Strange World – Official Clip (2022) Jake Gyllenhaal, Jaboukie Young-White, Luci Liu

Trying to get Legend to open a door proves quite the challenge in this new clip from Strange World, an upcoming animated movie featuring the voice talents of Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Gabrielle Union, and Lucy Liu. The clip features the Clade family’s three-legged dog, Legend, and a failed escape attempt. Check it out!

Strange World introduces a legendary family of explorers, the Clades, as they attempt to navigate an uncharted, treacherous land alongside a motley crew and a slew of ravenous creatures.

Strange World, directed by Don Hall, opens in theaters on November 23, 2022.

What are you doing I'm trying to see Outside you think you can reach your arm Under here and up to the door handle Clearly no wait what's that noise Hey boy hey open the door yeah That's Mama's baby you can do it Can you not yell at my dog but I Wouldn't yell if you were actually Trained he is trained he hasn't been in The house for the last two days you've Been on this ship for the last two days [Music] Hmm oh You still have to unlock it there's a Switch right beside the handle Legend You see the switch What is that sound is he licking the Switch Legend stop licking the switch

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