Superfuse Hands-On: This Diablo-like ARPG Keeps Getting Better

We suited up for a second hands-on with this superhero action-RPG, and found an even better game than the one we last tried – with one notable exception. Previewed on PC by Travis Northup

All right got your clearance you can Leave but It's your own neck you're risking When I first saw super fuse in action Earlier this year I was mesmerized by Its chunky absolutely Bonker super power Creation engine and that was back when It only had one character now that I've Had a chance to revisit it again with an Awesome new character the long-ranged Elementalist I'm even more impressed Super fuse is an action RPG in the same Vein as Diablo but with a comic book Superhero Flair that pushes the limits With how much you can customize your Heroes powers and even if they've Simplified some of these options in this Latest build it still had me freaking Out over all the completely badass stuff It let me do [Music] After just the first hour of dungeon Delving as the Elementalist I was Already giggling maniacally at the Absurd Fireball cocktails at my disposal This new hero essentially serves as a Mage class using long distance ice and Fire attacks to do massive damage Naturally this means she's a lot more Squishy than the slab of beef Berserker I played previously who rushes in and Smashes things like the Hulk but once I Unlocked a few fuses that turned my fire Centric Elementalist into an

Incandescent demon I didn't find myself Missing the ability to take hits at all Well at first my primary ability allowed Me to just shoot plain old Fireballs After burning through a few levels I was Able to customize that milk toast power To Ricochet off of enemies and surfaces Zigzag around the level or even shoot Out of my character's back quite useful For doing DPS while running away from a Mob of zombies similarly I turned a Stock ability to create a small wall of Fire in front of me into an overpowered Tidal wave from Hell one fuse let me Make that wall much larger while another Made it do more damage and finally one Let me send that wall flying forward Into waves of enemies to do massive Damage the fact that I was able to turn A defensive ability into my deadliest Offensive option was pure joy and I used It to blast through everything in my Path with a smile on my face I must say Though one slightly worrying change from The last Super fuse build I demoed is That the power creation options have Been reigned in a bit my last preview Focused on the frightening number of Customizable menus that let you tailor Your hero's ability down to the finest Detail but in this preview many of those Menus were replaced with more Streamlined options that reduced that Flexibility it's certainly an

Understandable change as I don't think There was ever any chance that the devs Were going to settle on the ridiculously Complex and unintuitive flood of menus That were in the early build I saw but It also reduced the customization Options in this newer State don't get me Wrong customization is still front and Center with fuses allowing me to alter My abilities in dozens of ways just from The few hours I've played so far but the Ability to alter the mods on fuses Themselves appears to have been removed Entirely which means you lose a little Bit of that chaotic goodness I was also Allowed a sneak preview of multiplayer And super fuse for the first time and While I wasn't allowed to get any Footage of it so far it looks exactly Like what you'd hope for from a Diablo Like arpg with the gameplay I saw Focused on Synergy between the In-your-face aggressive Berserker and The Elementalist I can only imagine the possibilities When it comes to combining multiple Heroes's Ultra customized abilities and I can't wait to try it for myself down The road For more check out our recent previews Of Diablo 4 and one piece Odyssey and For everything else keep slinging Fireballs with IGN

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