a Boom mic that most gaming mics have well Here you go now you can wirelessly Connect the g435 to your PC Mac and PlayStation consoles and I gotta say This uh listening to myself it sounds Decent enough but I'm having to do some Adjustments on OBS to kind of just make Sure I'm not getting any digital Clipping or peaking now this headset can Connect via Bluetooth and light speed Which is honestly pretty impressive Given that this is on the budget side of Things at 80 dollars Foreign This is the Logitech Pro X wireless Headset right now we got the Logitech Pro X Wireless which uses a cardioid Uni-directional pickup pattern for the Mic and the Pro X Wireless actually uses Blue voice software which allows you to Add some voice filters clean up the Audio and EQ a bit now you can add a Limiter some compression and an expander Gate essentially you know everything you Need to kind of get this particular mic To sound as good as you'd like it now The blue voice software is it's a it's a Great novel idea but if you're someone Like me who kind of projects a lot

You'll find yourself dealing with some Clipping and trying your best to find That happy medium to where you're able To bring out more warm audio tones and Less of that compression which makes it Sound like you know it's FM AM radio but Still at 230 bucks this is one of Logitech's best sellers in its pro Series of gaming headsets Foreign This is the Turtle Beach stealth 700 now The Turtle Beach stealth 700 has a flip Down microphone which limits the Positioning just a bit but you can Easily hide the mic when you flip it Back up which also mutes it now if you Really want to maximize your audio Output with the stealth 700 you'll need To download The Turtle Beach Audio Hub Which lets you switch between various Audio presets or create custom ones now Much like the other headset mics we've Mentioned already you'll really need to Do some EQ and to get that total sweet Spot for those with more Discerning Audio tastes Foreign [Music] This is the still series arctis Nova 7. Now the steel series arctis Nova 7 uses Something called sonar clearcast AI Algorithms to cancel out surrounding Noise now that sounds really cool but Listen to how I actually sound now for

Me personally it's far too tinny which You can clean up in still series sonar Software suite now you can tweak the Audio and EQ in that software but Outside of doing that while on PC you Won't see those same benefits on Console So what you're hearing right now is what You'll get straight out of the box [Music] This is the Sony Pulse 3D now the Sony Pulse 3D is another gaming headset that Is on the list that has hidden mics now Their dual noise canceling microphones Now with these you kind of have that Distant almost echoey sound to them it Almost sounds like I'm far away from the Mic as if I'm moving away from the mic To breathe that's a Chocolate Rain Reference in case y'all fell asleep Anyways as well as using these on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles you can PC Game with these as well This is the Xbox wireless headset now The Xbox wireless headset has voice Isolation which helps reduce background Noise and it auto mutes when you're not Talking now you can also jump into the Xbox accessories app to fine tune the Audio controls a bit more mess around With some of the base levels and Sensitivity now the mic on the Xbox Wireless headset doesn't stand out but It does get the job done as far as Providing decent comms

[Music] This is the hyperx cloud Alpha wireless Headset now the hyperx cloud Alpha Wireless headset gives you a detachable Mic with noise cancellation and you get An LED indicator for when you're muted And it's compatible with the Ingenuity Software so you can further customize Your audio options and do some more Eq'ing [Music] This is the Corsair hs80 headset the Corsair hs80 has an omnidirectional mic Flip up feature to mute with an Indicator and along with being PC Compatible is also PS4 and PS5 Compatible and much like the other Headsets we've mentioned you can take Full advantage of how you sound by using Software this one uses the Corsair IQ Software where you can tweak and Customize your audio profile now I've Listened to the playback of my audio With this one and honestly it sounds Amazing this is how I sound without Tweaking anything using IQ just straight Out of the box using OBS now it sounds Great to me I love this one only Downside is there's no Bluetooth only Wireless connectivity but for 150 Dollars the Corsair hs80 is a solid Choice The mod mic series of clip-on mics is Ideal for anyone who already has a pair

Of regular headphones they're already Using and just want the freedom of Gaming headsets on board might provide You with that we've got two here the USB And wireless versions now the mod mic USB has dual mic modes giving you the Ability to switch between an Omnidirectional and noise canceling Unidirectional mic option now you've got A mute switch and with the provided Adhesive the mic can clasp onto any Headset using its magnetic clasp as for The sound I noticed there's a lot more Bass in the unidirectional mode which is Typical for unidirectional mic since you Know it's in close proximity now audio Sounds a bit more quiet and Omni now This all applies to the mod mic wireless Switch out of the two I'd recommend Opting for the wireless version as the Mic quality has a richer broadcast Quality to it and you also don't have to Be Tethered to a wire both are Definitely solid choices with the aptx Audio technology G slightly edging out Its USB counterpart for me that's on the Premium side though currently sitting at 139.95 on antelion's audio website Though with the USB version at 84.95 now Both are operable on PS4 PC and Mac Pretty much the best option for those Who already got the sound quality Figured out with a great pair of Headphones who are just looking for

Premium sound at an affordable price So there you are what do you think if You have any of these let us know in the Comments section that each of these Gaming headsets have unique features you Can read more about on IGN now we also Have a series of videos on the best Gaming headsets for each console as for Me out of these uh the Corsair hs80 is Definitely my favorite as it's just you Know an all-around solid gaming headset But I'll let you all be the judge [Music] Foreign [Music]

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